Being In Love...

Flowers. Hearts. Candles. Chocolates. The color pink.

All symbols of love from eternity.

We may pretend that we are practical and hence, are over and above such symbolic expressions of love.

We may proclaim that only teenagers need to demonstrate love by such things.

We may argue that communication of genuine love is not dependent on such material/tangible substitutes.

I agree.

And yet, I cannot deny the fact that every time someone gifts me some flowers, it lightens up my whole face!

I cannot deny that the color pink makes me feel like I want to hug someone -- ANYone!

I cannot deny that heart-shaped balloons, cakes, candies, photo-frames, lockets and other little odd things DO bring a smile on my lips!

I cannot deny that the sight of beautiful scented candles, in Archies galleries and various other gift shops, warms my heart with the hope that someday, someone would gift me a huge pink one! (Although I guess that "someone" will have to be me eventually!)

And I cannot deny that I jump up & down in excitement and give loud squeals of delight (exactly like my 2-year-old darling Krishu!) at the sight of a chocolate in my father's hand, when he comes back home in the evening!

So much for being practical!

But you know what... there is one thing missing in the above picture... a teddy bear! That's another one of my long-time wishes... associated with love of course... that someday, someone would gift me a large, cuddly, life-size teddy bear! (I'm sure THAT "someone" will also be me eventually! :-D)

Why do we need to be so practical and "grown up" all the time?

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Neelabh said...

For me, it would be someone with a beer in a teddy. :)

Kaddu said...



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