The day that was...

Today was a highly productive day... despite the fact that my asthma got severely aggravated yesterday (no idea why) and even today, there is about 20% strain left on my lungs. The surprising thing is that for the last 24 hours, my inhaler hasn't been of any help at all... although Reiki, Om chanting and Pranayam have very comfortably managed to save me from that trip to a doctor! (Did I ever mention that I hate doctors, hospitals and medicines?)

Anyways, things are pretty much peaceful, despite this minor setback. I watched Chak De (once again!) last night, while Reiking myself. And today, I finally managed to complete the painting that I started more than a month ago, which is supposed to be a gift for someone! The colors are still in the process of drying up... once that's done, I'll just have to emphasize the outlines with a sketch-pen and then sprinkle some glitter... and that's it! It will be ready for posting!

Tomorrow I need to go and get a book photocopied. I also need to find a store here that sells jigsaw puzzles. My dad and I are going to visit my chacha (dad's younger bro) and his family in Guwahati, at the very end of this month, and I want to gift my cousins jigsaw puzzles this time.

One of them (Radhika) is almost 4 years old, and the other one (Rishabh) is about 10. And yeah, both of them are typical Singhanias... which means they have a loud booming voice and a considerably higher-than-average IQ! In fact, to be very honest, I have a strong suspicion (or belief rather) that they are both Indigo children. Ummm... not both actually... I think Rishabh is Indigo, but Radhika is more of a Crystal (like me). Let me give you some samples of what life can be with them!

Rishabh was the only child for quite a few years (as is obvious from their age difference). But nevertheless, he has never been overcome with pangs of "sibling jealousy" after his little sister was born. As a matter fact, he was quite looking forward to having a brother/sister to play with! Errr... brother actually! He seems to have this weird concept about younger brothers that they run errands for the elder ones! (Dunno where he picked that up from!)

Anyways, since the second addition to the family happened to be a female, he very coolly told his mom that they'll have to try for a third kid! Haaahhh! And because he's such an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, there is no way that my chacha-chachi could name their second child anything not related to Lord Krishna! Rishabh had been expecting a "Govind" or a "Gopal", but when he found he'd got a sister instead, she could be none other than "Radhika"... OBVIOUSLY!

Oh but look at his level of maturity. He has had a lot of birthdays celebrated in grand style over the years. So when chachi mentioned that she wasn't planning to celebrate Radhika's birthday an year ago... because she wasn't really feeling up to the extra workload at that time... he became totally adamant about it... saying that when Radhika would grow up and see all HIS birthday photographs, she'll feel very bad that her birthday wasn't celebrated! End result - both chacha and chachi were stunned at his far-sightedness and expansive perspective! And yes, Radhika's birthday had to be celebrated... again OBVIOUSLY!

Now let's come to the little girl! I remember my first day at school... I was a total mess! Everybody around me was crying, so I started crying too, although I had no clue why I was doing it! And I believe that most of the kids spend their first day in school crying! But Radhika... no way! She had been watching her elder bro dress up in his school uniform, complete with his school bag, colorful lunchbox and water bottle, and go to school every day. And she apparently developed this fascination towards all these 4 things - uniform, bag, lunchbox and water bottle! So when the day finally arrived for her to start school, she was totally excited about it!

Got everything ready the night before - her bag, dress, shoes! Got a new lunchbox too! But oh! Where was the bottle? Chacha didn't get her a proper water bottle! Since she was starting on just a 3-hour pre-school, he figured she didn't really require a proper water bottle, and that a 500 ml mineral water bottle could be used for the purpose, which she could comfortably keep in her bag as she wasn't required to carry any books anyway! But my sister... well, she couldn't even dream of going to school without all the gear! End result - chacha had to rush out of the house at night, find a store which was still open, and buy her a new water bottle for school!

And her first day in school - all the other kids around her are crying, and what does she do? She goes up to each of them one-by-one, wipes their tears with her hands, and tells them in an all grown-up manner... "Why are you crying? Don't cry baby! Crying is not a good thing to do!" End result - her class teacher is stunned at her emotional maturity, and even allows her to stay back in school for another 3-hour period if she feels like it, 'coz she so much enjoys school!

Now obviously, you'll understand my dilemma in finding these kids some suitable gifts! I can't simply pickup any toy from the store and take it along, can I? It's got to be something that matches their IQ and creativity! I sent them some drawing/coloring books and colors for Rakhi, which they simply loved! Oh and this Radhika is such a smart little girl... you just won't believe it!

I sent her 3 small coloring books and a box of crayons, all with her name written on them... and I sent Rishabh one big "jumbo" drawing/coloring book and a set of color pencils, again with his name written on them! Rishabh tried to get smart with Radhika and told her - "Look you got 3 books and I got one, this means that I can take one book from you, so we both have 2 each." (He deliberately chose to ignore the "thickness" of his "one book" and her "three books"!) But Radhika - she simply shows him her name on the cover of each book... "RAD" means it's for her ('coz she wasn't able to spell her name completely that time!) and "RI" means it's for him! And that's it. Case closed. No more "ifs" and "buts" about it! The name settles it all!

So there... these are the kind of kids I'm dealing with here! I can't give them some more drawing kits again so soon... as it is, these guys visited Delhi during New Year, and my sister also gave them some drawing/coloring books when she met them there! That's why I came up with the idea of jigsaw puzzles. Now I just hope I can find some decent ones here in Patna! Life was just so much easier in Kanpur! You were always able to find the best quality products there, and so comfortably too! I think a couple of my blog readers are from Patna - guys please help me out here if you know of any shops where I can find some really cool jigsaw puzzles for these kids!

I guess that's all for today... it really has been a productive day... I even ended up writing such a long post on my blog! Oh well...

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Shreesh said...

Finally good to hear something about the kids. And stresses seriously seem to be high in atmosphere. I met with an accident and injured both legs. But iam ok today. Funny Isn't It!!
And as for the kids. they are already born with 100 grams of more mass in ther brains than us.
We were born with a 50 gram higher mass than those born 20 years before us,. so yes ...we as species are evolving.

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