The Odd One Out!

No, this isn’t another game on Facebook… actually yeah, there is a game there by this name, but it isn’t what this post is about! (I could hear your sighs of relief!)

This post is about my broken crystal.

I had 6 clear-quartz points and 1 clear-quartz pyramid in my grid. Unlike my previous grids, which I used to charge with Reiki almost daily, I hadn’t felt the inclination to Reiki this one as frequently. And from the last 8-10 days, I hadn’t felt like charging it at all! So I finally decided to dismantle it on the 31st of last month, and give the crystals a breather for a few days.

This is what my grid looked like…

I placed it on my kitchen slab to remove all the crystals and put them in salt water for cleansing. As I was removing them from this plate, I dropped one of those 6 points and it broke!

Someone had told me once long ago that crystals once broken cannot be used anymore and that you should get rid of them ASAP. But, that was ages ago, when I knew nothing about crystals!

Even now, I don’t know much about them, but at least I understand this much that all the crystals that we use have been “broken off” from somewhere – some bigger rock – at some point of time! Besides, people use raw crystal clusters and other “naturally broken” pieces for healing too, and they work equally fine!

So “getting rid of it” wasn’t really making much sense to my left brain! And even more importantly, I didn’t really want to part with it ‘coz it somehow seems to look prettier now, than it was before!

The rest of the crystals are all polished and perfectly shaped… perfect points, flat base and all that… and this little thing can’t even stand up on its own anymore! Its base has chipped off and separated from the rest of the shaft. Its point is also crooked now, unlike the perfect “hexagonal pyramids” of the other five! And yet it is a delight for the eyes!

The same sunlight passing through all the 6 crystal points… somehow gets reflected in a more beautiful way through this one! It’s like there’s a totally different "kaleidoscope" inside it... like this crystal is able to see the same light in some totally different angle, which the others can’t!

Anyways, I still had that lingering doubt in my mind, and I needed to clear it before I could use it again, because trust is very important when working with these fellows!

So I contacted one of my blogger friends, who works a lot with crystals, and was told that the crystal might have taken on “a very intense healing, almost like self-sacrifice to facilitate a result”… using “it's last bit of reserves to the service of the grid”… but that it would “always remain a usable quartz” and “in time it can be recharged and used for some other purpose”.

That grid had been made with the intent of my own healing – to help me get rid of my most stubborn blocks that were affecting me in the worst possible way at this point of time in my life.

Maybe this crystal broke, simply to show me that even an unpolished, rough and seemingly “unacceptable” and “misfit” entity could look more beautiful than its “smooth” and “sharp” counterparts!...

Maybe it simply wanted to show me that even though I may not be suave and sophisticated… and may not quite “fit-in” with the “acceptable” and the so-called “civilized” world around me… I still DO possess a raw and natural kind of charm, which adds beauty to even things as mundane as the sunshine!...

Maybe it simply wanted to emphasize the fact that I should love myself… regardless of whether anyone else does the same or not! Hmmmm… seems to follow along the same lines as the “I Love You” syndrome I’ve been going through lately!

Well, this person says that “in time it can be recharged and used for some other purpose”…

I guess it means that in time the “uncivilized” and “unpolished” ME can also be recharged and used for something other than the “well-laid-out, perfectly-ordered grid” around me! Ha ha ha! ;-)

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

This piece is totally psychedelic. How in the world could you 'charge' a crystal?? Have you ever worked in a Star Wars series??

Kaddu said...


Yeah... we all think we know everything about this world... but we are so totally wrong!

A frog born and living in a small well thinks that's all to the world... limited to the perimeter of the well... until of course he happens to see beyond it one day...

But until this happens, if he were to meet another frog from outside the well some day, the latter would appear "psychedelic" to him!

I bet Einstein, Newton etc were also considered abnormal in their times! :)

Neelabh said...

The frog in the well was well connected with the world thru TV and Internet. He also read newspaper and owns a but somehow he was not able to understand how the other frog could charge a crystal. And the frog(the well one) does not believe in grey. It only believes in Black or White, True or False.

Rahbin said...

Thanks for including the picture of your grid. It inspires all kinds of new ideas for me. I've never placed my grids on anything but a table top, counter, floor or other existing space. Is that salt, sand or crystal pieces underneath?

I love your view of the message it offered to you about your own beauty and perfection. All true!!!

I've really got a make it a point to visit your blog more often. Your determination to groom your spirit is so admirable-a mirror of my own interests. People like us always feel a little out-of-sync with the rest of the world because the rest of the world is too busy escaping itself to experience and explore the multiple dimensions of existence.

Kaddu said...

@ "The frog"! :D ;-)

Oh but the TV, internet, newspaper and the all also belong to the same WELL where he resides! All "frogs of the same well"... u know!

And there is Black n White n Grey n Yellow n Blue n Green n Pink n Purple n Red and Orange n a zillion other colors outside the well!

He he! :D

Kaddu said...

@ MR

That grid was placed on sand... straight from the bottom of the river Ganges here! :D

I was actually looking for crystal dust instead, but the guy I purchase my crystals from said he'll have to order it especially for me, and the smallest packing it comes in is 100 kilograms!

I have a lot of pics of crystal grids which I saved from different websites selling those grids. I'll put them together in a zip file and email it to you.

Feel free to chk my blog anytime you like! :)

I have added yours in my google reader, so I get to know immediately whenever you make a new post. :D

Rahbin said...

thanks for the tip on google reader...I was wondering how people knew when to check my blog

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