Who Has The Biggest Brain?

This is the game that I have been talking about in my last 3 posts here. And my readers, who are not on Facebook, might be wondering what exactly it is about! So here’s a short briefing for them…

As the name suggests, “Who has the Biggest Brain” tries to find out who, among your friends on Facebook, has the biggest brain.

And how does it do that? Simple. The game challenges your skills in 4 different areas – analytical, numerical, memory and visualization. Each of these 4 sections is timed, and you have to score as much as possible in the time given. At the end of it, your scores in the 4 separate games are added up, to give you the total size of your brain in cubic centimeters.

Furthermore, each section has 2 different games, out of which only one (selected randomly) is dished out to you in a single game of “Who has the Biggest Brain”.

In the analytical section, you either get to select the heavier object from the different “scale layouts” presented; or, you have to judge the number of cubes presented before you in different arrangements, which keep getting more and more complex as the game progresses. I’m better at counting the cubes.

Your numerical aptitude is checked by either asking you to calculate the answer of the given mathematical equations, or by filling in the “blanks” with the correct mathematical sign (+, _, *, /) in the given equations. I find it easier to calculate the total than to fill in the blank.

The memory section is what I’m currently having a problem with. I score the lowest in this section. Anyways, the 2 games that can be given to you in this section are –

1. Pairing up the cards game, which we all have played at some point of time in our lives, with the normal playing cards.
2. Remembering the objects presented in the correct order, and then selecting them from the assorted group, in the same order. This one is a lot easier for me actually.

The last section deals with your visualization abilities. You either get a confusing jigsaw puzzle here or you get a bunch of floating meteoroids, each with a number/alphabet on them, and you have to click on them in ascending order. I do much better on the meteoroids one.

So there. These are the different games you get to play in order to find out the size of your brain. So far, I have been doing the best in the meteoroids game, with the cubes coming in at a close second. I have to work more upon my memory though. My sister is best at the cubes one – her designing mind enables her to quickly visualize the cubes in the 3-D perspective, which is where I get stuck!

Anyways, I’ve just played 40 games so far. And practice leads to perfection. So I guess I’ll just have to keep practicing!

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Want to Add Something?

Neelabh said...

Why do you need a stupid game to prove that you have more cubic centimeters of more 'brain'? and what the hell is squidlina brain/ brain of a squid!!! I thought they tasted better when are fried and served with beer....

Kaddu said...

A typical jealous comment! :D

Squidlian brain - U saw the pic of the Squid, it has 8 legs (or whatever u call them) like an octopus - and it manages all of them with a single brain - meaning multitasking. Got it!

Now stop whining that the grapes are sour! ;-) He he!

Neelabh said...

lets discuss this on yahoo

Anonymous said...

Hi squid-o,
Interesting game on facebook. It seems interesting enough to make me log into facebook again. Nice talking to you the other day.

Kaddu said...

@ Neelabh - Sure, lets discuss it on yahoo sometime. Btw, if the game is so stupid, why hv u been playing it repeatedly to increase ur score from 1600 to 1896? :D :D

@ Anon - Nice talking to u too buddy! So u chked out the game on facebook yet? Cud sure do with some competition! As of now, I still stand unbeaten - a Squidlian - now with 2826 cc of gray matter! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi kaddu,
So from 2742 it became 2826 eh? Be careful, your brains might grow so big it might burst one day ;) Good going kads.

Blair.S said...

I just started using this app. last night its really fun, but my newest one is the One Minute Mogul http://apps.facebook.com/oneminutemogul/

Kaddu said...

Okies... will try it out sometime... but you could have directly sent me a private message on facebook also. U didnt need to create a blogger profile just for messaging me specially! :D

Blair.S said...

whats your facebook

Kaddu said...

By my full name: "Kadambari Singhania"... or u can search for my email id I suppose -- it's on my blogger profile.

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