Old is Really Gold! :p

I installed the latest Yahoo Messenger (9.something Beta) 3-4 days ago. It looked cool... jazzy new skins (even in pink!)... great new interface showing images of my friends right before their ids... & also this superb "Friends updates" feature, which automatically showed my Blog updates when I brought the mouse over my own id in my friend list! (Yes, I have added myself in my yahoo friend list!) I don't really know from where it linked my blog to my yahoo id, but, anyways...

And then the nightmare began!

I logged into my yahoo messenger early in the morning, as I always do... turned myself invisible, minimized the messenger into the system tray & started studying! Sometime later, I went for a bath. When I came back, my yahoo had logged me off on its own & was waiting for me to click on "Sign In" again!

I thought to myself maybe something went wrong with the internet connection (a time-out or something you know). So I logged out of my BSNL Broadband and then logged back into it again. Tried to sign into my yahoo -- it said "Login Failure - Try Again". I tried several more times -- same thing!

So I thought to myself maybe some temporary messenger problem. I tried signing in with my old id (miss_teerious) -- that worked fine without any glitches! Hmmmm. I said "No problem! For a change I will use the yahoo messenger from my Yahoo mail. (In case you don't already know this, yahoo mail also provides an integrated chat interface, like the gchat of gmail.)

I tried logging into my yahoo mail account, but, guess what! It gave me an "Invalid Username/Password" error! I tried again... and again... and again! No good! Now how was it possible that I changed my password when I was in the shower? Yes, people have been known to be at multiple places at the same time (Bilocation as they call it), but, surely I haven't reached that stage of evolution, have I? Even though I do confess that I am an alien!

[wiping sweat off my brow] Phewwwwwww!

Looked like someone had hacked into my account... while I was busy studying and then having a shower... and had changed my password! Terrible thing to have happened to me!

Anyways, I tried to have the system reset my password for me, but I simply couldn't recall what "Password Hint Question" I had chosen at the time of creating this id! Let's face it guys... 7 years is a long time to remember something so trivial, when at the time I created this profile, I didn't even intend to use it ever as my primary yahoo id! I only created it to host the "Frames version" of my geocities website, while the "No-frames version" remained on my original id!

Ok, so after much haggling and bargaining and negotiating with the yahoo software, I gave up! I instead found a direct help form, which I could fill & send to their helpdesk, and requested them to reset my password manually. I doubted they'd do it though, just on the basis of my birth details! I mean I hadn't even filled a secondary email id at the time I created this id, so that they could validate my request against that!

Anyways, I left it at that and went back to my studies. Sometime during the evening that same day, I tried to login into that id again through messenger -- and it worked!!! YES! It worked with my old password itself! Haahhhh! Now what would you say to that!

I checked my email, and that worked fine too! So I quickly went & checked into my account settings to see if I could find the security question. Unfortunately, yahoo's system doesn't let you see these security related details later. But I was at least able to add my gmail id to the account, the one that I had filled in the help form. And the next day, I received an email from them on that very id, resetting my password for the yahoo account! Problem solved!

All was well for 2 days, after which I started facing the same problem again today! I was able to login into my old yahoo id but not the one I use now! This time, I decided to see what google had to say about this issue. Oh I noticed that it also gave me an error number, with the help of which I was finally able to get to the root of this problem!

Seems that it's a problem with the 9 beta version. So the net advised me to uninstall this version & get an older version on my system instead. Fair enough... even though it meant that I would lose the cool new interface!

I searched for old yahoo messenger downloads and found this fantastic site "OldVersion.com" which hosts the full downloads of the old versions of most of the popularly used free softwares! And guess what! I found yahoo messenger 7.0 in there!

My sister & I used to be big fans of this version because of the Games tab it provides at the bottom. We used to play "Collapse", "Text Twist", "Bounce Out" & "PopNDrop" through it, and it used to display our highest scores in the messenger, & also displayed our "friends'" highest scores if they were at a higher rank than us! Oh but that rarely happened you see! It was always either my sister or me at number ONE! I remember how irritated Ritesh (one of my old school friends) used to get... 'coz he could never beat our scores! :-D

But then the new version was released and we realized that the "Single User" section of the Games tab had been completely changed! In fact, we couldn't even access our 4 favorite games from the messenger anymore! And obviously, it stopped displaying our highest scores too... in *our* messenger window as well as *our friends'*! No way to show off anymore! We hated the new version! But eventually we had to accept whatever we got!

Not anymore though! :-D

I got the old 7.0 back! Although in my new id, it's showing my sister's name for the highest scores in all 4 games! That's because I used my old id when we played those games long back! I suppose if I sign in as "miss_teerious", it will display my high scores too! Will need to check that out... but later! Got to get ready for bed now... it's almost 11...

Update on 28th December, 2008: 9:20 am

Duhhh! Old is now So Dead! Those game links in the messenger are now "Dead Links"! They don't lead to no games! I'm uninstalling it again & switching over to version 8.something now! Huhhhh! :-(

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