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I am without an internet connection at home. Sify sucks... big time... as anybody who has ever used it can verify. So I finally said goodbye to it. Trouble is that I'm still waiting for my BSNL connection. Should get it anytime now - another week or 10 days maximum - hopefully! Until then, I'm in isolation I guess. Keep posting your comments though. Will publish them whenever I'm able to get connected again. Ciao.


My sister recently had this most beautiful dream… and unlike me, she never has any dreams at all at night! In that dream, she had her very first encounter with her guardian angel… whereas my dreams still see me struggling with all the “demons” on my own! Even as she was dreaming about receiving help from the Divine, I have been dealing with this one particular childhood memory which just doesn’t seem to make any sense at all!

I was in class 8th that time, and we were visiting my grandparents in Bhopal during the summer holidays. That night we had to catch a train back to Kanpur (we stayed in Kanpur that time). My sister and I had been accommodated in a guestroom on the ground floor of their house, while my parents were in another room on the first floor. I remember the stairs in their house – spiral ones, leading off right from the middle of the hall!

Well, I woke up sometime late that night (or rather, very early the next morning) to find my sister missing from the bed. Looked at the time in my watch – it was way past the time our train was supposed to depart. The house seemed totally silent too – no activity at all. I was gripped by this sudden fear that I had overslept and my folks had all left without me!

I rushed upstairs in a state of severe panic – misjudged the height of the stairs and had a nasty fall! Hit my left knee on the edge of a stair – so hard that I can still feel the dent in my bone there if I rub my finger on that knee!

Anyways, as expected, it was a false alarm. My parents were still in their room upstairs. The train had been delayed. The luggage had already been stashed in the car before they got to know about the delay. And my sister had decided sometime in the middle of the night that she wanted to sleep with our parents for the rest of the night! (Yeah, she’s had a history of doing weird stuff at weird times!)

What doesn’t make any sense in this entire incident is the fact that why would I even remotely believe that my parents would leave me behind and take off on their own without me? I mean, we aren’t talking about just any old couple here who’d been trusted with my care at the time! We are talking about my own parents! And no, I’m not adopted! What kind of a kid would actually believe that his parents would leave him behind sleeping? (It’s not even like we are a litter of 14 kids, which, had it been the case, might have made it a bit hard to keep track of all of us!)

I have been bugging my father for the last 2 days… asking him to try and recollect if anything might have happened earlier in my childhood that has made me so insecure that I didn’t even trust my parents! He hasn’t been able to come up with anything so far, but he does tell me that I would just never leave their side for more than a couple of hours, when I was a kid.

I remember - I even hated going to school till I was in class 5. The slightest excuse and I would be absent! I have always been excellent at studies, but these wonderful remarks in red, regarding my short attendance, were always present in my report card, adding color to it! Oh and over the last few months, I’ve had this amazing realization – if I really REALLY don’t want to do something, and can’t find any other way to get out of doing it, my body makes itself sick! Yeah, really sick! I don’t even have to fake a fever – I get a real one!

Well, I’m still no wiser as to why I’ve always felt so insecure and alone, but I do know this – over the last few days, I’ve been feeling more scared than I ever have in the past! And the worst part is that I don’t even know what I’m so frightened off!

To be honest, I really don’t give a damn about what I’m scared of! I just want to get over it, that’s all! I mean, fears are all just so illogical... I wonder why I always feel I’m so alone and that I have to take care of everything myself!

The last few months (ever since that Teramai-Seichem incident in fact) I have been alternating between “doing” and “asking”. It all started with the concept that if perfect health is my birth right and the most natural state for me to be in, then why should I “work” for it? It should be given to me anyways!

But now, I have started feeling the same way about other things in life too! It’s like this argument is going on inside me – “Did I ask to be born? No, I didn’t. Did I create myself? No, I didn’t. Then why should I work so hard for everything? Why shouldn’t I simply do whatever I enjoy doing and let the entity that created me provide me with the resources to do my job?”

