Movie: “Garam Masala”

Ok so it’s too old a movie to be reviewed now! But, you see, when I had originally seen that movie, soon after it was released, I had found it to be absolutely crap! (In fact, make that in bold – CRAP!) So much so that I didn’t even consider it worth spending a few precious minutes of my time writing a review on it!

However, recently, I’ve been having second thoughts about it. Like I have stated in my “Disclaimer” below (at the bottom of this page), my views on stuff that happens around me are totally based upon my perception or perspective at any given point of time… and with the recent shift in my perspective, my opinion about this movie has also changed!

If you recall the movie, it was practically totally based on “DOORS”… one door closing, the other opening… that one closing, the third one opening… and so it continued throughout a major part of the movie… until I felt I was ready to pull my hair out! I finished that movie with a loud “UFFFFFF”… giving it a big “Thumbs down” whenever anyone asked me how it was!

Now, however, I feel that whoever came up with the concept of that movie must have experienced a momentary flash of satori… for the movie basically sums up life in its totality!

If you look at it from my current perspective… isn’t life also practically all about “DOORS”? One door closes – the other one opens. That one closes – a third one opens… and so on it continues!

It’s all about choices – you make some choices which eventually lead up to some really good times in your life… and you also make some other choices which result in “not so good” times.

But the one basic fact about life is that you never run short of choices - you never find yourself at a “dead-end” where there is no “DOOR” to open!

Sure you cannot retrace your steps – you cannot go back in life. It’s like that “Mario Bros.” game on my old Samurai TV Video game… if the “power booster flower-pot” scrolls beyond the left edge of your screen, there’s no way you can retrieve it… but there will always be more “flower-pots” along the way!

Another interesting aspect about life (which wasn’t there in “Mario Bros.”):
While you cannot retrace your steps and go back through a door that has already closed behind you, you CAN “take 4 left turns to get back where you started from”!

And you can also end up having some more beautiful experiences and “adventures” along this longer detour – stuff that you might narrate to your grand children one day… sitting on your favorite rocking chair… with the toddlers in your lap… hanging on to every “wise word” uttered from your mouth with wide open eyes and gaping mouths…

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