More Games On My Blog

I have added 2 more games on the sidebar of my blog.

One is the age-old "Tic-Tac-Toe". I don't need to explain it I suppose. A tip: When you play against the computer, you will get the first move every alternate game. Try to secure a corner spot. The computer will most probably play in the opposite corner (at least that's how it's been playing against me constantly!)... and then you need to play your move in one of the remaining free corners. The computer will fill the middle box in that line, to prevent you from winning. But in the next turn, if you take the center square of the board, you will create a "double-win" situation! There's no way the computer can beat you after that! Enjoy! :-D

The other game I've added is "Flood-It!" As the name suggests, you have to flood the board with just one color... and you have to do so in less than 25 moves. Starting from the top-left corner, you simply keep changing into one of the adjacent colors. The trick is to change into those colors which are in bigger blocks or units. My best so far is 19 moves, in this game. See if you can beat it! :-D

Stay tuned for the next post - "Memorabilia III - A *Shitty* Poem".


Removed both the game... Tic-Tac-Toe was too boring and the Flood-It gadget stopped working.

But here's more in Games!

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