It’s like when I used to work for Dell… I was only responsible for taking calls… it really wasn’t my job responsibility to worry about the cab pickups or the meals or the air-conditioner in the office or the coffee machine! It was the company’s responsibility to provide me with all these facilities which would make me do my job well!

Since that TMS thing, I have been having the same kind of thoughts about life itself. But it’s still at a very conscious level in my mind – hasn’t yet sunk deep into the sub-conscious. Guess all I can do is wait...

You know, patience has also never been a strong point in me, so maybe this whole thing is stretching so painfully to give me a lesson in that as well! Huhhh!

The Lighter Side of Spirituality!

"Where lies God?"

- by Vatsap

:)) :)) :))

Indian Education System

One of my “archived” childhood memories that was brought back to surface recently – I was in class 10th (high school) that year, which meant that we had to take a lot of extra classes in our vacations (to prepare for the board exams), and which also meant that we had to make a lot of projects and models in our vacations – History, Geography, Science, as well as Computers. This particular memory deals with our Science model.

One of my classmates used to stay in the same colony as me back then. In fact, we shared a common back wall, so we used to simply shout for each other whenever we had something to discuss – and she used to come to her balcony and I used to go to my window, and we would talk as much as we wanted to… and the entire neighborhood could listen in to our conversation for all we cared! Actually, she’s also the person who introduced me to Reiki. (But that doesn’t mean that only people who are out of their minds learn Reiki!)

Anyways, coming back to our Science model, we decided to do it together… and we decided to make the model of the human digestive system. She’s excellent at drawing and painting, so she made the sketch herself, and then together, we filled in the colors. And to show the process of digestion, we decided to use small bulbs (the kind used in Diwali lighting here).

The idea was that one person would explain the flow of digestion to the viewer (the model was to go up in our annual school exhibition), while the other would accordingly move some metallic “thing” (I don’t remember now what we used) behind the thermocol sheet – over the bases of the bulbs – so as to “complete the circuit” so they’d light up. We could have done the lighting in the “automatic” way too – so they’d just light up one-by-one on their own – but we decided to use this manual lighting method so that it could be kept “in-sync” with the “explanation” that the other person would be giving.

We were pretty happy with whatever we did, and our visitors had nothing to complain about either, regarding our model or the presentation. The only setback was that another group in our class also made the same model – human digestive system (on cardboard instead of thermocol) and automated lighting system. In fact, they also used a sort of “regulator” (like the ones you find on air-coolers) to change the speed at which their bulbs lit up (slow, normal, fast, stop)!

But GUESS WHAT! They didn’t make the model on their own! They had professionals do it for them in the market – right from the painting to the electric wiring and stuff! They didn’t do anything in that model themselves! And obviously, it looked like a pros work! And they even had the nerve to accept this to the teacher when asked about it!

When it came to marks, (as expected) our digestive system got a 6 out of 10 and theirs got an 8! This spelt INJUSTICE (in big, bold, black letters) to me! According to my “rule book” (and my friend’s too), they should have been “disqualified” completely for cheating, because they didn’t make it themselves! Instead, they got an 8 and we were given a 6! I mean our model wasn’t sooooo bad that it deserved a 6! It wasn’t shabby or anything, and like I said, the visitors also liked it!

So I went up to the teacher and asked him about it. He said ours was a very good model actually according to class 10th standards, but theirs looked better, so he had to give us less marks. In other words, the work of some pros was used as a parameter to judge our work against, instead of the class 10th standards! If their model had been worth a 10, then we could have got an 8, but since it was only worth 8, he couldn’t give us more than 6, ‘coz he had to keep that much difference between our marks!

And when I asked about the fact that their model was made by professionals and not by them, he said “So what? Nobody said that you couldn’t use professional help!” And that was it! Height of injustice, I know! But, nothing else could be done about it… because the truth really was that nobody had ever explicitly said that we had to make everything ourselves. It was simply understood by us that stuff that was displayed in our school exhibition had to be made by the students of our school.

