Healing The Past

After I returned from Delhi, I made a Crystal Grid to heal my past… my early teenage years to be precise, ‘coz the family life had been really disturbed back then.

It was the period in which I had been overtaken by some major fear of abandonment, as I have narrated in one of my previous posts “Fear”. In fact, I started wearing eye-glasses soon after I returned from that trip! I developed breathing problems less than a year later. I also started spending a lot of time with “my invisible friend in the bathroom”.

Oh and I became a lot more social in school too! I remember I used to be an extremely introvert kid in the junior school. I had practically no friends. I was famous as “mean, rude and stingy”!

Mean and rude because I told people directly at their face if they did something wrong! I remember once one of the girls told me she cheated in a test because everyone did so, and I instantly snapped at her, asking “if everyone were to jump off into the well, would you do that too?” Needless to say, she avoided me for quite a few days after that!

And I was stingy because I wouldn’t “lend and forget”! Whether it was money that some classmate borrowed from me, or one of my books (I had a very good collection of story books, comics and novels right from childhood)… I never forgot to ask them to return it when it was time for them to do so!

But I don’t think it ever bothered me that time whether I had any friends or not! I guess I was just too peaceful in my own world, full of high ideals and principles. I remember I even used to tell the girls not to pluck leaves unnecessarily from the trees, as we passed under them while crossing through the school grounds, because they also had life and they also felt pain! I was scary, wasn’t I? :-D

Anyways… these things changed too in my early teens. It’s almost as if there was a complete personality change. I became a completely different person! From a die-hard introvert, I was suddenly the most out-going and most friendly person in the class! But at home, I was yet another person, with a third personality I guess! Always at my nerves’ ends! Always fearful! Always lonely! Strange!

Well, I seemed to remember more and more incidents from those years as I continued on the past healing. I had made an intent slip and placed it under the grid. And then I had tried to visualize myself at that age and sent Reiki to that image.

I’m not very sure it went that well though... (I feel I should dig out an old photograph of mine instead, and send some more healing to myself through that!)… but one thing I did feel was that the 13-year-old-me knew that she was being sent love from across time and space! She knew that somebody, from some different time and place, was urging her to fight through her current situation… and so she didn’t give up!

But is that really true? Do people really have a connection with themselves along the different points in the time and space continuum? Is that why I learnt Reiki in fact? ‘Coz some part of me was aware of how I would need it and use it in the different time points?

In fact, let’s just forget about Reiki for a minute! Let’s just talk about plain and simple love! When we look at an old photograph of someone, and smile fondly remembering how he was at that age, does that person receive that love in the time & space he was at in that photograph?

If the answer to the above is yes, then shouldn’t we make it a part of our daily routine to go through all the old photo albums in our house, stopping over random photographs and sending them love/Reiki?

Hmmmm. I think I should try this experiment. I made an exclusive photo album of my pictures a few years ago. And I did steal some old black and white pics from the common family album too, to put them in my personal album! So I guess this album should have pics of me at more-or-less all ages! (If not, then I guess I’ll just have to steal some more pics! No big deal!) And then I could just flip through the pages of this album, sending Reiki to myself through random pictures. Or maybe I could simply Reiki the entire album at one go! Hmmmmm… I need to try this…

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Sachin Malhotra said...

hello dear, U have a nice blog...

pls make a visit on my blogs to..




thank you

Kohl Girl said...

Haha, funny and interesting blog! I found it on indiblogger...don't know if you are interested in makeup/beauty but if you are, come check out my beauty blog, www.roopcafe.blogspot.com and let me know what you think!

Kaddu said...

@ Sachin - Spicy Gadgets sounds techie.. will surely check it out...

@ Kohl Girl - :D He he! Me and makeup are like North Pole & South Pole... can never be found together! :D But I'll pass on your link to my sister... I'm sure she'll be able to find something useful!

I for an Eye said...

i think i should start collecting my old pics too... :P

Kaddu said...

@ Eye: :-D ;-)

Shreesh said...

A scintific experiment is shown in the video WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW..whic exactly shows what you have spoken of in here .Its about some right n left clicks n making then happen etc..in the end the surpring conclusion or rather a possibility emerged that could that person actully by his will affected the clicks being made in the past. ?? If we consider time as a liniear function this seems impossible ..but is time really liniear as we percive it..!!waise ..u arent the only one who just decided to heal the past ..form alst 3 months iam finding ppl doing or comming for this very purpose ...so good luck to all of us...

Kaddu said...

@ S :

clicks? didn't really understand the experiment bit.

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