I Have…

Saw this idea on Neelabh's blog... liked it... & so tagged myself with it! :-D

I have...

ironed my hand

stuffed an almond up my nose

been a “tree” on stage

been slapped in class

recited a 3-page-long poem in front of the entire junior school at the age of 11

worn the games skirt of my seat-partner in class, who was half my size

bunked classes in school and college

opened a children’s library in colony with membership fees & all

celebrated Christmas around a real bonfire

boasted of over-2-decades-old-friendships with people

got accidentally locked up in a bathroom at my best friend’s wedding

wrestled with a 6-foot-3-inch tall sardar, actually believing that I could win

told a school teacher –“I told you so”

dropped boiling-hot, concentrated sulphuric acid on myself

talked to plants… sung to them too

played the slot machines at a casino in a foreign land

passed out ‘coz of low BP in the most amazing style possible

walked into a clear-glass door in front of people watching

called an elephant a dog; called horses dogs too

been off to Delhi without my family knowing about it

got drunk on vodka, and immediately called up my Dad with pride, to inform him that I couldn’t walk straight or talk straight

talked to computers

sleep-talked and sleep-walked

gone to office wearing purple suit, black chunni & green sweater

given crank calls to a friend of a friend

set off to unseen places on my own… & got lost on the way

left the car keys in the car, and then tried to pick the lock

received an unexpected applause for a solo in a boys-vs.-girls antakshari

played antakshari with myself

screamed & spilled food over myself while watching a scary movie

cried till I laughed & laughed till I cried

bunked office with 6 other team-mates and celebrated my birthday

had a noisy all-girls sleepover at a friend’s place when her parents were out of town, keeping the neighbors awake till past midnight

sung romantic duets with a handsome hunk

won an election

accepted a marriage proposal

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

two things..

how did the elephant and the horse feel?? they must be be embarassed.

where did marriage come from? are you REALLY getting married?

Kaddu said...

U really are observant pal! :) :p

No idea how they felt... I never waited around to hear their responses 'coz I thot they were dogs & I was massively scared of dogs then!

amrit said...

Marriage is some news! All the best.

Kaddu said...

I write such a long post on things that I have done... & all that stands out, worthy of commenting, is accepting a marriage proposal! Boy! The institution sure is HIGHLY over-rated! Now I'm wishing I had never written that here! :D It's totally overshadowing all the rest of my adventures in life!

Mahesh Nayak said...

Dude kaddu, I read this post and your friends comments too. Actually you had written the marriage proposal as the last entry. So what is written last is generally retained in the mind a little more longer as there is no more information to be stored after that. Well, no wonder we are interested to know more about your marriage proposal.

By the way, I have also done a few things that you mentioned myself. Hey, dont tag me though !!

Kaddu said...

Hmmmm... u hv logic dude! Btw this post is done on a "self-tag" basis... you can tag yourself with it if you wanna write on this topic. :D

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Go Kads! :D
Each one of those merits a blog post of its own.

Kaddu said...

LOL! U really don't mean it do u? Each of these? Hmmm! Let me count them...
OMG! 36 !!! No way! I will be blogging about just this, and nothing but THIS, for a whole month!

preposterous girl said...

OMG OMG... just cant stop dng OMG OMG..
Please elaborate ur "Almond in the nose " experience.. Reallu curious to knw this one..
BTW some of this I hav also done..And ditto was that purple skirt,green sweater and black chunni..No I think I wore red jaipuri chunni :P
I want to tag myself..But I dnt knw how to provide a link to that in my side bar..i mean if I'll add it as blog post then it will be pushed down..I want to do like u've done..A permanent link like u have..
u knw na I've a fascination to lift things off ur blog :P lol

preposterous girl said...

:( :( u havnt replied my querry...I was eagerly waiting for this one :(

Kaddu said...

Oh! I had a feeling I hadn't replied to ALL the new comments! Actually Dad was saying something, so I forgot! :p
Don't remember much abt the Almond exp... was too small... Dad says they had to rush me to a doc, who had to pull the almond out with sum tweezers or sth!
The perma-links... thr's a gadget called LinkList. It's one of the basic blogger gadgets. You just need to use that.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Well why not, if I may ask? A KBL T30 series dedicated to your epic nuttiness would be a hit I am sure. Shamelessly self-indulgent too maybe but who cares, it'd be great fun!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Hahahaha! Already got plenty of other ideas for future KBL T30s!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

Awesome. Go for it!

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...


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