Anyways… fortunately, for both my friend and me, neither of our parents ever laid any stress on how many marks we got in school. They were always more concerned about whether we did our best or not. Besides, both of us were really good in studies, so we made up for the lost marks in theory… and the incident was only remembered for the amount of fun we had while making that model together – our “brain-storming sessions”, the adventure and excitement that comes with any new experience, the learning, and yes, our in-between “snack-breaks”!

But not all kids are as fortunate as us... especially in today’s times. There is this lady here I’m acquainted with, who has an 11-year old daughter. Till a few months ago, she used to keep asking me if she could borrow some of my handmade stuff – paintings, flowers, pen-holders, embroideries, etc. – to be submitted as her daughter’s work in her school exhibition… and I used to keep refusing! Finally she also simply went to the market and paid some professionals to get the stuff made… instead of encouraging her daughter to use her own creativity!

And back in Guwahati, I saw the same thing happening with my cousin. He even has some professionally written “essay books” bought for him, which are not officially prescribed by the school, but which cover most of the topics that are given to kids in his age group. So all he has to do is simply copy stuff from them to write his essays. I remember when I was in school, I wasn’t even aware that such things existed!

I might have got a few less marks maybe, I don’t really remember, because marks never had much role to play in my education. But, at least I can write stuff on my own today! I can think creatively, and I can put my imagination down on paper! (Just imagine – if I had also been given cheat essay books in class 5, you guys wouldn’t have had to read such lengthy blog posts from me today!)

Anyways, while I was in Guwahati, my cousin got this assignment in his art/craft class, in which he was required to use pencil sharpenings (you know… the flaky residue that you get when you sharpen your pencils… whatever it is called!) to make a scenery/landscape. He couldn’t use anything else in that assignment – not even colors. And he kept asking me to make it for him.

I kept avoiding it for several days ‘coz I wanted him to do it himself, whatever best he could do. But Chachi also kept telling me repeatedly to sit down with him and make it. Eventually I got to know that some of his other classmates had already submitted their assignments, and also realized (to my shock) that NONE of them had made it themselves! In other words, they weren’t really going to be marked on the basis of the class 5th standard, but on the basis of “who finds the best person to make their assignment”!

And so I succumbed, to the current Indian education system, where nobody really cares anymore about nurturing the child’s creativity and working on his overall development. Instead, all they are concerned about is his ability to cram stuff, or as someone once pointed out to me – “churn out entire generations of left-brainers”! As for marks, they are crucial today, because if you don’t get over 98%, you might not be able to get admission in any of the best colleges here!

This is a picture of his assignment… the one that I made for him. He got 24 out of 25 in it (I got to know about it only recently)… the highest in his class… at the expense of a mercilessly-butchered right brain! Some price to pay for a few marks!

Movie: “Garam Masala”

Ok so it’s too old a movie to be reviewed now! But, you see, when I had originally seen that movie, soon after it was released, I had found it to be absolutely crap! (In fact, make that in bold – CRAP!) So much so that I didn’t even consider it worth spending a few precious minutes of my time writing a review on it!

However, recently, I’ve been having second thoughts about it. Like I have stated in my “Disclaimer” below (at the bottom of this page), my views on stuff that happens around me are totally based upon my perception or perspective at any given point of time… and with the recent shift in my perspective, my opinion about this movie has also changed!

If you recall the movie, it was practically totally based on “DOORS”… one door closing, the other opening… that one closing, the third one opening… and so it continued throughout a major part of the movie… until I felt I was ready to pull my hair out! I finished that movie with a loud “UFFFFFF”… giving it a big “Thumbs down” whenever anyone asked me how it was!

Now, however, I feel that whoever came up with the concept of that movie must have experienced a momentary flash of satori… for the movie basically sums up life in its totality!

If you look at it from my current perspective… isn’t life also practically all about “DOORS”? One door closes – the other one opens. That one closes – a third one opens… and so on it continues!

It’s all about choices – you make some choices which eventually lead up to some really good times in your life… and you also make some other choices which result in “not so good” times.

But the one basic fact about life is that you never run short of choices - you never find yourself at a “dead-end” where there is no “DOOR” to open!

