The Indian Caste System

We have all witnessed a lot of controversies related to the Indian Caste System – abuses on the basis of castes, reservations for “lower castes” etc etc. (The most recent one being that now the “Brahmins” and the “Rajputs” also want reservation – just saw it on television a little while ago!)

I, for one, have never really been able to understand the reason for such controversies!

Indian Caste System
The Indian Caste System, as I perceive it, is perhaps one of the most “well-designed social structures” in the world! In a sense, it is actually a derivative of the Superpower Itself – of what we commonly call as GOD!

We are all too familiar with the Hindu “tri-murti” of “Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh” – Brahma creates, Vishnu operates and Mahesh wipes out the evil. Generate – Operate – Destroy. G-O-D. GOD. This isn’t a new concept – we all already know about it.

Now take a look at the Indian Caste System.

Brahman – the teachers.
Kshatriya – the warriors.
Vaishya – the businessmen.
Shudra – the servicemen.

The businessmen create or GENERATE work opportunities, employment.

The servicemen actually perform the tasks related to the businesses, or, in other words, OPERATE it.

The warriors maintain law and order in the society, protect us, or DESTROY the evil from the society.

And the teachers, an extension of the G-O-D model, are responsible for explaining the intricacies of this model to the other people. (We don’t have the teachers in the original G-O-D model because GOD doesn’t need to be TAUGHT about this model!)

If you look closely at the world around you, you’ll realize that all business entities, regardless of their geographic location, adopt the same model in their corporate management.

One guy with an idea and a lot of money decides to “create” a new business setup that would GENRATE employment for others. Even if he doesn’t have the money, he’ll always be able to find “investors” for his project, who belong to the same category as himself in the above “caste model”.

The people who OPERATE this entity are further sub-divided into various functional heads – HR, Operations, Transport, Facilities and other support functions.

The law and order is maintained by the security personnel in the organization (physical security as well as “digital” security). Perhaps the Quality team would also come under this “caste” as they are the ones who identify the evil-doers and punish them with ERSs.

And the teachers are obviously present in the “training” department of the organization.

So if this model is so simple and so universally accepted, why is there so much confusion about it in our country? Why are the “Shudras” in the rural areas denied of even legal support? Aren’t we all “shudras” in fact? A majority of the Indian population belongs to the “service class”, which makes most of us “shudras”.

I belong to the “Singhania” family, which is typically a renowned business family in India. As such, we probably belong to the “Vaishya” caste. My father was also a businessman. He generated employment for other people. But I’m into the service sector. So how can it be correct to consider me in the “Vaishya” caste? Technically, I’m also a “Shudra”! And so is a Senior Java Architect, earning 25 lakhs a year!

Then why are some “shudras” in our country being deprived of basic human rights, even if they may be actually performing the duties of a “kshatriya” today?

The system doesn’t really make much sense!

Maybe, instead of propagating AGAINST the caste system, we should actually EMBRACE it with open arms!

We should first RE-DEFINE it – which means that some “teachers” will have to stand up and come out of the crowd, and assume the responsibilities of the “Brahmans” – and then we should IMPLEMENT the system full-throttle across the nation!

Let the individuals decide for themselves what caste they want to belong in. Once the “Brahmans” or the “teachers” educate them about the responsibilities and rights of all the four castes, let each person decide whether he wants to GENERATE, OPERATE or DESTROY… or if he wants to “TEACH” the future generations instead!

Let the system re-claim its lost simplicity.

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Anonymous said...

A very beautiful post kaddu. You made it so simple and interesting. I wish it were as easy as the solution you had proposed. Unfortunately it is not :(

Kaddu said...

I know... 'coz the existing so-called "superior" classes won't be willing to give up their self-proclaimed "superiority"!

Btw, do you realize the number of comments you have posted to my blog all at once!

masterrabin said...

Revolutionary. In all things it is the implementation that matters most. And in all things, we humans tend to allow fear and insecurity and a belief in limited resources, limited "power" and limited everything else to lead to screwy implementation.

What you propose is embracing the God in us all. Each of us embracing it in ourselves, what we do and how we live. Like I said, revolutionary!

Kaddu said...

Exactly! Because everything that we see around us (and even stuff that we can't see with our limited senses!) is an extension of the Creator Himself!

Everything in this world has a perfect place in the scheme of things... everything in this world is exactly where it should be.

It's like the jigsaw puzzles I'm currently addicted to on FaceBook! Just imagine - even if one single piece of the puzzle went missing, the puzzle could never be completed!

So how can we say that one particular "piece" of our society is not required and has no right to even exist! Or that one particular "piece" is not as important as the others!

Moreover, I think that by asking for "reservation", the castes themselves give up their claim on equality! They give up their power and position in the scheme of things. They declare their own redundancy!

amiya said...

Excellent, witty and logical. India is unique in promoting "anti-Darwinism"; persons with low IQ are opted in, promoted,and obviously proliferate leading to intellectual bankruptcy.

Let there be reservation for everyone, because parliamentarians shrink short of abrogation of that silly clause due to political mileage or lack of courage.

Otherwise let an SC with 5 marks gain entrance in IIT at the cost of another who gets 75.

Kaddu said...

Thanks for the visit amiya! I wonder how u managed to dig up such an old post of mine! Just took a peek at your blog... LOL! It's totally scientific! Zoomed right over me! :-p

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