Short Term Memory Loss

It’s all dispatched… the book, the crystal, the painting, and whatever else needed to be dispatched… it’s all been couriered (finally!)…

I had planned to take a photograph of the painting before packing it and sending it off, but, I forgot! I completely forgot about it!

It’s happening a lot these days... these short-term memory lapses! My Dad suggested yesterday I should start making a daily to-do list once again. I used to do that a few years ago, when I had too much work to do in too little time. So making a list used to help me prioritize tasks and also made sure I didn’t forget anything. Guess I’ll have to start doing it again now. I don’t want to forget taking a photograph of this other painting too (the one I’m making for Chachi)!

Oh btw, I got those jig-saw puzzles for my cousins eventually. The one for Radhika (the 4-year old) is pretty cool. Along with fitting the correct pieces together, it even attempts to teach simple addition and subtraction, and since she’s already learnt the numbers till 100, it seemed like a good choice.

But, the one for Rishabh (the 10-year old) isn’t quite as difficult as I wanted! It’s a 4-picture set with 30 pieces in each picture. But because Rishu has such a sharp memory, he’ll simply memorize which piece goes where, once he’s able to complete those puzzles 3-4 times! So I was hoping to find something with a higher difficulty level, but it didn’t quite work out that way! Anyways, I have a feeling that once he’s memorized all his pictures, he’ll find it equally exciting to teach his little sis how to fit them together! So peace!

Did I mention that I’m really looking forward to this trip? :D He he!

Oh and I’m also going to have another baby there! :D Yupp! Ha ha! I have so many of them by now, that I have even lost all count! There is one in Delhi with my sister; another one with my uncle here in Patna, and 2 more at the 2 shops he owns; then there is one with this couple who went with me to Chennai… oh and another one which came into existence not too long ago – it’s with my other chacha here in Patna! And of course, the one that stays with me!

Ha ha ha! Didn’t you figure it out by now? I’m talking about all the computers that I have set up since I left Dell tech support! All the computers that come to me for being “fixed” end up going through a complete “format-reinstall” the first time, with separate partitions for programs and data, AND some very serious warnings to their owners against allowing any other technician to mess with them anymore! I am extremely possessive about all my “babies” and I believe that people who can’t give them the TLC (Tender Love & Care!) they deserve should not be allowed to touch them!

Well my chacha in Guwahati also has a computer at home, which needs to be “fixed” big time (ha ha!) … and this means that another “baby” is in the line! I love tech support! I could go back to Dell today, if only they’d agree to put me on a regular day-shift! Sighhhhh!

Kaddu Vs. Lizzy

As promised in the comments section of my previous post (“Glad Tidings!”), I am posting both that Lizzy pic and one of my old pics, which has been scanned. Some of you may have seen this pic elsewhere before, but you might not have been able to relate it with the Lizzy pic. With the 2 of them right in front of you now, in the *same* post, you’ll be able to see why I’m able to relate so much with this particular Lizzy pic.

First – the Lizzy pic:

Look at the way she’s all poised to attack. And look at the way she’s twisted up in that “question mark without the dot” pose. Also look at the alertness and concentration in her eyes.

Now look at my pic:

See the way I’m all ready to spring into action? Looks like I’m all set to dart across the room any moment now… and push my little finger into a wall socket! Or maybe I see an almond lying on the floor in some obscure corner… and am planning how to stuff it up my nose! (Yeah, I have a history of doing that when I was small!)

But, do you notice the expression in my eyes in this pic? It’s the same kind of inquisitiveness, alertness and concentration as the Lizzy! The exact same kind of “ready-to-attack” look! It’s as if the same spirit, that was inside me in that pic, has been embodied later in that Lizzy!

And guess what… both of us need to hibernate too! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Glad Tidings!

Found it at last! The lost Lizard pic that I thought I had deleted from my system! (Refer to my post '"Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!') Although I never could believe that I might have actually deleted that pic from my PC! Neither could my Dad in fact! Because it was such a favorite pic of mine!

At last... I recovered it!

It so happened that some of the images on my PC were still waiting to be "filed" away in their respective folders. (I keep all my stuff well organized!) I had collected them from various sources... including other computers that I'd provided "technical support" on here! And this particular picture also somehow found its way into that "temporary pictures" folder in my PC!

