What's on My Menu for Marriage?

Recently, just like me, another fellow blogger has also decided to settle down in a committed relationship... after having bid her final goodbyes to all the major commitment related blocks she had. And now that she's opened her heart and mind to welcome "that most familiar stranger" in her life, she has "placed an order" for this man, to the Universe, describing CLEARLY and EXACTLY what she wants.

As I went through this post on her blog, it struck me that while I have also now made up my mind about getting married, I haven’t yet given a clear order to the Universe, as to the kind of man It should send to me. Better late than never, I guess! So I decided to copy her idea… and post my detailed “order” on my blog too. Here it goes…

The kind of man I see myself spending the rest of my life “happily ever after” with is:

LOL! No, that's not my wishlist! That's just an image I found on Google. It sort of tickled my funny bone, so used it for this post! But, my actual wishlist is here:

* Someone who vibes with me at the intellectual, emotional and physical planes.
* An absolute romantic! (It’s only fitting… ‘coz I’m exactly that too! :-p)
* A nature lover… loves watching the sunsets & sunrises more than the news on the TV! :-D
* Somebody who likes to read, preferably. (Like me… 'coz that would give us so much to talk about.)
* Someone with the patience and desire for teaching & encouraging others to try out new stuff (which obviously includes satisfying my own zillions of spurts of curiosity! :-p)
* Having a healthy curiosity and appreciation for the various different cultures around the globe.
* Very fond of traveling! In fact, if asked to choose between a new cell phone worth Rs. 25K or a family holiday for the same cost, he would instantly go for the latter, without the blink of an eye!
* Professionally & financially competent, with passion for his work.
* Always able to maintain a smooth balance between personal & professional life, with enough time & space for both aspects of his life.
* Able to give and receive freely & equally in all aspects of the relationship.
* Possessing enough “domestic skills” to “hold the fort” on his own when I’m not in the mood to “play housewife”.
* Naughty and playful, with plenty of boyish enthusiasm about life and all things in it… even carom-board & computer games!
* Someone who is comfortable with what/who he is, and what he wants out of life, even if it is different from the norm.
* More spiritual than religious!
* Able to see the humor in most things/situations in life. (Not a serious, grumpy kind of person, please!)
* Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, someone who reciprocates the same inner desire, to be in a committed, monogamous, mutually satisfying and nurturing relationship! (But that’s obvious, isn’t it?)

Physical Attributes:

* A normal healthy person, obviously... with all body parts intact.
* Preferably 5 to 8 inches taller than me (don’t know why, but the probability of sharing a strong physical chemistry increases for me with tall men!)
* CLEAN looking – with a strong sense of personal hygiene.
* Having a “Killer smile” – yes! (That can always diffuse one of my stormy outbursts! A must-have “weapon” for him!)
* Having expressive eyes. (Communication is important, you see!)

What he should love most about me:

My simplicity, my weird sense of humor (including my claims of being an Alien!), my occasional crankiness, my impulsiveness, my independence, my out-of-this-world concepts, my impractical dreams (well, some of them), my little “chit-chats” with my computer (!!!), my insatiable appetite for learning new things, my imaginative mind, my laid-back & easy-going attitude (marked with the occasional spells of fidgeting of course!), my fondness for food, my fierce loyalty towards those I care for, and, most of all… my foot-in-the-mouth, unsophisticated, social awkwardness!

In short, both of us should be able to support each other and inspire each other to be the best that we can be.

So there God… hope that’s CLEAR enough for you! Now please go ahead… get my order ready and deliver it to me! :-D

Oh and while you are at it God, could you please add one more thing? It’s not like a MUST-HAVE, you know, but I figured… if you can put together ALL of the above, surely this one little thing would be as easy as “placing-a-cherry-on-top” for you!

See, while the rest of my cooking is fairly above average, I’m absolutely pathetic at making tea/coffee! So maybe you could add this particular quality in his skill-set too – ability to make good tea/coffee for the both of us… like my Dad does currently!