Sure you cannot retrace your steps – you cannot go back in life. It’s like that “Mario Bros.” game on my old Samurai TV Video game… if the “power booster flower-pot” scrolls beyond the left edge of your screen, there’s no way you can retrieve it… but there will always be more “flower-pots” along the way!

Another interesting aspect about life (which wasn’t there in “Mario Bros.”):
While you cannot retrace your steps and go back through a door that has already closed behind you, you CAN “take 4 left turns to get back where you started from”!

And you can also end up having some more beautiful experiences and “adventures” along this longer detour – stuff that you might narrate to your grand children one day… sitting on your favorite rocking chair… with the toddlers in your lap… hanging on to every “wise word” uttered from your mouth with wide open eyes and gaping mouths…

Charity Begins At Home!

Want to share another forwarded mail here…


Don’t Abandon your Dreams

There were once 2 brothers who lived on the 80th floor in a building. On coming home one day, they realized to their dismay that the lifts were not working and that they'd have to climb the stairs home.

After struggling to the 20th level, panting and tired, they decided to abandon their bags and come back for them the next day. They left their bags then and climbed on. When they had struggled to the 40th level, the younger brother started to grumble and both of them began to quarrel. They continued to climb the flights of steps, quarreling all the way to the 60th floor.

They then realized that they had only 20 levels more to climb and decided to stop quarreling and continue climbing in peace instead. They silently climbed on and reached their home at long last. Each stood calmly before the door and waited for the other to open it.

And then they realized that the key was in their bags, which was left on the 20th floor!

This story reflects on our life... many of us live under the expectations of our parents, teachers and friends when young. We seldom get to do the things that WE really like and love… and are under so much pressure and stress that, by the age of 20, we get tired and decide to dump this load!

Being free of the stress and pressure, we work enthusiastically and dream ambitious wishes. But by the time we reach 40, we start to feel the loss of our vision and dreams. We begin to feel unsatisfied and start complaining and criticizing. We live life as a misery and are never satisfied.

Reaching 60, we realize that we have little left for complaining anymore, and so we begin to walk the final phase of life’s journey in peace and calmness.

We think that there is nothing left to disappoint us, only to realize that we can still not rest in peace because we have an unfulfilled dream ...... a dream we abandoned 60 years ago.


I guess that sums up the life-stories of most of us…

We end up spending so much time doing what others want from us, that we never really stop to think what WE want to do in life! …

Living up to other people’s expectations from us… giving, doing and caring for others more than we ever care for ourselves… always sacrificing our needs and desires for others… killing our inner child every step of the way… until we are left with nothing but a dissatisfied life and some unfulfilled dreams…

Follow your dreams, so that you don't have to live with regrets.

Back In The "Stone Era"

Was just catching up with my blogging community on google reader... read a post from someone which made me REAL senti...

The fact is that there is just too much pain in the world and not enough love!

And people who are capable of loving unconditionally eventually turn into stones, having their hopes and desires butchered time and again!

And the "stones" end up butchering other people's desires and hopes... churning out more "stones" in the process...

Vicious cycle!

Feel like crying too... tears have the power to melt mountains... that's why men hate it so much when women start crying in front of them, 'coz majority of the male population in this world (or in this country at least!) seems to be carrying huge icebergs in place of hearts!

Don't really blame them though... like I said - "too much pain in this world"... and like this blogger friend said - "Pain has this extraordinary power to stone your heart"...

But why? Why does pain have the power to create such a destructive chain?

Don't bother to answer that question for the time being...

Loads of love and hugs for whoever needs them...!


Diesel cost hiked by Rs. 3/litre; petrol cost hiked by Rs. 5/litre; cooking gas cost hiked straightaway by Rs. 50/cylinder!

I guess their logic is that on monthly consumption basis, the hike in petrol prices would add up to a lot more for individuals than the hike in cooking gas, because on an average, Indian households generally don’t use more than 1 or 2 cylinders of LPG for cooking every month.

This price hike has obviously been decided keeping in mind that percentage of Indian population who owns a car… and, of course, that percentage of Indian population who manufactures the cars!

