My New Way of Using Crystals

Since I’m going to be out-of-town for so long this time, I wasn’t very keen on making another crystal grid for my healing work. I mean, yeah… Reiki can be sent across distances, but, I like to be able to actually see and touch my crystals when working with them! The Grid can obviously not be disturbed while it is active. Hence, I wanted to use my crystals in a more “portable” way this time!

So what I did was that I made a separate “intent slip” per person (as I always do)… and then cello-taped the folded slips at the bottom of my crystal pyramids… one slip per pyramid. I figured this way out only day before yesterday… and I could only charge my Dad’s and my Aunt’s pyramid that night... the same Aunt who has Schizophrenia (refer to my post on “Giving Up”!)

And then guess what! I got a call from my Aunt yesterday! I have been keeping in touch with her on a weekly basis since I started on her healing, but, yesterday she sounded so much better! We talked for like over 40 minutes… and there was not a trace of that initial fright in her voice! Instead she was actually laughing a lot!

She didn’t mention any of her usual hallucinations either yesterday… not even once… and was so much more like her old self when we were still in Kanpur! Although she did say she’s still a bit apprehensive in facing the outside world! (I have been trying to convince her to come and stay with me here for a month or 2!) She said she hasn’t stepped out of her house more than 4 times in the last FOUR years! No wonder her mind got all twisted up! But thankfully, she’s regaining her normal health… slowly but surely! :)

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