“Bal Gopal”

Here is the photograph of another sample of my creativity while I was in Guwahati. This one is a glass painting of “Bal Gopal”.

Why another Krishna? Well, “Dwarkadeesh-ji” happens to be our family/ancestral deity. We even have our own temple in Kanpur, which was built by my great-great-great-grandfather. As the legend goes, he was apparently “given instructions in his dream” to go and look for the idol at a particular place, and then build a temple and “establish” it there!

This is one temple that I have always loved visiting, although I’m an extremely nonreligious person as a general rule! The reason is that this is one temple which, no matter what time of the day you visit it, you’ll find it perfectly clean! And the “prasadam” which is served to the deity is just yummy!

(Oh btw, unlike other Gods and Goddesses, there are apparently no restrictions on what to serve as “Prasad” to Dwarkadeesh-ji. Whatever we have for b’fast/lunch/dinner, the same is served to the God as well!)

We also have our family tree in that temple, and all records of births, deaths and marriages in our family can be found there at any time. Of course, this data is only available to the members of the family though!

(Btw, this temple is not to be confused with the famous “J.K. Temple” (also in Kanpur), which was built by a different branch of my ancestors.)

So there… if you ever happen to be in Kanpur at the time of Janmashtmi, let me know… and I’ll give you the address of this temple. You don’t want to miss the “Jhaanki” they set up in the temple at that time!

Coming back to the painting now - well, I might not be a very religious person, but, the rest of my family sure is! And my Chacha-Chachi can be thought of as the religious leaders of the entire “Kutumb”! Hence, I made another “Lord Krishna” for them!

There wasn’t enough time to get it framed, so we simply spread a white cloth under the glass and took the photograph.

And in return for these 2 paintings, my Chacha-Chachi gifted me a copy of the “BhagvadGita - As It Is”.

I have been thinking of getting myself a copy for several months now… been wanting to read for myself what it's all about, because I’ve heard so much about it… but there are so many different translations available in the market today, that I just couldn’t figure out which one would give me an un-biased translation of the Sanskrit literature.

The one that my Chacha-Chachi gifted to me has the original Sanskrit Shlokas, as well as the direct meanings of the Sanskrit words… and after that, it contains the translation of the Shlokas in English. The author’s understanding of the Shlokas, with reference to other Vedic texts, is given separately… so I don’t necessarily have to read it if I don’t want to!

I haven’t yet completed it, but, from whatever I have read of it till now, I will highly recommend it to anyone who has a logical bent of mind, and has no qualms in questioning the senseless religious dogmas that are being practiced today!

Chacha-Chachi's Painting

This is a photograph of the emboss painting I made for Chacha-Chachi. (Refer to the post "Short Term Memory Loss".) Needless to say, both of them loved it! Although they did find it hard to believe that it was really done by me!

All the details have come out so clearly - the ornaments, the garland, everything - it seems more like a print instead of a painting!

Actually, when I look at this photograph now, even I find it difficult to believe that I did it... until I'm reminded of that blister on the tip of my right index finger, which stands proud as proof of my diligent and patient efforts!

The feeling I get, when I look at this painting now, is very similar to what I feel when I read any of my previous blog posts that have turned out to be outstandingly inspiring!

Anyways, I have to make another one of these emboss paintings for someone else. I'm gonna try and see if I can get a canvas with the same design again. That’s the best part of attempting to do something really difficult - once you manage to complete it successfully, the feeling of satisfaction is just incomparable with anything else in the world!

The Holiday Ends...

Tomorrow this time I will be in train, headed back to Patna. I'll reach home somewhere close to midnight tomorrow, and then, the very next morning, my sister is reaching Patna from Delhi.

She has finally changed her job (after going through a draining 6 months of senseless "office politics") and she decided to take a short break and visit us before she started work at the new company.

The bottomline of the story is that now I am looking forward to going back home! :D

My Guwahati trip was pretty eventful, but more details about it when I reach home. Oh and as I had suspected, the jig-saw puzzle was a big hit with Radhika (still is in fact!) but Rishu soon got bored with his! :( Siggghhhhhhh!

Got to go do some packing now...