Today I was sorting through that folder and completing the pending "filing"... and you simply CANNOT imagine my sheer delight when I saw my dear old Lizzy! Ha ha ha! I am sooooooooo happy today that I could kiss a frog and turn it into a Prince! :))

Oh btw, if you want to take a look at that pic, check out my post titled "Kaddu Vs. Lizzy"! I have done a complete analysis there... of why I'm so able to relate to this pic! :D

Ha ha ha! My horoscope for today! :D

Your Horoscope for MARCH 19, 2008

Would you, KS, like to be one of the real decision-makers in this world? This may be the question you ask yourself today. Ever since you were a little girl, you have had a great sense of personal responsibility, consideration of social issues and a passion for the history of Mankind. Today might be the day to make a commitment to those values.

My New Way of Using Crystals

Since I’m going to be out-of-town for so long this time, I wasn’t very keen on making another crystal grid for my healing work. I mean, yeah… Reiki can be sent across distances, but, I like to be able to actually see and touch my crystals when working with them! The Grid can obviously not be disturbed while it is active. Hence, I wanted to use my crystals in a more “portable” way this time!

So what I did was that I made a separate “intent slip” per person (as I always do)… and then cello-taped the folded slips at the bottom of my crystal pyramids… one slip per pyramid. I figured this way out only day before yesterday… and I could only charge my Dad’s and my Aunt’s pyramid that night... the same Aunt who has Schizophrenia (refer to my post on “Giving Up”!)

And then guess what! I got a call from my Aunt yesterday! I have been keeping in touch with her on a weekly basis since I started on her healing, but, yesterday she sounded so much better! We talked for like over 40 minutes… and there was not a trace of that initial fright in her voice! Instead she was actually laughing a lot!

She didn’t mention any of her usual hallucinations either yesterday… not even once… and was so much more like her old self when we were still in Kanpur! Although she did say she’s still a bit apprehensive in facing the outside world! (I have been trying to convince her to come and stay with me here for a month or 2!) She said she hasn’t stepped out of her house more than 4 times in the last FOUR years! No wonder her mind got all twisted up! But thankfully, she’s regaining her normal health… slowly but surely! :)

I Hate News!

I am severely pissed off... and that too, so early in the day! Reason: The news of course, what else! Haven't I already told you? The news is a part of an alien conspiracy to keep us worked up in perpetual tension and fear! Same as doctors, politicians and one particular female's super-hit soap operas here! Why alien conspiracy? Because there is a group of aliens which doesn’t want Earth (and us Earthlings) to glide smoothly through our Ascension phase. And if we remain relaxed and stress-free, we’ll be able to achieve it very easily. So they keep doing things that create unnecessary stress in our minds!

Like for example giving laptops to our dear old MLAs here, who can barely understand English, let alone read it and work on a computer in that language! So okay, you might say that why is it any of my concern if the government is giving away laptops to all these big shots who control the reins of our country.

Well, it is my concern because it is MY money that will be used to buy those laptops! My hard-earned money… a part of which I am forced to give to the Government as Income Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Road Tax, Education Cess, Higher Education Cess and God knows what else!

I give that money so that I can get better roads to drive on, cleaner air to breathe, purer water to drink, light on the roads at night, a fully functional drainage system in my area, and so that I can also rest in the knowledge that part of my income is being used to bring up the weaker sections of our society, through Government initiated plans and schemes, using my money!

But is that all happening? Not really! What’s happening is that the Government is giving full freedom on sale/purchase of cars (even when there aren’t enough roads to accommodate so many vehicles!) and we (the so-called responsible citizens of our nation) are recklessly bringing out all our vehicles on these limited capacity roads (even for distances that are hardly 10-minute walks!), completely disregarding the amount of noise pollution we are creating with our blaring horns, combined with the screams of Earth, who is barely able to breathe in all that smoke! Heck! I feel totally suffocated if my Dad happens to light up a cigarette within the house… and we are talking about thousands of vehicles running across our roads day-in and day-out, all emitting poisonous gases!

And in what way do you think will those laptops serve any use in prolonging the limited life of Earth? Or forget about such a vast subject as Earth herself! Just show me a way in which those laptops might be able to help our poor children get a decent education, or those living on the footpaths get a roof over their heads, or those thousands that die every year in extreme winters get warm clothing…! Can these laptops help our struggling farmers to meet ends, so they don’t have to commit suicides?

I don’t think so… because the people who have been given those laptops have no clue as to how they can use them for finding solutions to our nation’s problems! In my point of view, it is just a very strategic pre-election tactic to keep the MLAs happy and to make sure that the coalition Government comes back in power for a second term!

