My Wishlist!

Another birthday just around the corner (mine this time, not my blog's!)... so people were asking me what should they gift me. Huhhh! Tough one to answer, isn't it! I mean how do I know what others should gift me! Vague!

Anyways, I got thinking about it, and eventually, I came up with a list... not a very long one though... 'coz I'm more into necessity shopping rather than luxury shopping. But, here are a few things that make me go "WOW"!...

1. Books. Needless to say, books are by far the best choice of gift for me! Fiction, fantasy, metaphysical, philosophical, even comics! I LOVE BOOKS!

2. Perfumes. I'm not much into makeup (still need to learn how to use a lipstick properly!) but I simply LOVE perfumes! Ahhh, but not just any perfume you see! I rarely find any of the local perfumes here to my taste! It's mostly the imported perfumes' section that I find myself spending money at!

3. Artificial Jewellery. Ear-rings, bracelets, neck-chains with lockets, or funky necklaces with colorful stones & bits... as long as it's NOT gold or silver or diamonds! The funkier, the better! I know it sounds really foolish, but, I have absolutely no interest in the heavy (and expensive of course!) traditional Indian jewellery.

4. Food. Anything from the bakery... or a dinner outside... or even a burger from McD's... or a pack of yummmm chocolate cookies... chocolates too! Ohhhhhhhh! I love food! :-p

So these are the few things I love to receive as gifts any time! Actually, there are a few other things too -- like purses, clothes, sandals and stuff -- but, they are usually reserved for my sister... 'coz they are kind of necessities... stuff that I need on an everyday basis... a part of me...! So I guess I don't feel comfortable accepting such things from people who are not family!

So there. I received my first birthday gift for this year today evening. Guess what it was! :-) A Book! Yayyyyyy!

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

I was thinking to gift you a holiday to switzerland but now when you have declared your favs and i have none of them, i am going alone on that vacation. :)

Paradox said...

A big hug from me to you for your birthday :)

Sorry couldnt stick to the list...blame the geography!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Nice try dude! But I know you are famous for not turning up on any such planned outings! So I'm not taking any such risk with u!

Give me a holiday for TWO if you will... & let me decide who I want to go with... & u have a deal! I'll make this exception in my wishlist just this once... just for you!


Kaddu said...

@ Paradox! Welcome to "Kaddu Land"!

Ha ha! Hugs are always a "must have"! They are not in the list 'coz they are like the gift wrap, you know! ;-)

So u r sending me just an empty wrap? He he! He he! He he! ;-)

I for an Eye said...

Hope you enjoy(ed) your Birthday...

Wish you a splendid year ahead with good marks in exams...


Kaddu said...

Thanks Garima! There's still a little over 51 hours left for the big day... but I'm sure I WILL enjoy it! Thinking of having a Pizza party at home... with some of my delicioussssssss home-made pizzas! :-p

Mahesh Nayak said...

Honestly I was taken aback by the artificial jewellery. Never met a gal like you. Never will meet another (that I can say for sure !!)
Hey let me know when you get my gift ok? A big warm hug from me for your birthday (having read your comments that hugs are like gift wraps I didnt gift wrap the present that I sent you !!)

Mahesh Nayak said...

Ok now lemme tell ya the actual motive behind giving you a gift for your birthday. I will be expecting some solid gift for my birthday from you(apart from hugs). And my wishlist is cash, gold or land. You can choose. You have enough time until Sept. Whatever it is I hope it is plenty. Ha ha !!

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! As if u need to worry abt not having gift-wrapped the present! You are always giving me the hugs each time we chat! But I guess I can do with one more... I'm a greedy girl, ain't I! ;-p

Kaddu said...

Oh you made another comment on this post! Hey of course you'll get a solid gift too sweetheart, on your birthday in September!

Cash, gold or land... those r ur preferences haan! No worries! With so much priior notice, I think I'll manage to give you all 3 for ur coming b'day! Hugs will obviously be there too! :-D

ZB said...

ha! quite innocent and chweeet post.

I too love books as gift. In fact just any gift would do for me.

I am all macho with real abs and muscles and all, but when someone gives me a gift, however small, i have tears rolling down my cheeks.When someone shows real heartfelt love, i simply dont know how to behave. Seriously i need to learn to behave when showered with serious love.:)

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! U sound like the macho friend of 'Suri' in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi! Throughout the movie he keeps teaching Shahrukh how to be Macho like him, and throughout the movie he keeps bursting into tears at the slightest hint of sentiments! =))
(Pssst... a secret... I end up crying too when somebody unexpectedly does something nice for me!)

Nandana said...

Can never have enough books, can we! Or perfumes! Or shoes! Or clothes. I digress.

Happy wala Birthday :)

+1 to Indian Jewelry bit. Sometimes, women end up looking so tacky wearing so much gold,it doesn't seem like a style statement anymore, just extravagant display of wealth.

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

@Nandana - I know... gold jewellery looks so granny types now, doesn't it? Plus it's become so risky wearing real gold/diamonds etc these days. I'd rather have my gold in the form of 10/20 gm chips, safely locked away in the bank!

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