Positive Thinking

It is so easy to talk about positive thinking, but is it really that easy to think positively, when, for at least the last 20 years of your life (which is a major 2/3rd portion of your life!) negative is all that has happened to you!

For 14, out of those 20 years of your life, you remain totally optimistic and positive, taking everything in your stride, no matter what life throws at you, and believing that your day is also soon going to come!

But it never comes! Instead, you just keep getting more and more of the negative, much more than could be said as your fair share in fact! And then eventually, there comes a day when you have HAD ENOUGH! You are saturated right to the top, and you just can't take any more of it!

You see those Government-placed trash cans at various street corners? People keep throwing their garbage in it, and it keeps getting filled, until finally there is no more space left in it to hold anymore garbage thrown towards it... and so the garbage starts spilling out!

So is it my fault that I can't take any further shit from anyone? Is it my fault that if you throw one bag of trash at me now, 3 more tumble down towards you?

Garbage cans don't rid themselves off their load on their own - somebody has to step inside to clean all the muck! Is anybody willing to step inside the muck I’ve been immersed in for the past 20 years, and clean it?

I don't think so! You know why? Because man is the most selfish creation of God... worst than an animal! I can expect a dog to stick with me through thick and thin, but not a man! For a man knows only how to “take” and nothing about how to “give back”!

I wish people would just leave me alone… all those people who have never had to face such an incessant stream of negativity from everyone around, and who, hence, find it so difficult to empathize with those who have!

Oh yes, it’s easy for all of you to throw your shit at me, turn your face around and walk away! But if you are a real man, then step in the muck and help clean it up! And if you can’t do that, then stop calling yourself a man… for you are worse than an animal!

And if sympathy is what you have got to offer, better keep that in your pocket as well! For I don’t need any sympathy!

And stop comparing me with others who don’t “bark” at you every time! They can take crap from you because they aren’t already over-saturated with more shit in life than they can handle!

I have a very simple funda in my life right now… and that’s GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out! So just keep it in mind when you approach me! And also remember that I am a Crystal. So whatever you throw at me will be highly amplified – both the good and the bad!

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