What a waste of my hard-earned money! I asked my Dad about this. (Like I mentioned somewhere else in this blog… being his daughter, I have the right to ask him any number of questions, regarding anything under the Sun!) I asked him why nobody protests against such Government decisions which are of no benefit to the common man; why nobody takes out protest marches or burns effigies here against such incidents!

We have plenty of time to do all that stuff when our cricket team loses a series in a pathetic way! But when it comes to such important things like our farmers committing suicide, while our politicians are gloating over their new laptops; or as this co-blogger has mentioned in his blog, there are plans to fuck up a bee’s sting (, we remain totally unmoved! Have we become so emotionally void, so dispassionate about everything around us except cricket?

So okay, protesting against the Government may be taken as contempt and may land the protesters in jail, but tell me… did we gain independence from the British rule without any of our freedom fighters going to jail? But our country’s youth back then was more willing to do something for the nation than we are today! In today’s times, all we are concerned about is doing some great courses which can get us an equally great job with an MNC, so that eventually, we may end up in the U.S., where there are roads to drive on, clean water to drink, pure air to breathe and a proper drainage system!

You know what… that’s exactly what I am going to do too! Why should I concern myself with things that are beyond my control anyway? I’m not the one who made this Earth, so why should I be bothered as to how long she has got to live! And if I get repetitive dreams about trees with contorted faces and hands over their ears, coughing and choking over the smoke being thrown in their faces, as a constant line of vehicles pass by them, headlights glaring and horns blaring… or about this beautiful lady with bruises all over her body, screaming in pain as another nuclear test is conducted over her left cheek this time… I’ll simply go see a psychiatrist and get some sleeping pills!

Right now I’m going back to my painting which is meant to be a gift for my chachi!

Regarding My Previous Post…

Last night I got an email from a concerned buddy… regarding my previous post. It turned out that he got a bit worried because of such an unusually negative post on my blog… and was wondering if things are all okay at my end or not!

Hence, I decided to post an update to the previous post… in order to clarify things a bit… :D

I am perfectly fit and fine here… which means that life is just doling out its usual twists and turns (nothing that I can’t survive through)… but the only difference is that I have realized that I have lost all patience with people who bring my energy down. That’s all!

My previous post wasn’t directed to any specific event/person in my current life. Instead, it was more of a scream at all those people who have been judgmental about me in the past 20 years or more… who have hurt me… who have tried to tie me down… who have formed false assumptions about me, tried to fit me in their preconceived models… and who have repeatedly attempted to shatter my self-confidence and faith in myself!

So basically, it was the scream of a hurt tigress… and of 20 years worth pent-up emotions… and it was meant to appear as intimidating as it did! But the only problem with it is that the collective group of people, at whom that scream was directed, will never get to hear it… for they aren’t among my blog readers!

Haven’t you heard the saying that barking dogs don’t bite! :D

Btw, on second thoughts, my current ideology in life is not really GIGO… it is GIA – “Garbage In, AVOID”!

These days I’m interacting more-or-less with only those people who don’t take away the smile from my face… because I have always liked to smile a lot! And I’m really looking forward to my extended vacation in Guwahati ‘coz of my cousins there!

We gave our TV video game to Rishabh when he became old enough to use it… and he says he has kept it in perfect working order till now (he always takes good care of all his toys)… and he’ll let me play it again… after soooooo many years!

I’m really looking forward to meeting those kids… they also like to smile a lot… :D

Positive Thinking

It is so easy to talk about positive thinking, but is it really that easy to think positively, when, for at least the last 20 years of your life (which is a major 2/3rd portion of your life!) negative is all that has happened to you!

For 14, out of those 20 years of your life, you remain totally optimistic and positive, taking everything in your stride, no matter what life throws at you, and believing that your day is also soon going to come!

But it never comes! Instead, you just keep getting more and more of the negative, much more than could be said as your fair share in fact! And then eventually, there comes a day when you have HAD ENOUGH! You are saturated right to the top, and you just can't take any more of it!

You see those Government-placed trash cans at various street corners? People keep throwing their garbage in it, and it keeps getting filled, until finally there is no more space left in it to hold anymore garbage thrown towards it... and so the garbage starts spilling out!

So is it my fault that I can't take any further shit from anyone? Is it my fault that if you throw one bag of trash at me now, 3 more tumble down towards you?