But did anybody stop to analyze the effects of this hike on the majority of Indian population, who doesn’t have the luxury of owning a car? In fact, forget about owning a car, these people can’t even afford to pay for fuel-driven public transport! They either walk or use bicycles.

Let’s take for example my housemaid. She earns Rs. 1750 per month. Out of this, 950 bucks go to pay the rent and the school fee of her daughter. That leaves Rs. 800 to support her family of 4. (Oh yeah, the hubby doesn’t work! Typical, right!)

In other words, she has a little over 25 bucks per day, to feed herself, her son, her daughter, her husband and also pay for electricity and clothes etc for the kids!

So ok, she doesn’t use 1 LPG cylinder per month, it lasts for almost 2 months in her household. But a hike of 50 bucks every 2 months translates to “one day without food” for her and her family every month!

And she is still decently employed! There are others in our country even worse than her financially!

And I saw on the television – the middle class people are actually cribbing about the hike in petrol prices, and how it would affect their monthly budget! Heck! These guys never think twice about spending 200 bucks at one-go on a pizza from Dominoes! A movie ticket at any of the multi-plexes in Delhi costs at least 150 bucks! Cokes and Pepsis are a regular part of their lifestyle and their kids’ too! And they are cribbing about a Rs. 5 hike in petrol! Helloooo!

I had been secretly wishing for a Rs. 50/litre hike in the price of petrol in fact! Would have at least brought down the number of cars running unnecessarily on the roads… like the ones with just-started-dating couples inside, going on “long drives”! Oh yeah, I love long drives too! But let’s face it – the world is already too polluted!

The icing on the cake is this 1-lakh Nano – which translates into more people being able to afford a car – which means more horns honking on the roads, more traffic jams, even more pollution, more fuel import in the country and a budget deficit every year!

Agricultural land is being giving away to set up industries and Nano-manufacturing units! (The “Digha-malde” lovers have probably already laid their obituaries for their favorite among the “king of fruits” ‘coz the cultivatable land of Digha, which produced that special variety of mangoes, has been given away for the development of industrial area!) Farmers are committing suicide! There is severe shortage of food in even the civilized parts of the world! And all we can find to crib about is the Rs. 5 hike in the price of petrol! What an irony!

The Indian Caste System

We have all witnessed a lot of controversies related to the Indian Caste System – abuses on the basis of castes, reservations for “lower castes” etc etc. (The most recent one being that now the “Brahmins” and the “Rajputs” also want reservation – just saw it on television a little while ago!)

I, for one, have never really been able to understand the reason for such controversies!

Indian Caste System
The Indian Caste System, as I perceive it, is perhaps one of the most “well-designed social structures” in the world! In a sense, it is actually a derivative of the Superpower Itself – of what we commonly call as GOD!

We are all too familiar with the Hindu “tri-murti” of “Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh” – Brahma creates, Vishnu operates and Mahesh wipes out the evil. Generate – Operate – Destroy. G-O-D. GOD. This isn’t a new concept – we all already know about it.

Now take a look at the Indian Caste System.

Brahman – the teachers.
Kshatriya – the warriors.
Vaishya – the businessmen.
Shudra – the servicemen.

The businessmen create or GENERATE work opportunities, employment.

The servicemen actually perform the tasks related to the businesses, or, in other words, OPERATE it.

The warriors maintain law and order in the society, protect us, or DESTROY the evil from the society.

And the teachers, an extension of the G-O-D model, are responsible for explaining the intricacies of this model to the other people. (We don’t have the teachers in the original G-O-D model because GOD doesn’t need to be TAUGHT about this model!)

If you look closely at the world around you, you’ll realize that all business entities, regardless of their geographic location, adopt the same model in their corporate management.

One guy with an idea and a lot of money decides to “create” a new business setup that would GENRATE employment for others. Even if he doesn’t have the money, he’ll always be able to find “investors” for his project, who belong to the same category as himself in the above “caste model”.

The people who OPERATE this entity are further sub-divided into various functional heads – HR, Operations, Transport, Facilities and other support functions.

