I Hate News!

I am severely pissed off... and that too, so early in the day! Reason: The news of course, what else! Haven't I already told you? The news is a part of an alien conspiracy to keep us worked up in perpetual tension and fear! Same as doctors, politicians and one particular female's super-hit soap operas here! Why alien conspiracy? Because there is a group of aliens which doesn’t want Earth (and us Earthlings) to glide smoothly through our Ascension phase. And if we remain relaxed and stress-free, we’ll be able to achieve it very easily. So they keep doing things that create unnecessary stress in our minds!

Like for example giving laptops to our dear old MLAs here, who can barely understand English, let alone read it and work on a computer in that language! So okay, you might say that why is it any of my concern if the government is giving away laptops to all these big shots who control the reins of our country.

Well, it is my concern because it is MY money that will be used to buy those laptops! My hard-earned money… a part of which I am forced to give to the Government as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Road Tax, Education Cess, Higher Education Cess and God knows what else!

I give that money so that I can get better roads to drive on, cleaner air to breathe, purer water to drink, light on the roads at night, a fully functional drainage system in my area, and so that I can also rest in the knowledge that part of my income is being used to bring up the weaker sections of our society, through Government initiated plans and schemes, using my money!

But is that all happening? Not really! What’s happening is that the Government is giving full freedom on sale/purchase of cars (even when there aren’t enough roads to accommodate so many vehicles!) and we (the so-called responsible citizens of our nation) are recklessly bringing out all our vehicles on these limited capacity roads (even for distances that are hardly 10-minute walks!), completely disregarding the amount of noise pollution we are creating with our blaring horns, combined with the screams of Earth, who is barely able to breathe in all that smoke! Heck! I feel totally suffocated if my Dad happens to light up a cigarette within the house… and we are talking about thousands of vehicles running across our roads day-in and day-out, all emitting poisonous gases!

And in what way do you think will those laptops serve any use in prolonging the limited life of Earth? Or forget about such a vast subject as Earth herself! Just show me a way in which those laptops might be able to help our poor children get a decent education, or those living on the footpaths get a roof over their heads, or those thousands that die every year in extreme winters get warm clothing…! Can these laptops help our struggling farmers to meet ends, so they don’t have to commit suicides?

I don’t think so… because the people who have been given those laptops have no clue as to how they can use them for finding solutions to our nation’s problems! In my point of view, it is just a very strategic pre-election tactic to keep the MLAs happy and to make sure that the coalition Government comes back in power for a second term!

What a waste of my hard-earned money! I asked my Dad about this. (Like I mentioned somewhere else in this blog… being his daughter, I have the right to ask him any number of questions, regarding anything under the Sun!) I asked him why nobody protests against such Government decisions which are of no benefit to the common man; why nobody takes out protest marches or burns effigies here against such incidents!

We have plenty of time to do all that stuff when our cricket team loses a series in a pathetic way! But when it comes to such important things like our farmers committing suicide, while our politicians are gloating over their new laptops; or as this co-blogger has mentioned in his blog, there are plans to fuck up a bee’s sting (http://www.vatsap.com/?p=859), we remain totally unmoved! Have we become so emotionally void, so dispassionate about everything around us except cricket?

So okay, protesting against the Government may be taken as contempt and may land the protesters in jail, but tell me… did we gain independence from the British rule without any of our freedom fighters going to jail? But our country’s youth back then was more willing to do something for the nation than we are today! In today’s times, all we are concerned about is doing some great courses which can get us an equally great job with an MNC, so that eventually, we may end up in the U.S., where there are roads to drive on, clean water to drink, pure air to breathe and a proper drainage system!

You know what… that’s exactly what I am going to do too! Why should I concern myself with things that are beyond my control anyway? I’m not the one who made this Earth, so why should I be bothered as to how long she has got to live! And if I get repetitive dreams about trees with contorted faces and hands over their ears, coughing and choking over the smoke being thrown in their faces, as a constant line of vehicles pass by them, headlights glaring and horns blaring… or about this beautiful lady with bruises all over her body, screaming in pain as another nuclear test is conducted over her left cheek this time… I’ll simply go see a psychiatrist and get some sleeping pills!

Right now I’m going back to my painting which is meant to be a gift for my chachi!

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Assman said...

Very graphic dreams there Kaddu... I have thought about these "more meaningful" issues and have realised that to a certain extent they are actually under our control.
Because, the politicians neglect these issues not because they are like that, but because the people are like this. The politicians are not concerned about infrastructure and pollution and global warming and animal rights because we are too busy watching movies and protesting about Jodhabai not being Akbars wife.
The only solution is not to curse the politicians who I have begun to realise are basically representative of us, and to spread the awareness as much as possible.
This way we can deal with the problem in both the spheres of its emergence, that is, in the politicians who will notice and take note of these things and in the people who insist on having multiple cars, breaking rules, and remaining ignorant about mistreatment of animals among other things.
As for the politicians having laptops, well if they need it and can justify the requirement then let them have it. I do not think that there is much cost to it as such when you look at it per person.
The gandhian virtues of frugal living and self sufficiency should be the ideals for the people and we need not even go to jail for raising a voice in this regard.

Kaddu said...

@ "we are too busy watching movies and protesting about Jodhabai not being Akbars wife"...


I often think we should totally do away with the system of governments and politicians... for they serve no other purpose than to give us an excuse for not taking care of our natural and national heritage... and to give us an entity for laying the blame upon for our own misdoings!

I mean it isn't the politicians and the government who spit and pee on the walls along our roads... and who, instead of riding another half a km to the next U-turn on the road, push their bikes/scooters right over the central divider! We throw trash anywhere on the road, and then we blame our Municipal Corporations! We polluted our Ganga river and now we pester our government for not doing anything to clean it!

We simply never do our share of work, because we have the GOVERNMENT to lay the blame upon! And the poor government finds its hands tied between the citizens of our country and the selfish whims and sensitive egos of our politicians!

Assman said...

Very wonderfully put.. and extremely true.
I think that the part of the reason is that we still have a part of the mentality that the British are ruling. In the sense, that we always think that there is a SEPERATE entity which is governing and that seperate entity called politicians are to be blamed for everything.

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