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This is an FYI for all my readers who have subscribed to my blog in some RSS feed reader.

I know you guys don't visit my blog anymore -- as you read all my new posts through your RSS managers. So I'm writing this post only to inform you all that I have added some cool new game gadgets in the sidebar of my blog. And you are all invited to check them out! :-)

There's "Color junction" - a new game I found in the list of the gadgets offered by Blogger. You have to combine the color droplets in 2 or more of the same color, and then remove them from the board. The target is to empty the board completely, which I haven't been able to achieve yet. :-p

Then there is the classic "Master Mind" which brought back some long forgotten childhood memories! I used to play this game (the real board version; not the digital one!) with my sis ages ago, when we were still in Kanpur -- must be like over 15 years ago!

And there is also another classic - the Solitaire game in which you have to jump the pegs over each other to remove them from the board, until only 1 is left in the center. I found a "Marbles" version of it, instead of the original "Pegs". I have the original pegs game in real though - it's a part of the legacy which my father has already bequeathed to me! :-D (Remember I mentioned in my "Diwali cleaning" post that at times when we really took a fancy to something we discovered in the "treasure hunt", our parents would gift it to us!)

Then lastly there is "Sudoku" and "Collapse."

I played "Collapse" for the first time on yahoo messenger 7, back in 2004. My sister and I used to compete for high-scores in it! We also played BounceOut, TextTwist and Pop'N'Drop on yahoo messenger. But with the version 8 of yahoo messenger, all these single player games were removed. Or maybe they weren't, but we weren't able to find them again!

And "Sudoku" of course was brought into my life by the TOI daily! For a very long time, this puzzle game was my only reason for picking up a newspaper with my morning tea! I was so crazy about it in fact, that I used to end up fighting with my Dad for the newspaper!

I wanted to put "Mahjongg" also on my blog, but I couldn't find a good enough gadget for it. All the available gadgets of this game are too wide for my blog's sidebar... and it's no fun playing the game when you have to keep scrolling to the left or the right! The smaller ones are so small that you aren't even able to differentiate between the pieces! So no Mahjongg for the time being.

I'm still hunting for other cool gadgets in the list... there are over 3000 in the "Fun & Games" category. So it's gonna take some time. Please keep checking my blog for updates every few days. And feel free to get addicted to the games already added! :-p


I eventually removed all these games from the sidebar, in order to reduce page load time, and instead put them all in their separate posts. Some games were removed, some new ones added. For the most up-to-date list of all games here, please check the menu bar on the top of the blog. Alternatively, just search for Games!

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Want to Add Something?

Kaddu said...

So I'm the first one to comment on this post!

My best on Color Junction so far is "1 piece remaining".

I'm curious - what exactly happens once u clear the board? Do u get some kinda bonus? But I didn't see the game keeping any scores! Then do u get a new more difficult level to play?

Anybody who manages to clear the board... please do leave a comment for me here. Thanks!

Kaddu said...

Duhhh! I just did it! Cleared the board! Nothing happens! The game gets over! Much ado for nothing!

Neelabh said...

I played it three times.. first 35 left second 9 and third time 16

I for an Eye said...

Color Junction is kool...i was left with 19...such a good timapass when u have nothng to do in offc and haf of the sites are banned...

Take care

Kaddu said...

Aah ok! U r the "Garima's Cave" on Neelabh's blog! How did u get that tweety bird (instead of the random pattern) next to your comment on his blog?

Sahi hai! I never thot from that angle when I was adding these games on my blog! Will try to find some more that u can play from office! :-D


I for an Eye said...

Bingo!!! thats me... :)

And as you have one with blogspot i think you'll have to manage with the abstract pics...otherwise, in wordpress; your profile pic gets displayed wherever you comment and similarly when we comment on your blog at blogspot through an open ID there is no pic displayed… hope it answers the curiosity :)

Kaddu said...

Ahhh ok. so the Tweety is linked with ur wordpress account. Got it. Thanks btw :-) And I've added 2 more games... hope u enjoy playing them as well! :-D

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