"Keywords" for the Universe!

Yesterday, I created a beautiful picture on my blog here. Later that night, I received a comment on it, in my inbox, which I wasn’t quite able to understand completely, but, which was loaded with red-flag words like "argument", "expectations", "dominance", "obligation" and "disappointments"!

Under normal circumstances, I would have simply ignored the comment. But, as the person who sent that comment is well aware of the Laws of Creation & Attraction, I thought maybe I was missing something, and that maybe this message had a positive meaning after all. So I read and re-read and re-read that comment… like maybe 15 times or more… trying to figure out what the sender meant by it. Eventually, I just decided to give up & have another look at it in the morning with a fresh mind.

But guess what! I had churned those words so many times in my mind already… like a chant you know… that their energy had already been dispatched into the Universe! And the Universe… is like a pet dog! You throw a ball for it… it brings you back the ball; you throw a rotten tomato for it… it brings you back exactly that! INSTANTLY!

Unknowingly, I had set into motion a disastrous chain of events for myself… with that repeated mental churning of the wrong kind of words! One thing led to another, even crappier thing… so that eventually it looked like the day was going to end in a complete catastrophe! In fact, catastrophe doesn’t even come close to describing it!

Luckily though, that final incident of the day… after one small moment of complete panic & despair… gave way to complete unadulterated love instead! My entire focus shifted on the keywords “God”, “faith” and “love”! Absolutely one-track! There was simply no space for any other thought in my mind then! And lo and behold! My world suddenly turned right again… INSTANTLY!

In the last 2 years, I have read & heard from so many different sources… about how we create our own reality with our thoughts. I have researched and analyzed on this in such depth that each and every jig-saw piece of this concept has become crystal clear in my mind… at least theoretically that is! However, it wasn’t until last night that I realized the full potential of our thoughts!

The speed with which the Universe reacts… it’s amazing! No ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ or ‘howevers’! You ask for it, you get it… INSTANTLY! The Universe is programmed to find the shortest and quickest route to deliver your wishes to you. You send out an energy vibration (or a ‘data packet’)… it immediately runs it through its ‘search index’… and your Mozilla browser displays the results! Time taken: less than 0.06 seconds!

And the best part is that 99% of the time, we are not even aware of what words or thoughts we are allowing to enter into our minds! We keep creating a web of disappointments and miseries and unhappiness around us… and then we blame others, or the circumstances, or even God and our destiny… if we can’t find anything else to blame!

But do we honestly believe that God has the time to run our lives for us? He’s created everything else in this Universe with a self-sustainable pattern. Everything works in perfect sync and in a perfectly logical manner. Had it not been the case, then we wouldn’t have been able to predict the daily times of sunrise and sunsets, the seasons, the eclipses, the high tides, the low tides, the rainfalls… you name it!

Galaxies form and dissolve on their own, in a perfectly systematic way! Glaciers melt into rivers! Seeds turn into plants, plants produce flowers, which in turn produce more seeds and then form fruits! A miniscule egg & sperm develop into such a complex structure of organs, tissues, nerves, bones, skins & blood… all on its own! If God created everything else as self-sustainable units, why would He choose to create us humans as powerless, helpless entities that He has to control/operate every single moment? Makes no sense!

But coming back to my previous blog-post… tell me something… when an artist starts on a new painting, does he immediately start thinking about spilling paint on it accidentally? When a singer starts recording a new song, does he/she start focusing on a sore throat? When you go for an interview in an MNC, do you immediately start asking questions about your annual leave entitlement? When you go digging for diamonds, do you focus on the coal you have to sift through? Then why focus on compromises and disappointments when you are out to create a beautiful relationship for yourself?

But that’s what we are all doing all the time. We have become so used to seeing ugliness around us (even within us!) that it has become a part of our lives now. We just can’t think otherwise any more. Look at the soap-operas we give the high TRPs to… the news channels…! Ask a young man what kind of woman he wants to spend his life with… & he immediately comes up with “Oh! She shouldn’t be a nag!” Well, hello! I asked what you want, not what you don’t want!

Yesterday, when I wrote that post, I went through it like 3-4 times… to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently used a negative or limiting word or phrase anywhere. Or that I hadn’t focused on something that I didn’t want in that relationship. And then I asked a friend to come online on chat to review it. Guess what! He was able to pick up another 2-3 red-flags in the post… that I had missed even after my multiple scans! Bottomline: we are just not aware of how limiting our vocabulary has become!

I created this picture with the keywords “faith”, “love” and “acceptance”. And I choose to hold that picture in my mind with those same keywords.

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Neelabh said...

Which picture? What were you about to lose? Why you panicked? Where is that panic post?

Kaddu said...

Koi kaam-dhaam nahin hai kya dude? Blog post karte hi comment bhi aa gaya! How do u know abt that post? I deleted it within less than 15 mins! You couldn't have possibly checked my blog within those 15 mins!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hey baby, didnt you get my comment for this particular post? I put a comment for this post as I did for the previous one and the next one.

Kaddu said...

No dear, this is the first comment I got from you for this post. What did u say in the earlier one?

Neelabh said...

It was there in the reader. I think reader takes time to show published blog and hide the deleted one. And I am total welha when at home.

Kaddu said...

Oh ok... you got hooked on to Reader too finally! :-D Sahi...

Btw, ur pics looked good... en route Gwalior you know! Or I shud say... YOU looked jhakaas in those pics! :-) ;-)

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