Being Independent

Here's a recent picture of my nephew Yuvraj -- the one whose birth marked the birth of this blog too. This photograph was clicked after he had just devoured a bowl of one scoop each of chocolate and black-currant ice-creams... completely ON HIS OWN! That's the reason for his messy state! Of course, right after this photo session, he was picked up and carried straight into the bathroom -- to be deposited in a bucket filled with water!

The kid is not even 2 years old yet, and is already showing hard-to-miss signs of complete independency! And that's exactly how I was when I was his age! The only difference is that I used to eat mangoes like this!

My Dad tells me that I also hated being "helped" with my meals! So they used to place me on the floor of our huge terrace -- which was right outside our dining room -- and put my food in front of me -- porridge, "rice-daal", "curd-daal" (which is still one of my favorite dishes) or mangoes! They never could figure out though as to how much I ate and how much my clothes ate! But, once I was done with the food, my parents would connect the long rubber hose-pipe used to flower the hundreds of potted plants in our terrace, turn the tap on, and give me a thorough "jet bath" right there on the terrace!

I'm not so messy anymore... I don't need to be given a "jet bath" on the terrace after every meal! :-D In fact, I don't even have a terrace like that anymore! But, I'm still as independent as I was when I was a toddler! I still hate being told what to do, and worse - HOW to do it! I have ideas of my own -- at times really weird ones -- and I want to try them all out -- for good or for bad!

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Neelabh said...

you could be independent and open to ideas too. you could listen to suggestion and still do what you like.

so if someone tells what to do and how to do.. hear.

Kaddu said...

Aaaahhhh! Easier said than done dude! Siggghhhhhhhh! But I'm trying... I honestly am! See... I "heard" you, didn't I? :-p

Neelabh said...

I am glad you did. there is no harm in it. is there??

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