I Hate It...

I hate it when people (those I really care for) specifically consult me... involve me in their entire research and decision-making process (which spanned for over 6 months in this case!)... regarding something I specialize in... and in the end, go and do the exact opposite of what I told them to!

Why waste so much of my time then?

Wish I had a boxing-bag in my house... or perhaps Harry Potter's wand... so I could mute my voice temporarily... and just... SCREEEEAAAAMMMMMM !!!

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Neelabh said...

Stop helping others in their decison, even if you do, stop cribbing. Have fun!!

Kaddu said...

I think you missed the important point... "specifically consult me"... as in "I was ASKED to help in their decision making"!

Anyways, at the expense of appearing rude, unsocial, unhelpful, mean and cold-hearted, I have already decided I'll follow your first suggestion.

Bottomline: Tension lene ka nahin, dene ka... right!

Neelabh said...

right!!those people might not care for you whom you care for..

Another way out is to give psychedelic decisons. if some one asks you to help them choose a color while they buy a car, ask them to go for a raapchik blue car with orange small spots all over it and purple seats. Something that would hint them that you have lost your mind and is not worth asking for any decison. The last laugh would be yours.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Neelabh said...


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