Chacha-Chachi's Painting

This is a photograph of the emboss painting I made for Chacha-Chachi. (Refer to the post "Short Term Memory Loss".) Needless to say, both of them loved it! Although they did find it hard to believe that it was really done by me!

All the details have come out so clearly - the ornaments, the garland, everything - it seems more like a print instead of a painting!

Actually, when I look at this photograph now, even I find it difficult to believe that I did it... until I'm reminded of that blister on the tip of my right index finger, which stands proud as proof of my diligent and patient efforts!

The feeling I get, when I look at this painting now, is very similar to what I feel when I read any of my previous blog posts that have turned out to be outstandingly inspiring!

Anyways, I have to make another one of these emboss paintings for someone else. I'm gonna try and see if I can get a canvas with the same design again. That’s the best part of attempting to do something really difficult - once you manage to complete it successfully, the feeling of satisfaction is just incomparable with anything else in the world!

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Shreesh said...

WELL THANK YOU !!! THANK SO MUCH . I was waiting for you to do this for so long.I was waiting for someting like this for the past 4-5 months. This finally is comming up. This has some soild role to play in your life healing. This process shall take you to a new level.hehehe...Iam so excited. finally the releam opens..
Oh ya mom wants one of these and asked you what you need for this. She has been wanting to talk abt this. Have'nt seen her that keen for long time. Hopefully shall het to talk about it soon. She has ur number may call you from her office.Hope that's ok with you.

Shreesh said...

I LOVED THIS PAINTAING ...AND SO DID MY MOM.and ya in reference to ur post abt memeory loss..common you could have asked me to that snap of the pic of the one you sent here. I shall be taking snap anyways.
In love and light

Kaddu said...

"I was waiting for you to do this for so long.I was waiting for someting like this for the past 4-5 months. This finally is comming up. This has some soild role to play in your life healing. This process shall take you to a new level."

What exactly are u talking abt? And what were u waiting for? Wht is finally coming up? Wht process? :-/

And yeah, I know aunty liked the painting... infact it was ur mom I was referring to in the last para of this post...

Well, gud news is that I hv found another canvas with the same design printed on it. Will start on it after Pikki heads back to Delhi... n will send it to ur mom. Hope it turns out as cool as this one though! I still find it hard to believe tht I did it!

Kaddu said...

And yeah wud appreciate if u can send me a pic of the other painting...

U mite hv to take it without flash probably, coz it is glitter paint, so it might reflect a lot.


Shreesh said...

MY Mom is interested in BUYING HALF A DOZON FROM YOU. Talk to her if u can do that.Btw looks like ur trip is good.My trip was fablous too.

Kaddu said...

Oh and I think I hvnt sent the instructions for straightening the fold-marks in the canvas! Plz chk the letter and tell DD abt it, if it isn't mentioned there.

You cannot iron the painting - the paint will melt off with heat.

What I did in Guwahati was that I laid the painting flat between a thick wad of open newspapers... and then placed those newspapers flat under the mattress on the bed. In a few days, it straightened out nicely.

The other painitng shud also be kept straight like this before it goes for framing.

Kaddu said...

Oh u hv sent another comment! Just saw it!

What is she gonna do with half a dozen paintings!!!????

Is she going to open a shop or what?

Shreesh said...

NO better talk to her without the middleman..hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Very nice painting kaddu. It reminds me of a similar krishna radha glass painting that my sister did which hangs right now in the hall in my house.

- Mahesh Nayak

Kaddu said...

Forgot to tell u... ask someone at ur house to tk a pic of tht painting n mail it to u... so tht u can then mail it to me. I'd like to do it on glass too! But this one is too elaborate for it.

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