Movie: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Nobody liked this movie. All the reviews I read about it said that the movie was a total disaster. My sister advised my Dad & me not to watch it. But, we had nothing else to watch lately. So we said - "What the heck!" And we downloaded this movie and watched it... in installments... as we usually do... over meals.

Both of us loved this movie! Yes, there wasn't much as far as a story line is concerned. Yes, the songs were pathetic. Yes, the movie looked liked a real low-budget production, with the main cast comprising of less than half a dozen characters. But, still we enjoyed it.

The USP of the movie: The humor element. There wasn't a single 15-minute stretch in the entire movie where we didn't burst out laughing at least once! And let's be honest fellows... what else does one want when he/she goes to watch a movie? That he/she should come out feeling good about life and the world! I mean, if you want tension and real-life stories, then watch the news for God's sake! Why need a movie for that?

Movies are meant to portray our dreams... where good things happen -- even miracles -- and which always have happy endings! When you come out from the theater after watching a movie, you should feel positive... with smiling faces & the tiniest ray of hope in your hearts that if miracles could happen in this movie, maybe they could happen in your life too!

After all, what really are miracles? They're just manifestations of our own thoughts on the canvas of the Universe! Then doesn't it only follow logically that movies should make a conscious effort to instill positive thoughts and hope in our minds... so that we may also be able to create miracles in our lives?

Actually, all kinds of mass media should strive towards that aim... considering the fact that the world is so full of misery in today's times! But as I mentioned somewhere earlier in my blog too, the mass media has been taken over by an Alien Conspiracy which doesn't want the Earth and its inhabitants to make its much awaited transition over to the next higher dimension! And all politicians, doctors and religious leaders are a part of this conspiracy. And yes, this conspiracy is headed by one Kapoor female who believes that people have nothing better to do with their time than break homes!

Incidentally, I saw Ghajini before I downloaded RNBDJ -- and I felt so sick after watching it! The only part in that movie worth watching was when Sanjay Singhania's diaries were being read... and Kalpana's flash-backs were being shown! The end of the movie was just so completely depressing! I mean okay Mr. Singhania got his revenge and all, but his first love was nevertheless dead, and, even more importantly, he was left with a "15-minute life" for as long as he lived! Now what kind of life is that? I'd rather be dead than live with a memory span of just 15 minutes! Depressing, like I said!

I, for one, have no desire for movies like Ghajini. Give me a RNBDJ instead, anytime! Who cares if there is a story or not... or if the incidents can happen in real life or not! Anything is possible in dreams! And the icing on the cake: "over two & a half hours of the best medicine in the world... laughter!" Full "paisa wasool"!

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