Am I Just Too Smart For My Own Good?

A few days ago, I received a personal message from a member on Bharat Matrimony. In that message, he gave me links to his website, blog & Facebook profile... & said he hoped to interact further. When I went through his profile there, something just didn’t seem right! I wasn’t able to pin-point exactly what, but his profile seemed to speak out to me – “I have no intention of getting married here!” So I “declined” his message.

But, he had given his blog link in the message… & I don’t know why, but, I simply can’t stop myself from browsing through strangers’ blogs! I have always loved reading books, and since I started blogging, I seem to have developed a sort of fascination for other people’s blogs too… especially personal blogs, rather than informative ones! For me, it’s like each one of us has his/her own story… and reading someone’s blog makes me feel like I’m reading that person’s story… and that too, without having to pay for the book!

So I decided to “check out” this member’s blog too. It was on Google blogger btw… less than a month old, with a black blog theme & the posts in gray text against a white background! Most “reader-UNfriendly”! I should have clicked on the “X” on the top-right corner straightaway, right? But, you forget! I don’t “give-up” so easily! So I ploughed away… straining my eyes against that most illogical foreground-background combination… trying to read what this fellow blogger’s creative juices had spilled out!

The guy wrote well – easy and humorous style of writing – very fluid! And, as all those who know me here, know – I’m never too stingy to leave an appreciative or encouraging comment on someone’s blog! So I left one on his blog too! And also suggested he might want to change the background color of the posts to something more readable. He did that! And he also added a cartoon in his blog’s “side bar”… like the “Pumpkin” I have on mine!

His next post was one of those “25-Random-Facts-About-Me” things. Going through that post, I again got this strong feeling “This guy isn’t really interested in settling down!”… Even though there was no obvious “clue” in the post which might have given that impression! And it felt really odd… feeling this way about a complete stranger without any reason!

Another thing that felt really odd was the tags he had used for all his blog posts. Each one of them had been consistently labeled with 3 tags – his first name, his last name, and one other word, which was completely non-relevant to the context of all the posts! Every single post on his blog carried these 3 tags, regardless of what they were about! And I thought to myself – “Who in the world tags his blog posts with his name? It looks like the poor guy doesn’t really know how to use tags yet!”

And then, just out of curiosity… (They say it killed the cat, didn’t it? Well, one day it’s going to kill me too then!) I decided to Google those 3 keywords and see in what order would his blog posts be displayed! Guess what I found! (Hahhhhh! You’ll never believe it! Even I couldn’t believe it!)

Google told me that this person who had contacted me (on a ** matrimonial site **, of all the places) DOES NOT EVEN EXIST! Yes! This person has no real existence! He is just a character out of a stupid upcoming Hindi movie! This blog & the website & that Facebook profile – they are all simply a part of some major internet marketing gimmick! (MTv Bakra, right? Go on… laugh away!)

But while it may sound funny, there are some serious implications here that need to be considered. Creating a website or a blog, or using social networking websites for internet marketing is all fine! But matrimonial sites are NOT just some social networking sites! People who create their profiles on matrimonial sites mean serious business! And you actually go ahead and contact females on matrimonial sites, just for some cheap publicity for your new movie! How low can you get now?

I made sure they know how cheap they are! Left another comment on the blog! I know someone reads those comments, ‘coz they changed the background color on my feedback! Oh and I also informed Bharat Matrimony’s customer care! Gave them all the necessary links and the profile ID etc… and told them this was a fake profile! And asked them to take legal action if possible against this movie’s producer! :-D (Hope they don’t give these guys some more free publicity though! That’s the reason I haven’t mentioned the 3 tags here – the first 2 are for this character’s name & the last one is the name of the movie!)

But I’m wondering – why do such things happen with me? Why do I always happen to simply “land” on the truth like this? At times, even I get scared with my “extra-sensory powers” you know! I mean all I wanted to do was see what Google did with those tags! And what did I find instead? Something that I’d definitely not expected to find… not even in my wildest dreams!

I’m thinking… maybe I should add a few lines to my matrimony profile! “The girl possesses a deadly combination of instincts and logic! So all those of you who are in the habit of lying or hiding the truth, or those who plan to get involved in an EMA, may please refrain from contacting her! She’ll be able to figure out what you’re up to, even if she doesn’t want to!” Hmmmm!

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Rambler said...

Is this for real?Why would someone go to this much trouble for a prank..I can understand if you do this sort of thing on any social networking site, but why matrimonial sites!
I have to confess, I like reading personal blogs too..

Kaddu said...

I know! Even I was so surprised! But the movie should be good, whenever it is released! The character was pretty comic! :-D I deliberately did not mention the name here, 'coz I didn't want to give them any free publicity! ;-)

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