Justice ???

For once I decide to write on a "current affair" topic!

The whole country is seemingly rejoicing in Harbhajan's so-called "Victory" in the senseless "Racism" case against him! But my question is - "Was he really victorious? Did the incident really see FAIR judgment?"

Ok so the "racism abuse" case has been obliterated from against his name, but the fine imposed on him (50% of the match fee)... is he the only one who deserved that punishment?

I suppose Mr. Singh here simply decided to go on a "verbal attack" on "poor Symonds"... just for the heck of it all! And I guess Symonds had simply walked over to him to mouth a mere "Well played, buddy"!

But Symonds is let off totally free. Not only that, nobody really made much of an effort even, to find out what exactly did he say to Bhajji, to incite him enough to react!

And Ponting has the nerve now to spread that monetary dealings were involved in getting the judgment in favor of the Indian bowler! Will somebody please ask him if he means the same kind of dealings which perhaps might have been involved with the "perfect umpiring" in the first 2 test matches?

Haven't people heard of the saying "those living in glass houses should not throw stones"?

If the Kangaroos are so sensitive about taking abusive comments from other teams, then why did they start this practice in the first place?

Cricket used to be a "gentleman's" game... USED TO BE!

The irony in all of this - Indians are the ones who have actually had to put up with severe "racism" throughout the series!

* Look at the umpiring... the "benefit of doubt" always goes to a "white man"!
* Look at the initial judgment in Bhajji's case... weightage is given to a "white man's" testimony, as against Tendulkar's, who is actually known to have walked out from the pitch, in "run-out" cases, even before the 3rd umpire had the chance to give him an "OUT"!
* And look at things now... the "white man" still goes free, regardless of what he might have said to the "brown man"!

And Indians are actually happy with this judgment? And Ponting is actually NOT happy with this judgment? Oh boy! Indians are just too complacent and too easily satisfied! And Aussies... well they are never satisfied I guess!

What I can't understand in this whole matter is that what has that "monkey" business got to do with "racism" in the first place? Is it something about Symonds ancestral roots? But then, don't we ALL have roots going back to the "apes"? Isn't that what Charles Darwin said?

And what is wrong with Indians anyway? Why are they so much in awe of the "white skin"? I remember when I was working in Dell Tech Support - 95% of the other agents on the floor used to go bonkers speaking to a "white" person! "Yes sir", "Thank you Sir", "I'm so sorry sir"... sounded almost like they were ready to lick those "white" feet!

Why can't everyone simply think of white skin in terms of "less of melanin pigment"? Why can't people simply take people as "people"... nothing more, nothing less!

You know what... I think Indians DO practice "racism"... severe "racism" in fact... more than any other country in the whole world! They practice "racism" against their very own country and countrymen! And if we can't do better than this, then we got exactly what we deserved! So... FAIR ENOUGH... I'd say!

"Current Affairs" are such a waste of time!

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Anonymous said...

Kaddu blogging about Indian cricket - wow !!!!!! Rascism - it exists everywhere - in India it is present in the name of "caste". Racism exists over here too - in a subtle manner. We have black and white churches. And Indians being obsessed abt white skin - tell me about it. Oh my god !!

- Mahesh Nayak

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