The law and order is maintained by the security personnel in the organization (physical security as well as “digital” security). Perhaps the Quality team would also come under this “caste” as they are the ones who identify the evil-doers and punish them with ERSs.

And the teachers are obviously present in the “training” department of the organization.

So if this model is so simple and so universally accepted, why is there so much confusion about it in our country? Why are the “Shudras” in the rural areas denied of even legal support? Aren’t we all “shudras” in fact? A majority of the Indian population belongs to the “service class”, which makes most of us “shudras”.

I belong to the “Singhania” family, which is typically a renowned business family in India. As such, we probably belong to the “Vaishya” caste. My father was also a businessman. He generated employment for other people. But I’m into the service sector. So how can it be correct to consider me in the “Vaishya” caste? Technically, I’m also a “Shudra”! And so is a Senior Java Architect, earning 25 lakhs a year!

Then why are some “shudras” in our country being deprived of basic human rights, even if they may be actually performing the duties of a “kshatriya” today?

The system doesn’t really make much sense!

Maybe, instead of propagating AGAINST the caste system, we should actually EMBRACE it with open arms!

We should first RE-DEFINE it – which means that some “teachers” will have to stand up and come out of the crowd, and assume the responsibilities of the “Brahmans” – and then we should IMPLEMENT the system full-throttle across the nation!

Let the individuals decide for themselves what caste they want to belong in. Once the “Brahmans” or the “teachers” educate them about the responsibilities and rights of all the four castes, let each person decide whether he wants to GENERATE, OPERATE or DESTROY… or if he wants to “TEACH” the future generations instead!

Let the system re-claim its lost simplicity.

Observation "78"!

Yesterday marked the 78th weekly anniversary of this blog!

Yesterday was the day when “mysterious-kaddu” turned exactly 1.5 years old!

Yesterday was also the day which marked the 78th post on this blog!

Some coincidence!

Burning Up!

Yeah! My body is totally burning up these days, and not just because of the 35 degree + temperature here!

Initially this started happening after my 30-minute evening walk sessions… and I took it as a normal “after-effect” of “working out”. (Those are “brisk” walk sessions and not just a leisurely “walk-the-talk” kind of outdoor gossip session with a friend!)

But then it started happening after my Yoga sessions too! So I tried doing just my 1-hour Yoga routine - without the walks - for a couple of days… still the same burning up!

I split my 1-hour yoga session into two 30-minute sessions… using all possible permutations and combinations of Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Butter Fly and Back-Stretching exercises.

But, no matter what I tried, my body would heat up excessively in no more than 10-15 minutes into the session! And all I’d be doing was simply sit on the floor and breathe! (I mean we aren’t really talking about complicated and strenuous “asanas” here... or aerobics... or even dancing!)

I mulled over it for a couple of days and then eventually just came to the conclusion that these pranayams really did work after all! (In other words, my left brain gave up!)

After just about a week or so, I realized that even my Reiki sessions were building up the same amount of heat in my body!

I would be doing a normal full-body healing session on myself, and the moment I started Reiking anywhere from the solar-plexus downwards, my whole body would break out in perspiration!

It was almost as if I’d just returned from my walk! I literally had to use all my will power to continue Reiking myself and not leave it in mid-session and step under the shower instead!

This is totally weird I tell you!

I’m still burning up, but now the heat seems to have concentrated in my lower back and down my legs.

And my hands become so unbearably hot while Reiking myself these days, that I just can’t seem to hold them at one place for more than a minute or so!

Oh and my back hara has also become highly receptive to the energy these days! Actually, most of my body seems to have cleared up more or less, save for my lungs. I guess the weakest flow I perceive these days is when I’m Reiking my lungs. Let’s see what happens next...

The Odd One Out!

No, this isn’t another game on Facebook… actually yeah, there is a game there by this name, but it isn’t what this post is about! (I could hear your sighs of relief!)

This post is about my broken crystal.

I had 6 clear-quartz points and 1 clear-quartz pyramid in my grid. Unlike my previous grids, which I used to charge with Reiki almost daily, I hadn’t felt the inclination to Reiki this one as frequently. And from the last 8-10 days, I hadn’t felt like charging it at all! So I finally decided to dismantle it on the 31st of last month, and give the crystals a breather for a few days.

