Haven’t blogged for quite some time – I know! Been caught up with things! Wanted to write about lotsa different stuff, but, as usual – the “STUFF” hits me when I’m doing something else! Duhhh!

Anyways, I guess I’ll start with “happiness” today… ‘coz that’s what I have been feeling lately!

And why have I been feeling happy?

Hmmm. Now that’s a tough one!

Actually there isn’t any specific reason for it – I just feel like smiling for nothing! (Maybe I’m progressing towards insanity!)

Yesterday I was feeling extremely irritated because of something, but then a little while later, I was smiling about how I was feeling irritated earlier! (Pretty dangerous, eh!)

You know, I have realized something! (Yeah another one of “those”!) I have realized that “happiness” is a highly over-rated, over-emphasized and over-analyzed word! In reality, it is nothing but a state of mind, or, to be precise, the “nature of your thought-process”!

If you think about positive, upbeat, inspiring and motivating stuff, you feel “happy”. In other words, if you visualize a “happy picture” in your mind’s eye, you automatically become “happy”… whereas if you think about distressing, sad stuff, you become sad!

Oh and I have also realized – you aren’t the only idiot in the world, the planet is full of them! Most are even worse than you! And the worst of the lot are those who don’t even realize this fact about themselves, and simply keep pointing it out for the other idiots!

My “Colgate-Smile Recipe”: If people make you feel like an idiot, simply remind yourself that they are the bigger idiots… ‘coz, unlike you, THEY aren’t even aware of this universal truth that ALL humans are idiots! Once you realize you’re still with your “own pack” and haven’t strayed away to some unknown land filled with strangers, you’ll feel safe and content – and, more importantly, ‘HAPPY’!

Actually, staying happy isn’t so difficult after all, you know! Listen to good music, watch an inspiring movie, go for a walk all by yourself, do some vigorous exercise, play a mentally stimulating game (I’d recommend the “Biggest Brain Game on Facebook, where I just achieved a 2600 cc “Alien Brain” to top my friend list!), invite a couple of friends over to your place and make pizza, watch old photographs, watch the Ads on television! (Yeah, some of these commercials have such a “twist-in-their-tale”!)… The list goes on and on!

I have been watching the Ocean’s series for the last 3 days (1-a-day). I like the way those guys go after the money with a steel determination – not for the sake of the money, but for the pleasure they derive from the experience of the thefts – right from conception to resource management to implementation to handling the last-minute glitches!

That’s the “secret formula for happiness” – find something you like doing… and then DO it… not for the end result, but, for the act itself… for the “rush” you get when you are in the process of doing it!

Oh and never expect anyone else to make you feel happy! Heck! People, who can’t sort out through their own miseries, how do you suppose they’ll be able to pull you out of yours!

So much for the “free gyan” today! Keep smiling! And try to beat my “Big Alien Brain” on Facebook! Ha ha!

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Mahesh Nayak said...

I made the mistake of reading your blog at 1 in the night. Did you have a shot of vodka or what?

Kaddu said...

He he! :p

Yupp - had it back in November 2005... probably some delayed action! What do u say? ;-) :D

Shreesh said...

the basics of using The Secret

Kaddu said...

Really? Well, use it then! :)
I still haven't seen that movie :)

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