Garbage cans don't rid themselves off their load on their own - somebody has to step inside to clean all the muck! Is anybody willing to step inside the muck I’ve been immersed in for the past 20 years, and clean it?

I don't think so! You know why? Because man is the most selfish creation of God... worst than an animal! I can expect a dog to stick with me through thick and thin, but not a man! For a man knows only how to “take” and nothing about how to “give back”!

I wish people would just leave me alone… all those people who have never had to face such an incessant stream of negativity from everyone around, and who, hence, find it so difficult to empathize with those who have!

Oh yes, it’s easy for all of you to throw your shit at me, turn your face around and walk away! But if you are a real man, then step in the muck and help clean it up! And if you can’t do that, then stop calling yourself a man… for you are worse than an animal!

And if sympathy is what you have got to offer, better keep that in your pocket as well! For I don’t need any sympathy!

And stop comparing me with others who don’t “bark” at you every time! They can take crap from you because they aren’t already over-saturated with more shit in life than they can handle!

I have a very simple funda in my life right now… and that’s GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out! So just keep it in mind when you approach me! And also remember that I am a Crystal. So whatever you throw at me will be highly amplified – both the good and the bad!

The day that was...

Today was a highly productive day... despite the fact that my asthma got severely aggravated yesterday (no idea why) and even today, there is about 20% strain left on my lungs. The surprising thing is that for the last 24 hours, my inhaler hasn't been of any help at all... although Reiki, Om chanting and Pranayam have very comfortably managed to save me from that trip to a doctor! (Did I ever mention that I hate doctors, hospitals and medicines?)

Anyways, things are pretty much peaceful, despite this minor setback. I watched Chak De (once again!) last night, while Reiking myself. And today, I finally managed to complete the painting that I started more than a month ago, which is supposed to be a gift for someone! The colors are still in the process of drying up... once that's done, I'll just have to emphasize the outlines with a sketch-pen and then sprinkle some glitter... and that's it! It will be ready for posting!

Tomorrow I need to go and get a book photocopied. I also need to find a store here that sells jigsaw puzzles. My dad and I are going to visit my chacha (dad's younger bro) and his family in Guwahati, at the very end of this month, and I want to gift my cousins jigsaw puzzles this time.

One of them (Radhika) is almost 4 years old, and the other one (Rishabh) is about 10. And yeah, both of them are typical Singhanias... which means they have a loud booming voice and a considerably higher-than-average IQ! In fact, to be very honest, I have a strong suspicion (or belief rather) that they are both Indigo children. Ummm... not both actually... I think Rishabh is Indigo, but Radhika is more of a Crystal (like me). Let me give you some samples of what life can be with them!

Rishabh was the only child for quite a few years (as is obvious from their age difference). But nevertheless, he has never been overcome with pangs of "sibling jealousy" after his little sister was born. As a matter fact, he was quite looking forward to having a brother/sister to play with! Errr... brother actually! He seems to have this weird concept about younger brothers that they run errands for the elder ones! (Dunno where he picked that up from!)

Anyways, since the second addition to the family happened to be a female, he very coolly told his mom that they'll have to try for a third kid! Haaahhh! And because he's such an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, there is no way that my chacha-chachi could name their second child anything not related to Lord Krishna! Rishabh had been expecting a "Govind" or a "Gopal", but when he found he'd got a sister instead, she could be none other than "Radhika"... OBVIOUSLY!

Oh but look at his level of maturity. He has had a lot of birthdays celebrated in grand style over the years. So when chachi mentioned that she wasn't planning to celebrate Radhika's birthday an year ago... because she wasn't really feeling up to the extra workload at that time... he became totally adamant about it... saying that when Radhika would grow up and see all HIS birthday photographs, she'll feel very bad that her birthday wasn't celebrated! End result - both chacha and chachi were stunned at his far-sightedness and expansive perspective! And yes, Radhika's birthday had to be celebrated... again OBVIOUSLY!

Now let's come to the little girl! I remember my first day at school... I was a total mess! Everybody around me was crying, so I started crying too, although I had no clue why I was doing it! And I believe that most of the kids spend their first day in school crying! But Radhika... no way! She had been watching her elder bro dress up in his school uniform, complete with his school bag, colorful lunchbox and water bottle, and go to school every day. And she apparently developed this fascination towards all these 4 things - uniform, bag, lunchbox and water bottle! So when the day finally arrived for her to start school, she was totally excited about it!

