"Cat Nap" on a Lazy Afternoon!

This is what I wish I was doing right now...

Picture Credit: Webshots

Lying like a log,
limbs surrendered to gravity,
the warm sun caressing my back like a lover,
a fraction of a lazy smile touching my lips...

I have a class to attend in an hour instead! Sighhhhhhh...

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Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey baby, this pic reminds me of a discussion once we had in which you said you are like a tigress (or something to that effect !!) Did you go to that class after an hour or decided to bunk it? ;)

Kaddu said...

Did I say that? Don't really remember to be honest :-p
But that's okay, I'll say it now (again!)... I am a tigress... and a wild one at that too! ;-)

Dude! I wouldn't think of bunking computer classes... it's only the Physics lectures I bunked... back in school! :-p

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