My Old Home

Don't really remember what made me do it, but, I found myself checking out "my old home on the web" a few days ago... @ "" :-D

The first thought that struck me, while going through it, was "Oh My God! How colorful it is!" I seem to have used practically all the main colors of the palette in FrontPage! And the background is a nice creamish yellow. And there are so many pictures throughout the website that you can't even go through it completely at one go... 'coz of the Geocities limitation on bytes download per day.

Then I compared it with my current home -- the yellow versus the white, the bright reds-&-greens-&-blues versus the subdued shades of blue & gray -- and I thought to myself, "Yes! That's exactly the difference between the 'Kaddu' of then & the 'Kaddu' of today... not enough colors in her life now!"

Thankfully though, I still have that old craze for pictures! Otherwise who knows... my own husband might not have been able to believe that the 2 sites could actually belong to the same person... Suri & Raj style in RNBDJ! Ha ha ha ha ha....!

UPDATE on October 13th, 2010:

Free Geocities accounts were closed sometime last year. So my old home has been shifted to "Kasin" now. The site will not render correctly in any browser except IE, because back then, IE was the only browser used by most. Also, the display will work best in 800 by 600 resolution. However, the good news is that this hosting has a larger bandwidth than Geocities. So it is possible to browse through the entire site at one go now! :)

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Kaddu said...

Even this screen-shot is looking so out-of-place here... on this blog!

Mahesh Nayak said...


Shreesh said...

The Pic on the homepage is more of BEWARE or MESS NOT kind rather than WELCOME types.hahaha..but yea looks really good.

Kaddu said...

:p He he!
Pretty intimidating haan!

Made this website back in 2001-2002... before joining the BPO industry.

Check out the section on Siddhuism in My Diary there.

Shobhit said...

Yikes.... !!!

Just saw your 'old home'.... And checked out mine.... And still trying to count the differences....

I mean how can two websites, built years apart, be so similar.... Starting from the yellow background on the home page.... well, it isn't actually so 'creamish' on mine, but still....

So much is similar.... I'm myself in doubt whether I copied it from yours.... Though I never saw your site before,.... the Indian color-scheme and the Indian flag.... Even the text seems to be on similar lines.... Not to mention, the scheme of your favourites....

And guess what.... My younger bro's second name is Chikki too.... :D

Kaddu said...

Shobhit: Dude! U still haven't posted YOUR link up on ur orkut profile! I want to see the similarities & differences for myself!

Say... u & Ritesh G used to be real pals back in school, weren't u? And the 3rd one in ur group was Upmanyu I think ???

I'm a bit foggy abt this though, but if the above is true, then it might be possible that Ritesh directed u to my geocities site looooonnnngggg ago, when I used to chat regularly with him. [I was pretty much "completely vella" before I joined the BPO setor, u know!]

Well u need to send me the link to ur site... ASAP! I don't care if it's still under maintenance! I just HAVE TO SEE IT NOW!

P.S.- I also seem to have a vague recollection abt Ritesh telling me abt this "other Chikki" back then! Very hazy....

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