Let Go...

An extract from one of my old blog posts, “Relationships”…

How do relationships come into existence by the way? Two people met. One was bold & confident. The other was gentle & giving. They spent some time together & decided they make a good team together. So they became friends. Two more people met. One was witty & humorous. The other was organized & helpful. They decided to become friends too. Another two people met. One was wise & wanted to help others with his wisdom. And the other was going through some tough times. They had reasons to benefit from each other too.

And thus I sat down and analyzed all the various relationships I have been in so far & have seen around me till now. And I realized that each person in my life came in for a specific purpose. Each of my friends, relatives & family members had a role to play in my growth & development… just like I had a role to play in theirs. And once that purpose is fulfilled, we just "move on".

Why do I mention this again now? ... because I’m at a stage in life where I’ve got to emphasize on the “moving on” part.

Two people might decide to transit together to the next phases of their lives respectively… or, in other words, they may assume different roles with each other than what they were previously accustomed to. (For example, parents, when their children become old enough to look after themselves, become more of friends rather than guardians.) But if one person chooses to remain stuck in the same old role, thereby holding back the other person's growth too, then it definitely IS time for the latter to move on.

It reminds me of something someone once mentioned to me…

When Gautam Buddha returned to his parents’ house after becoming enlightened, his family simply refused to acknowledge him as anyone different from the “Siddhartha” that they had been familiar with.

Well, I have moved on to the next phase of my life…

That birthday reminder email, that I sent out to my entire address book last January, marked the precise “point of cross-over” to this new phase (or rather, the “old” phase… because this is what I have always been till I got stuck somewhere along the way).

The old “KADDU” is back… and the “KADDY” is now erased… gone into oblivion for good! “Kaddu” is very different, in fact, quite the opposite of what “Kaddy” was. And therefore, the ways of relating to “Kaddu” are also different from what people who knew “Kaddy” are accustomed to. Accordingly, they need to adapt themselves. It’s simply no use trying to pretend that I’m still “the same old Kaddy” and treating me the way they have been doing for so long. That “Kaddy” is not coming back… ever!

Lots of people have helped me through this transition, and most of them are aware of my gratitude for them. Some have spontaneously assumed their new roles in relation to “Kaddu” (as though they were practically waiting for this to happen!) … while some others are still reluctant to let go of “Kaddy”, for the various needs she satisfied for them.

This post is my request to those people who have known and loved “Kaddy” to “let her go” now. I no longer wish to be held back in the old roles.

P.S. - Comments are ON again... although they'll still be moderated. And yeah, "anonymous" comments are no longer allowed now. (Sorry dude! Guess you'll have to enter your gmail ID & password each time now! He he! :p)

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Neelabh said...

looks like BSNL is back..

Kaddu said...

nope... still using the borrowed id & pswd... bsnl lives up to its reputation!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Dude,this post is something. Your multiple personality disorder at its best. Or rather it is multiple personality IN ORDER - not a disorder. Ok, my dear - i didnt know whether to address you as kaddy or kaddu or maata-ji or anything - hence using this term - the next time when I chat with you tell me which personality I am talking to, which one to address to and what I should talk about. That would give me a better perspective.

Kaddu said...

call me "sexy babes"! ;-) :p

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