This is what my grid looked like…

I placed it on my kitchen slab to remove all the crystals and put them in salt water for cleansing. As I was removing them from this plate, I dropped one of those 6 points and it broke!

Someone had told me once long ago that crystals once broken cannot be used anymore and that you should get rid of them ASAP. But, that was ages ago, when I knew nothing about crystals!

Even now, I don’t know much about them, but at least I understand this much that all the crystals that we use have been “broken off” from somewhere – some bigger rock – at some point of time! Besides, people use raw crystal clusters and other “naturally broken” pieces for healing too, and they work equally fine!

So “getting rid of it” wasn’t really making much sense to my left brain! And even more importantly, I didn’t really want to part with it ‘coz it somehow seems to look prettier now, than it was before!

The rest of the crystals are all polished and perfectly shaped… perfect points, flat base and all that… and this little thing can’t even stand up on its own anymore! Its base has chipped off and separated from the rest of the shaft. Its point is also crooked now, unlike the perfect “hexagonal pyramids” of the other five! And yet it is a delight for the eyes!

The same sunlight passing through all the 6 crystal points… somehow gets reflected in a more beautiful way through this one! It’s like there’s a totally different "kaleidoscope" inside it... like this crystal is able to see the same light in some totally different angle, which the others can’t!

Anyways, I still had that lingering doubt in my mind, and I needed to clear it before I could use it again, because trust is very important when working with these fellows!

So I contacted one of my blogger friends, who works a lot with crystals, and was told that the crystal might have taken on “a very intense healing, almost like self-sacrifice to facilitate a result”… using “it's last bit of reserves to the service of the grid”… but that it would “always remain a usable quartz” and “in time it can be recharged and used for some other purpose”.

That grid had been made with the intent of my own healing – to help me get rid of my most stubborn blocks that were affecting me in the worst possible way at this point of time in my life.

Maybe this crystal broke, simply to show me that even an unpolished, rough and seemingly “unacceptable” and “misfit” entity could look more beautiful than its “smooth” and “sharp” counterparts!...

Maybe it simply wanted to show me that even though I may not be suave and sophisticated… and may not quite “fit-in” with the “acceptable” and the so-called “civilized” world around me… I still DO possess a raw and natural kind of charm, which adds beauty to even things as mundane as the sunshine!...

Maybe it simply wanted to emphasize the fact that I should love myself… regardless of whether anyone else does the same or not! Hmmmm… seems to follow along the same lines as the “I Love You” syndrome I’ve been going through lately!

Well, this person says that “in time it can be recharged and used for some other purpose”…

I guess it means that in time the “uncivilized” and “unpolished” ME can also be recharged and used for something other than the “well-laid-out, perfectly-ordered grid” around me! Ha ha ha! ;-)

What Archie Character Are You?

What I like about Facebook is that there is so much you can do there on your own, without really having to engage yourself in senseless interactions with people in your friend-list! Like, for example, this QUIZ - "What Archie Character Are You?"

You answer a few short questions, and it tells you which Archie-comic character you resemble most closely!

Now, I haven't really read that many Archie comics to have the names of all its characters at the tip of my tongue! So, when I was taking the quiz, I was a bit curious about what my results would be...

Anyways, I took it... and I felt that the result seemed pretty accurate!

Then a day or two later, I received a call from a good friend of mine, and I started to tell him about this quiz... and even before I could tell him my result, he immediately popped up the question - "Jughead Jones?"

I was like "Mannnn! The result REALLY is accurate!"

So there... you guys already know what Archie character I am - Jughead Jones!

Facebook says – “You enjoy those days when you can sit-back and relax with a good T.V show and a bag of chips. You are also a great friend.

But, I would replace the “T.V show” with “anything on my computer” and “a bag of chips” with “anything to eat”. (Yeah, I am not really that fussy about food!) And, of course, I AM a really cool friend, as any of my friends would (dis)agree (meaning - "disagree" to "agree")!


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