Got everything ready the night before - her bag, dress, shoes! Got a new lunchbox too! But oh! Where was the bottle? Chacha didn't get her a proper water bottle! Since she was starting on just a 3-hour pre-school, he figured she didn't really require a proper water bottle, and that a 500 ml mineral water bottle could be used for the purpose, which she could comfortably keep in her bag as she wasn't required to carry any books anyway! But my sister... well, she couldn't even dream of going to school without all the gear! End result - chacha had to rush out of the house at night, find a store which was still open, and buy her a new water bottle for school!

And her first day in school - all the other kids around her are crying, and what does she do? She goes up to each of them one-by-one, wipes their tears with her hands, and tells them in an all grown-up manner... "Why are you crying? Don't cry baby! Crying is not a good thing to do!" End result - her class teacher is stunned at her emotional maturity, and even allows her to stay back in school for another 3-hour period if she feels like it, 'coz she so much enjoys school!

Now obviously, you'll understand my dilemma in finding these kids some suitable gifts! I can't simply pickup any toy from the store and take it along, can I? It's got to be something that matches their IQ and creativity! I sent them some drawing/coloring books and colors for Rakhi, which they simply loved! Oh and this Radhika is such a smart little girl... you just won't believe it!

I sent her 3 small coloring books and a box of crayons, all with her name written on them... and I sent Rishabh one big "jumbo" drawing/coloring book and a set of color pencils, again with his name written on them! Rishabh tried to get smart with Radhika and told her - "Look you got 3 books and I got one, this means that I can take one book from you, so we both have 2 each." (He deliberately chose to ignore the "thickness" of his "one book" and her "three books"!) But Radhika - she simply shows him her name on the cover of each book... "RAD" means it's for her ('coz she wasn't able to spell her name completely that time!) and "RI" means it's for him! And that's it. Case closed. No more "ifs" and "buts" about it! The name settles it all!

So there... these are the kind of kids I'm dealing with here! I can't give them some more drawing kits again so soon... as it is, these guys visited Delhi during New Year, and my sister also gave them some drawing/coloring books when she met them there! That's why I came up with the idea of jigsaw puzzles. Now I just hope I can find some decent ones here in Patna! Life was just so much easier in Kanpur! You were always able to find the best quality products there, and so comfortably too! I think a couple of my blog readers are from Patna - guys please help me out here if you know of any shops where I can find some really cool jigsaw puzzles for these kids!

I guess that's all for today... it really has been a productive day... I even ended up writing such a long post on my blog! Oh well...


I am pretty much used to having all kinds of weird dreams and nightmares, but, I'm not quite used to being kept awake for a big portion of the night because of a nightmare!

I remember when I was a small kid, my dad used to place an iron knife under my pillow - it is apparently believed here that iron wards off bad dreams. I had that knife under my pillow for several years. Then I guess I just stopped having those nightmares. The dreams continued, but they weren't scary ones anymore - until my mom died, that is.

Not long after she passed away, terrifying dreams started waking me up again in the middle of the night. Usually they were related to my sis and me witnessing some crime in action, and the bad guys chasing us to kill us. This has been the most frequent dream theme for me for as far back as I can remember. The crooks never quite managed to catch us, but we didn't manage to shake them off our trail either. I simply woke up in the middle of the chase!

While this has been a very frequent dream, it has never disturbed me so much as to not let me go back to sleep immediately after. But last night I had one of the most horrible nightmares!

My dad and I were visiting some place - looked like some kind of group gathering - and someone tried to kill us during the night. I think it was a female, but I'm not sure about it now. We were all sleeping (even in the dream!) and I woke up just in time to see that person inching towards us. I immediately nudged my father too, but at that very moment, that person jumped towards my dad with that knife/dagger in his/her hand, and I woke up with a scream! I mean I woke up in real life this time - and with a real scream!

This happened at something like 2 am last night... and it didn't feel like a dream at all! It seemed as if I'd REALLY been to that place and somebody had REALLY tried to kill my dad and me (although we both looked completely different in the dream)!

I woke up, but it was several minutes before I could move my body... and even after that, I just sat up and kept sweating and shivering (at the same time!) and trying to calm myself down with logic and reasoning! Took me like half an hour to gather enough courage to step out of my bed! Went to the bathroom, had some water, tried to go back to sleep... but no good!

