Four exams completed. For some strange reason, people who interact with me currently find it hard to believe that I am actually going to complete something! My Tauji asked me in complete disbelief - "So are you planning to complete the course this time?"

Funnily enough, my old schoolmates never doubted for an instant that I wouldn't complete the course! They have seen the REAL me -- the way I was in school -- a source of inspiration and motivation for all! They know who "KADDU" is! And they also know that she got caught in some turbulent waters for a while, but they always had faith that she would emerge out of the whirlpool one day, stronger than ever before!

But, it's really weird, isn't it... the way people form judgments about people they barely know!

Another thing people find it hard to believe here is that I have agreed to marry now (finally)! Not because I have to (just 'coz I'm a girl) or because it is the socially accepted thing to do, but because I am now ready to take on the challenges and the learning experiences that come with the institution of marriage, child birth and parenting! I am now ready to grow beyond my own fears, ready for a "PROMOTION" in life! :-D

Surprisingly though, all those
so-called "well-wishers" who were so keen to marry me off to someone when I wasn't ready to take the plunge, have now completely disappeared off the scene, when I am actually soliciting suitable proposals from them! (ROTFL!)

I figured this is also something that I will have to do on my own, just like most other achievements in my life! :-D

So I created a profile on Shaadi.com during the Diwali break, but wasn't getting good responses from there. In fact, forget about "good" responses, I was hardly getting "ANY" responses from there! Then finally, on the suggestion of a couple of people I know, I created a profile on BharatMatrimony a few days ago. And guess what! Within 48 hours, I started getting responses from this site... and, most importantly, from profiles which matched the "partner requirements" that I'd specified! In fact, I received 3 personal messages today itself... out of which one seems worth pursuing further! Let's see how it goes now.

My folks and other well-wishers here have yet to digest the fact that I REALLY AM looking for a groom now! I suppose they won't be able to believe it till the day I actually walk into my house with a husband next to me! So much for "giving the dog a bad name".... sighhhhhhhhhhh

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

Congrats for both the things :D ;)

Kaddu said...

Thanks! But why 5 copies of the same comment??? :-D

Lotstodo said...

14 exams? Woah. What course is this? All the best for the remaining 10!

As for the marriage plunge...well well, what can I say?!

Kaddu said...

Actually thr were 16 in all, but I completed 3 last month, so 13 left now, to be completed before end of June!

Also have to go to Delhi in mid March and give the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam.


If u follow my blog regularly, why don't u comment regularly? Lazy!

Kaddu said...

Hey I forgot... I completed 1 more earlier this month also... so 12 left now! :-p

See, that's wht happens when thr r too many papers... u completely lose track of how many u hv cleared!

Mahesh Nayak said...

How is your preparation going on for your exams? I guess you might be revising everything for the umpteenth time :) Good luck !!
Take care.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! You know me well dear! :-p

Next one is on the 13th... then on the 24th. And after that I'm taking a 45-day break from this PGDBA thing to concentrate on the SCJP exam. Realized I can't manage 2 subjects at a time... it feels very distracting!

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