Kaddu Vs. Lizzy

As promised in the comments section of my previous post (“Glad Tidings!”), I am posting both that Lizzy pic and one of my old pics, which has been scanned. Some of you may have seen this pic elsewhere before, but you might not have been able to relate it with the Lizzy pic. With the 2 of them right in front of you now, in the *same* post, you’ll be able to see why I’m able to relate so much with this particular Lizzy pic.

First – the Lizzy pic:

Look at the way she’s all poised to attack. And look at the way she’s twisted up in that “question mark without the dot” pose. Also look at the alertness and concentration in her eyes.

Now look at my pic:

See the way I’m all ready to spring into action? Looks like I’m all set to dart across the room any moment now… and push my little finger into a wall socket! Or maybe I see an almond lying on the floor in some obscure corner… and am planning how to stuff it up my nose! (Yeah, I have a history of doing that when I was small!)

But, do you notice the expression in my eyes in this pic? It’s the same kind of inquisitiveness, alertness and concentration as the Lizzy! The exact same kind of “ready-to-attack” look! It’s as if the same spirit, that was inside me in that pic, has been embodied later in that Lizzy!

And guess what… both of us need to hibernate too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

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Want to Add Something?

amrit said...


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the comparison of the brains, er minds. (Both dont have a mind to mind !!)


Shreesh said...

WELL YOU LOOK FAR MORE BETTER AND CUTER ..AND U LOOK MORE LIKE A CAT OR BIG CAT ( read lioness) (singhania). AND you are looking forwards and the lizzy lloks back wards...

Kaddu said...

My chacha agrees that we look similar! Hence point proved! :D

ZB said...

ha, now figured the comparisons....your photo reminds me of my daughter. And almond and socket egs are so real.......haha, loved this post. We all need timely hibernations....I wish i could lay dead like those Polar bears for few months....my mind to be free of thoughts, for a few days atleast....can we be free of thoughts.....sometimes i hate thoughts.

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ZB! I really missed ur comments here! :D

I know... I have seen ur daughter's pics on ur blog... & they remind me of myself too! LOL! Is she sticking things inside her nose too? She has similar kind of alert eyes btw... u r going to have a tough time coping with her as she grows up! LOL! She's going to keep u both constantly on ur toes! Ha ha!

And abt the mind... so true yaar! Honestly, even I feel at times thr was some way to just take my mind out & keep it aside somewhr so I cud breathe in peace for some time!

Abhiroop Banerjee said...

aw :)

Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

I looked cute, didn't I? :D :D :D

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