Pink! Think I'm in Love!

Once upon a time (not so very long ago), yellow used to be my favorite color... the color that brought a smile to my lips even on the gloomiest of days! Now, it's place has been taken by pink... for the last couple of months now, in fact!

My yahoo messenger is pink - both the skin and the font. And I have developed this strange liking for the baby pink t-shirt that my sister brought for me from Delhi. I also seem to find myself, more often than usual, wearing that other pink kurti I have, which isn't that pretty a shade of pink, but, is, nevertheless PINK!

Unfortunately, I dropped a few drops of liquid bleach on it by mistake, so the pink is now tainted with a few spots of white, which, as you can probably guess, renders it quite useless for wearing outside the house, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it at home! :-D

Oh and luckily, my sister brought another kurti for me back in April, which is also kind of "tomato-ish" shade of pink... so that one has taken the place of the partially bleached one now.

Wish there was more pink around me though... like the walls of my bedroom, which are currently a shade of creamish-yellow... or my computer table, which is white... or the curtains, which are some combination of cream & brown (wish I had the "select & replace color" feature of Adobe Photoshop in real life -- would have replaced the brown with a pastel pink like THAT!)... or even pink bedsheets & pillow covers...!

Actually, that last bit can be managed I guess... I'm sure I must have a pink bedsheet in the house... I know there is a set for dad's bed, but, he's definitely not going to let me usurp his bedsheet set! Hmmmm! Will rummage around in the cupboard tomorrow.

In the meantime, some pink fantasies... pink flowers, pink scented candles, more pink dresses...

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Neelabh said...

pink is so gayish. I am not ancient but hell, yes, its so gay.

Kaddu said...

I know u hate pink... u mentioned once earlier abt ur aura... tht u wished it was anything but pink! =))
Congratulations pal... I guess u r not a gay then! =))

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