Memorabilia-I: The KISS

Ok, so I couldn’t help including this picture in my blog as well! Guess I’m insanely attached to it! And I have every right to be so too! I had to put in a considerable amount of man-power (that’s “sheer physical strength”), combined with the regular dose of female-cunning (read “emotional blackmail”) to get this wall poster in my possession!

Currently, this poster occupies the prime place in my bedroom, meaning… “right behind my bed, at the very centre of the wall”… and is the cause of many “raised eyes” and “heads turned” (mostly at the fact that I can pin-up such an image in my room staying with my Dad)! [Gives a wicked grin and a wink to go with it!]

The USP of this photograph: the second pup from the right… apparently trying so hard to get a “closer” look… he he! Will somebody please tell the little kid that “curiosity killed the cat”?

The pup: But the cat has 9 lives.

Somebody: But you are not a cat, you are a pup.

The pup: Oh yeah! Let’s re-play this scene then.

Somebody: Ummm ok. Curiosity killed the cat.

The pup: But I’m not a cat, I’m a pup! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…!

Moral of the story: He who laughs last is a pup!

. . . . .

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

If I were a female and that too a female who doesnt believe in the existance of male species I would have never put a photo of a male on top of a female kissing her. It shows male dominance and I really find it anti-women. ;) It doesnt matter how cute or inquisitive a pup looks

Kaddu said...

Perhaps if I were a female who didn't believe in the existence of male species, I might not hv liked this photo too! As for dominance... well, every dog/bitch has his/her day!
;) to u too! :p

Neelabh said...

but why to immortalize that day by putting a poster on the wall?

Kaddu said...

he he he! :)
This poster is meant to immortalize the day when brute force surpassed female cunning! :D

Mahesh Nayak said...

Not only are you insanely attached to the poster your insanity is very well seen in your post as well. By the way, when you had to usurp the poster I didnt know know about the man-power part you put into your effort !! Probably the female-cunning would have been part I of your plan and when it didnt work part II would have been the man-power part, I guess.

Kaddu said...

U know me well dude! ;-)

10 on 10 to u! :D

Sourav said...

Well! And what do you call the one who doesn't laugh; the last ... a man? :p

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! Probably :p

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