I eventually found myself debating whether I should wake my dad up, but when you have just reached the age of 30, there's a certain amount of overtly sensitive pride involved here, that threatens of getting severely hurt if you try to do something that a 3-year-old would do!

So, as an alternate plan of action, I thought of waking up my “first love” instead (oh alright then – the new “avatar” of my “first love”!) and playing “Minesweeper” on it! Actually, “Minesweeper” is what I played 9-10 years ago, in Kanpur, when my “nightmares” wouldn’t let me sleep, but now I think the game can be replaced with “Mahjongg Fortuna”!

Anyways, it just seemed like too much of an effort to turn on my computer in my half-asleep state! So I simply turned the lights on in my room instead, and decided to wait a while and see if that alone would let me go back to sleep! Oh and I started giving Reiki to myself… and then my room… and then the entire house… and eventually the entire world that surrounds me… and kept affirming that I am perfectly safe and secure in that particular location!

As it is, not once in any of my dreams or nightmares, in all these years, has anyone ever managed to actually kill me! I have always been the perfect “slippery eel” for all my “presumable enemies” in the nightmares! But anyways, I finally managed to get back to sleep sometime after 4 am! Exciting night, I must say!

What I don’t understand is the fact that why am I the only person in my family to have such dreams and nightmares! What I also don’t understand is the fact that why are all my nightmares so repetitive in theme! On a more serious note, the frequency of my dreams increased considerably last year when I was regularly listening to the DNA Activation audio. My dream activity has increased once again in the last week, since I started doing that “Violet Flame” visualization regularly. (My left brain seems to be picking up some kind of pattern here!)

The spiritual gurus say that dreams are our gateways to the hidden realms of the world. Then what hidden mysteries are my dreams trying to unveil? Is it some kind of karmic or past life release that is going on? Or are my dreams trying to give me a message? Whatever it is, it isn’t really working out… because my right brain is just not developed enough to interpret the language spoken by the Divine consciousness! (If at all it really is some kind of Divine communication!)

I wish someone would just translate those visuals into plain black-and-white words (did I say “words”?) and put them in front of me, so that once I get the message they contain, I can stop having these disturbing nightmares anymore!

Or, on second thoughts, even if I continue having those dreams, what difference does it really make? So I was kept awake for like 2 hours in the night, but what of it? Ok, I am a bit groggy now, since I woke up in the morning! But I don’t have any exams to give today! Neither do I have to operate any heavy machinery or drive! And thankfully, I’m not even a surgeon! So there isn’t any risk of leaving behind a pair of scissors in a patient’s abdomen either!

I am safely at home with my dad… and it’s a Sunday… and I can very well take a nap anytime during the day… and wake up feeling fresh and alert after that…! As a matter of fact, I think this is exactly what I should do right now… after I post this entry that is!

PS - I think the only REALLY disturbing part about these dreams is that sense of humiliation that comes with the knowledge that even after 30 years, I actually think of running to my dad because of a stupid nightmare!

Indians on the Global Scene!

Indians seem to be marking their presence on the global scene in big bold letters! First it was the IT sector, then the ITeS, then the strengthening stock exchange, and then, of course, CRICKET!

Oh and not to forget that team from the Harvard Business School, which came down to India to meet none other than our dear old Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav, in order to find out how he converted the loss making Indian Railways into a Rs. 2000-crore profit making organization within two years, without downsizing the staff or increasing the fares!

Indians have also found their way in the list of world's filthiest rich! (4 out of the top 8 richest men in the world are Indians!) And now it seems that we are all set to leave our mark on the English language too! Guess what I read in the newspaper today!

Going by the current trend, there may soon come a day when the entire English-speaking world will have to learn “TWO varieties of the language” – one spoken in their home country and the other, a new kind of “Standard English” with “pronounced Indian characteristics”! Not only that, but this new Indian “Standard English” would even mark “the end of the primacy of American English”!

This statement has apparently come from Professor David Crystal, the author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, among over 100 other books! Professor Crystal says – “In language, numbers count. There are more people speaking English in India than in the rest of the native English-speaking world.”

As such, very soon we might find ourselves in an era where it is considered “SEXY” (in the words of the Professor!) to say ‘I am feeling Indians are going to win’ as against ‘I feel Indians are going to win’! And then who knows… maybe the ‘I didn’t went there’ also gets to replace the ‘I didn’t go there’… in the Indian version of “Standard English” I mean! I wonder what Professor Henry Higgins (of My Fair Lady) would say to that!