Burning Up!

Yeah! My body is totally burning up these days, and not just because of the 35 degree + temperature here!

Initially this started happening after my 30-minute evening walk sessions… and I took it as a normal “after-effect” of “working out”. (Those are “brisk” walk sessions and not just a leisurely “walk-the-talk” kind of outdoor gossip session with a friend!)

But then it started happening after my Yoga sessions too! So I tried doing just my 1-hour Yoga routine - without the walks - for a couple of days… still the same burning up!

I split my 1-hour yoga session into two 30-minute sessions… using all possible permutations and combinations of Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Butter Fly and Back-Stretching exercises.

But, no matter what I tried, my body would heat up excessively in no more than 10-15 minutes into the session! And all I’d be doing was simply sit on the floor and breathe! (I mean we aren’t really talking about complicated and strenuous “asanas” here... or aerobics... or even dancing!)

I mulled over it for a couple of days and then eventually just came to the conclusion that these pranayams really did work after all! (In other words, my left brain gave up!)

After just about a week or so, I realized that even my Reiki sessions were building up the same amount of heat in my body!

I would be doing a normal full-body healing session on myself, and the moment I started Reiking anywhere from the solar-plexus downwards, my whole body would break out in perspiration!

It was almost as if I’d just returned from my walk! I literally had to use all my will power to continue Reiking myself and not leave it in mid-session and step under the shower instead!

This is totally weird I tell you!

I’m still burning up, but now the heat seems to have concentrated in my lower back and down my legs.

And my hands become so unbearably hot while Reiking myself these days, that I just can’t seem to hold them at one place for more than a minute or so!

Oh and my back hara has also become highly receptive to the energy these days! Actually, most of my body seems to have cleared up more or less, save for my lungs. I guess the weakest flow I perceive these days is when I’m Reiking my lungs. Let’s see what happens next...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, 3 posts in a day. Wow ! I am really jealous of you. I wish I could write like you. Really !! You rock dude.

Anonymous said...

Hey, some of the pics in "~ THE WORLD IN MY CAMERA ~" are really nice. Good photographic sense (Although I wouldnt say that for all of your pics !!) Gonna steal them some time.

Anonymous said...

Very good energy flow I guess. You might have become an energy center !!

Anonymous said...

Or is it a change of status from "sexy" to "hot"? ;)

Kaddu said...

Actually, one post was written yesterday, you read it today 'coz of the time difference between us!

Feel free to steal whatever pics you like - do tell me btw, as to which of them reveal a "good photographic sense" in me!

For the last 2 comments - TAKE A BREAK FROM COMMENTING DUDE!

Kaddu said...

To my last commentator:

The comment has not been published as it is totally personal, not something I'd like to share with all my readers here.

Thanks anyway for taking the time to type all that.


Shreesh said...

huh!! Is that about me??At least you may have taken my NAME!!!. And it could have been edited effectively also yarr. I thought some parts of it can be useful to all.Anyways be blessed.Did you see the collage i made of UV.?

Kaddu said...

Again to my last commentator:

The name was not mentioned to give you privacy. But I forgot - this word doesn't really mean much to you! :)

As far as I know, comments cannot be edited - they can either be "published" or "rejected" - at least at "Blogger". If I'm missing something here, I'll be glad for any pointers.

"Anyways be blessed." - Woaahhh! Sounds so totally "patronizing"! Thank you "GOD"! :D

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