Good Morning!

When I opened my Outlook Express today morning to check my mails, I found a cool surprise gift waiting for me there! ... Something that brought a smile to my lips the moment I set my eyes on it! :)

Thanks Vatsap! Never imagined that the "social service" ( was going to be so quick! I think from now-onwards, I'm gonna send this pic to any "prospective suitors" that my relatives and other well-wishers may come up with! ;-)

He he! I look so simple and innocent in this pic, don't I? It seems hard to believe that such a sweet looking face could come up with such a wicked idea! But don't we all know... "looks can be deceptive"! :D

Oh and thanks once again for not missing out that mole above my eye! :D Yeah, it is on the correct side of my face, so I won't need to pick up a paintbrush and some color... like that teacher in TZP! He he! :D

Also check out how I used this picture in my Facebook Cover Photo.

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Want to Add Something?

amrit said...

nice to read that you like it. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Kaddu, you rock dude ! Ha ha !!

- Mahesh Nayak

Kaddu said...

Thanks Amrit! And yeah thanks for getting the blogroll back on too! :D

Mahesh - Your comment got posted twice somehow, so I deleted one copy! Btw, I got 4 notifications of the same comment thru email! Wassup dude? Earlier it used to be ur SMSs... now ur blog comments too! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi kaddu,
Dont you know how I love to irritate you? Yes, mission achieved. Me and my messages shall irritate you forever. Ha ha!!

- Mahesh Nayak

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! :)) You are a rascal!

Anonymous said...

Yupp kaddu,u r right. But u left the sentence incomplete - I am a rascal's friend :D

- Mahesh Nayak

Kaddu said...

Ha ha! :)) You ARE a rascal! :)

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