Words... Again!

Ironical really... just 3 days ago I was ranting about the inadequacy of words when we really want to "communicate" with people we love... and I mean "communicate what we really wish to say from our hearts, rather than what is *universally accepted* or what makes its way through the *filters of our mind*!"

Well, guess what! One of my blogger friends landed into the same dilemma today! His parents apparently went to visit him in Chennai, and he couldn't be in town to receive them personally because he was on his way back from Bangalore. In other words, they reached Chennai before he could!

And he has written this "short and sweet" poem about it, that even rhymes! Yeah, for me, a poem isn't really a poem unless it rhymes! Call me a kid if you will... it wouldn't change my preferences! But DO read his post here... http://www.vatsap.com/?p=751

This is what I commented on his post... want to share it with my readers too...

Kaddu, on February 5th, 2008 at 1:37 pm Said:
Yeah… parents intuitively feel our pain… we don’t even need to say so in words…

The entire prb in the world is due to such over-dependence on “words”!

We “expect” other people to express their feelings for us in words… which they never manage to do… the reason for so many broken relationships!

And we “wish” ourselves to be able to express our own feelings for others in words… which we never manage to do… the reason why we can’t “connect” with people at a more meaningful n deeper level.

My 1 year old nephew isn’t able to talk yet… so how does he communicate then?

When he’s happy… he just gives a big ear-to-ear grin… n hugs whoever his tiny arms can get a hold of!

When he’s sad… he doesn’t give that big ear-to-ear grin… but still hugs whoever his tiny arms can get a hold of!

And the bond is made… and the hearts are opened… no explanations given or required… just plain and simple “understanding”…

Loved this post btw! [Hugs for u] Take care…

I suppose that is why Sanjay Dutt calls it the "Jadu Ki Jhappi" ("Magic Hug") in MBBS! Because that one simple gesture can convey everything you really want to say... "heart to heart"!

Well... just wanna say that there are 2 people in the world right now... whom I want to give that "Jadu Ki Jhappi" more than anyone else in the world!

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Shreesh said...

Remind's me of a song .."its only words and words that all i have ..to take your heart away"..
don't know who wrote it..but here the words read like this may not make much sense...but when you hear the song ..they just wrench you..what makes the difference??
Perhaps the tone...the FEEL factor added..Its the 'Feel' which when added to words, actully communicate whatever needs to be communicated..Eventually humans evolved words and sounds and associated meanings them but many a times what we really FEEL has to be conveyed and for that to happen our words must be drenched in the energy of the heart. sometimes when we take words casually..this does not happen and hence mis-communication.
OK .I must stop now..or else i will feel that this comment itself should have been on my blog..

Neelabh said...

Nice!! Who are they?

Kaddu said...

@ Neelabh - "Ye public hai babu!" Whr r u btw? Seeing u on my blog after a very long time.
And hey, I cudnt get ur blog to give me the feed on google reader (???) Yeah, Amrit told me how to use it :D
Do I hv to gv some other URL instead of www.neelabh.com? It is saying that the feed is not available.

Neelabh said...

Try www.neelabh75.wordpress.com

Saudamini said...

Ya..who r they???

Shreesh said...

common yarr ..isnt it obvious ..its her dad and you her sister....

Kaddu said...

@ Neelabh - Yupp this link works... now start blogging again.

@ rest - :-)

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