Indians on the Global Scene!

Indians seem to be marking their presence on the global scene in big bold letters! First it was the IT sector, then the ITeS, then the strengthening stock exchange, and then, of course, CRICKET!

Oh and not to forget that team from the Harvard Business School, which came down to India to meet none other than our dear old Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, in order to find out how he converted the loss making Indian Railways into a Rs. 2000-crore profit making organization within two years, without downsizing the staff or increasing the fares!

Indians have also found their way in the list of world's filthiest rich! (4 out of the top 8 richest men in the world are Indians!) And now it seems that we are all set to leave our mark on the English language too! Guess what I read in the newspaper today!

Going by the current trend, there may soon come a day when the entire English-speaking world will have to learn “TWO varieties of the language” – one spoken in their home country and the other, a new kind of “Standard English” with “pronounced Indian characteristics”! Not only that, but this new Indian “Standard English” would even mark “the end of the primacy of American English”!

This statement has apparently come from Professor David Crystal, the author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, among over 100 other books! Professor Crystal says – “In language, numbers count. There are more people speaking English in India than in the rest of the native English-speaking world.”

As such, very soon we might find ourselves in an era where it is considered “SEXY” (in the words of the Professor!) to say ‘I am feeling Indians are going to win’ as against ‘I feel Indians are going to win’! And then who knows… maybe the ‘I didn’t went there’ also gets to replace the ‘I didn’t go there’… in the Indian version of “Standard English” I mean! I wonder what Professor Henry Higgins (of My Fair Lady) would say to that!

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Assman said...

long time no post... nice one...
i urge you to read the following as well...
And please notice how indian labor in South Africa were so enterprising even in those days..

Kaddu said...

Some timing! I just sent u a comment on ur blog... regarding the new blog I have created! I glanced thru ur blog, saw the Gandhi-posts... but then decided they deserve to be read in leisure! :p

U know I need to add ur blog to my list... I can't keep going thru the route of finding one of ur comments on MY blog, then clicking on ur profile name, n from thr to ur blog finally!

Assman said...

thanks very much miss_teerious...
will have a look

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