Glad Tidings!

Found it at last! The lost Lizard pic that I thought I had deleted from my system! (Refer to my post '"Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!') Although I never could believe that I might have actually deleted that pic from my PC! Neither could my Dad in fact! Because it was such a favorite pic of mine!

At last... I recovered it!

It so happened that some of the images on my PC were still waiting to be "filed" away in their respective folders. (I keep all my stuff well organized!) I had collected them from various sources... including other computers that I'd provided "technical support" on here! And this particular picture also somehow found its way into that "temporary pictures" folder in my PC!

Today I was sorting through that folder and completing the pending "filing"... and you simply CANNOT imagine my sheer delight when I saw my dear old Lizzy! Ha ha ha! I am sooooooooo happy today that I could kiss a frog and turn it into a Prince! :))

Oh btw, if you want to take a look at that pic, check out my post titled "Kaddu Vs. Lizzy"! I have done a complete analysis there... of why I'm so able to relate to this pic! :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi kaddu,
Happy to know that you found that lizzy pic. Why dont you put this pic on the side of this blog like the other pics? Hey u said u were sooooooo happy that you could kiss a frog - why dont u try kissing a lizard today? ;)

Yawn ! - will read ur other posts later.

Saudamini said...

"Disgusting"..There are so many beautiful and less disgusting things on this on earth on which you can use
your creative and innovative mind to describe please keep trying..

Shreesh said...

couldn't agree less with saudamani

Devi said...

Something told me to come read your blog today...hope you don't mind. I have to post on Lizzy! Lizzy is a beautiful creature, straight from the undersides of rocks, warming itself on a tree branch each day. Nothing disgusting about Lizzy for she is beautiful as all animals are. Btw...Sniffie is killing all Lizzy's right and left out in my back garden! I think of you each time this happens. Cus its another beautiful Lizzy meeting its fate. I've actually shed tears when Ihave to pick them up and give them a burial!

Kaddu said...

@ Mahesh - Ha ha! I knew u wud come up with that suggestion! So typical of u! :D

@ Sis - You are the interior designer, so u use ur creative n innovative mind on beautiful n less disgusting things! And once u r done making places beautiful, I'll send my Lizzy thr to inhabit them! Ha ha ha! =))

@ Shreesh - Yeah yeah, I know! U remain the Moron forever!

@ DD - I don't think I hv any mind left! Change Sniffie's name to something that doesn't start with an 'S'... it seems all 'S'-ers have a problem with Lizards! And what's Cheekie doing while Sniffie's killing the Lizzies? Being my twin, isn't she supposed to go after her?

@ ALL- I'm gonna make another post on this today... n I'll add that Lizzy pic in it, along with one of mine... and then u all can see why I have this fascination for this particular Lizzy pic!

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