Expect / Accept

Two of the most confusing words in the English language - "Expect" and "Accept".

From the time I was in mid-school, I have seen and heard dozens of people mixing them up unconsciously... using "expect" where they wanted to say "accept" and saying "accept" when they meant "expect"!

Befuddling, I must say!

The chaos they create is not even limited to the English language! These two words have the entire human race caught up in knots and tangles!

If you EXPECT... you are heading for disappointments, miseries, resentments, dissatisfaction & unhappiness.

If you ACCEPT instead... you have only joy, contentment, peace, love & happiness.


For a moment, I wondered if I should give... but then I realized - "his expectations are higher, I will not be able to meet them... and he won't be able to accept what I CAN give him"...


To Expect or To Accept ???

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Neelabh said...

Except accept and expect, spect sometheing else. :)

Kaddu said...

:-) You are mad!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Hi dude,
Am back to your blog after a while.

I for an Eye said...

Ah..For me the 2 words are:



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