Back In The "Stone Era"

Was just catching up with my blogging community on google reader... read a post from someone which made me REAL senti...

The fact is that there is just too much pain in the world and not enough love!

And people who are capable of loving unconditionally eventually turn into stones, having their hopes and desires butchered time and again!

And the "stones" end up butchering other people's desires and hopes... churning out more "stones" in the process...

Vicious cycle!

Feel like crying too... tears have the power to melt mountains... that's why men hate it so much when women start crying in front of them, 'coz majority of the male population in this world (or in this country at least!) seems to be carrying huge icebergs in place of hearts!

Don't really blame them though... like I said - "too much pain in this world"... and like this blogger friend said - "Pain has this extraordinary power to stone your heart"...

But why? Why does pain have the power to create such a destructive chain?

Don't bother to answer that question for the time being...

Loads of love and hugs for whoever needs them...!

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amrit said...

thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this youtube video on a pure manifestation of love.

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