Think about it God… him and me… the 2 of us in our balcony, holding mugs of steaming hot tea in our hands, listening to “Purani Jeans” on Radio Mirchi (or Red FM… or whichever radio channel it is aired on!), watching another one of your artistic sunsets, humming along with the songs… me, in tune obviously and him, completely off-tune… thanking you of course, for bringing us together…! Cute picture, isn’t it? Think about it… :-D :-p

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Want to Add Something?

Govind Agarwal said...

Wow.. that's something you are asking for, i am not sure if you copied that or was it fully original.

Maybe you could do an analysis of someone you like and map it against your wish list and see how many points he gets..

In the end i think there are two aspects to it.. one's the wishlist and other is the person you land up with..

Marriage is about compromise and starting to like what the other person has rather than scoring the person and say whether they fit into your scheme of things.

Jacob said...

well translated from thoughts to words Kaddu.. Maybe, my comments cant do justice to your words but my thoughts can when they also let out a whisper of blessings to you to help the Universe bring your picture into your life! Love and light to you!

Kaddu said...

@ Govind:

Duhh! You, of all the ppl in the world, shud know better than to ask me if it was copied or original!

Compromise? What's that? I'm afraid the word is not in my dictionary buddy! :-D

Ok let me ask you - do u go to a 7-star restaurant, order Chinese food & then "compromise" with "whatever they serve you"?

Kaddu said...

@ Jacob:

Thanks pal! ... For both your words and your thoughts! :-D

Rahbin said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I am inspired. I add my blessings and prayers. Truly love the sample scene to God a little inspiration. Cute!

What would my scene of inspiration for the universe be...hmmmmmmmm.

Soul said...

that man has to be something ;)

Kaddu said...

@ MR:

:-D Yeah, I almost always think in visuals & then translate the "movies" into words! :-)

Kaddu said...

@ Soul:

Just an ordinary everyday kinda guy Soul... the kind you bump into every now & then... :-)

In fact, majority of my friends/acquaintances are guys like these... just that they are all already settled "happily ever after" in committed, monogamous relationships! :-D

I think it's the way I have described the man here... the kind of images and qualities I have focussed on... that makes him seem like a species from outer space! As they say... "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"!... ;-)

As a matter of fact, if you look closely... you'll realize that majority of the above traits go hand-in-hand... like "a package deal" you know. They're just parts of a larger personality structure.

Oh btw, welcome to "Kaddu Land"! Hope to see more of u here! :-)

Neelabh said...

You want to get married to Superman!!!

Kaddu said...

God noooooooooooo! He doesn't even know how to dress up decently! Wears his underwear over his pants! Ha ha ha! Would look so funny doing the "feres" with him! Ha ha ha! =)) You are outrageous!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Huh kaddu, you are ordering a husband huh? you have good taste!! :) Is this a valentine's day special post? Anyways, my best wishes and prayers.

Kaddu said...

Thanks sweetheart!
When are you going to come on chat? Buzz me if you get some time ok.

Saudamini said...

Dare to dream!!!
Its a totally customized Husband here that you are looking at.. God has to be a real designer on this one..But as we know God is the best one..so he must have already customized this one as a "common man you find everyday" ..Its just taking you long to find him or taking him long to find you..but as an Indian movie freak, I'll only say "Lage raho munni behan"..:P:P:P

Kaddu said...

Yupp! He is the best! And, as ur gtalk often says, "there are no limits in dreams and love"... right! :-p
Couldn't find him till now 'coz I wasn't actually looking for someone like this till now! I had been focussing on limiting thoughts, so I found people with similar limiting traits. But now I'm thinking like Dhirubhai Ambani! =)) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

In short, what we're looking for is a twue besht buddy :)

Guys like this are tough to find not because they don't exist [you aren't asking for the moon], but because they don't tend to advertise themselves!

Kaddu said...

@ Abhiroop! Woah! And I thought you were also going to be a "one-comment-random-visitor"! :-D

But you got the essence of my post dude! Best friend it really is! :-p

And yeah, you are so right about the bit on advertising themselves! Most guys I know would rather have their names go down in the history book as "the BAD guy next door!"

I mean I have seen "25-dirtiest-things-I've-done" posts on men's blogs, but never seen a "25-random-acts-of-kindness-in-my-name" till now!

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