What’s in a Name!

Yeah, we often say that “a rose by any other name would remain a rose”! That’s true. Its look and texture would remain the same; its fragrance would also remain the same; and so would the healing/relaxing properties associated with that smell (as used in aromatherapy)! But MAYBE, if “rose” was called something else, it might not have gained that universally accepted status as the symbolism for love! Who knows! That’s the power that a simple and insignificant thing as the “name” of an entity can have!

Very recently I was drawn into the intriguing and mysterious world of numbers! Pulled out my old copy of Linda Goodman’s Star Signs yesterday and started going through it. Apparently, the letters R, O, S and E correspond to the numbers 2, 7, 3 and 5 respectively, which total up to the compound number “17”. Quoting from the book, this number is expressed in symbolism as the 8-pointed Star of the Magi, which “is the image of LOVE and PEACE”! Hahhhh! What do you say to that eh! :D

Well, my Christened name “Kadambari Singhania” calculates to a total of 16... “Kadambari” giving a 9 and “Singhania” giving a 7! Now read what my friend Linda says about 16. The number is symbolized as “The Shattered Citadel”… “A Tower struck by Lightning, from which a man is falling, with a Crown on his head”! It warns of a strange fatality, danger of accidents and defeat of one’s plans! Pleasant, isn’t it!

I don’t know about “fatality”… as I’m still alive and breathing right now! Abraham Lincoln was a number 16, and we know what happened to him right! But then I guess I don’t need to worry about this part as long as I choose to “renounce fame and celebrity”. (Ha Ha! As if I have any choice of that right now!) As far as accidents and defeated plans are concerned, that has, in fact, summed up the whole story of my life so far!

To quote Linda once again: “If the name equals the Compound number 16, it would obviously be wise to change the spelling of the name to avoid this vibration.” So then, what do I become now? “KKadambari”… as in Ekta Kapoor’s stretching-into-eternity soap-operas “Kkusum”, “Kkoi Dil Mein Hai”, “Kkehna Hai Kuch Mujhko” etc? Noooooooo! Pleaaaasssseeee!

Another more acceptable option was to drop an “A” from my first name… and become “Kadambri Singhania”. This would give me a name number of 15, which stands for “The Magician” apparently. (Incidentally, “The Magician” is also popping-up very frequently in my Tarot Card readings these days!) Linda says that 15 is “extremely lucky” and “is associated with ‘good talkers’, eloquence of speech, and the gifts of music, art and the drama.” She also says that “the 15 vibration is especially fortunate for obtaining money, gifts and favors from others”. (Oh wow! I am beginning to like this number more and more!)

But that was just about the Compound name number effect on my life. There are also the “Single” number effects to consider. The number 16 adds-up to give a 7 in result and 15 gives a 6 similarly.

Number 7 is for spirituality, sensitivity, mystery and sympathy; healing and miracles, faith and dreams that come true. The 7 people have a dislike of following the beaten path (so like me!) and a tendency to adopt unorthodox beliefs, tinged with a philosophic outlook. Their sympathetic understanding nature attracts an abundance of friends, relatives, associates, all unburdening their woes and miseries to these Neptunians! Hmmmm! That’s all “me”… and I don’t mind being any of it actually!

Coming to number 6 now: Ruled by the planet Venus, this is the number of love and romance, compassion and the feminine essence! (Aahh! Exactly what I need!) “The number 6 people seem to magnetically attract others to them.” (Well, I already do that anyway!) “Money often comes to them without effort, sometimes through their own talents and abilities, sometimes through inheritance or through wealthy friends and relatives.” (Oh wow again! This “name change” seems to be a very promising and rewarding experience!)

Well, I guess I’ll have to find out the procedure for officially changing my name. And I’ll also have to go over all the practical consequences that might arise due to a name change at this age! Till then, let’s see if the effect of the 16 number vibrations can be reduced by any of my nick-names.

My current nick-name “KADDY” gives me a 12 – “The Sacrifice – The Victim”. Do I need to say anything further on this? Not really!

My family nick-name “CHIKKI” gives a 14, which stands for “magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing and all media-related matters”. “However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever-present.” “It’s a mistake to rely on other.” (So true!) “Rely on the intuition, the self, and the voice within.” (Thankfully, I DO have a strong intuition!) Well, I haven’t yet decided whether to keep this name or stop using it. Any suggestions are welcome.

But now, let’s check out the most famous nick-name I have ever owned! “KADDU!” This name has been used by all my school friends for years! They still refuse to call me anything else, even after almost 12 years since we completed school! And their parents don’t even recognize me by any other name except “Kaddu!” If I ever announce myself as “Kadambari” on the phone, they get all confused for a moment, saying “Kadambari… who?”

“Kaddu” gives me a 17… same as the “Rose”… “The Star of the Magi”! It not only stands for “peace and love” but also “promises that the person or entity it represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure”. The number 17 “is ‘the number of Immortality,’ and indicates that the person’s (or entity’s) name will live after him”. Yeah that’s true. “Kaddu” made me famous… and it made me tough and unshakeable! Then I became “Kaddy” when I started working. And that marked the beginning of an end!

Well then… I have decided. From now on, I request all friends and associates to STOP calling me “Kaddy”. If you are someone who uses a nick-name for me, please do not call me by any other name except “Kaddu”! I don’t care anymore if this Hindi word translates to “pumpkin” in English! I’d rather go down in the history books as “the talkative pumpkin”, than sacrifice all my plans and dreams for the ambitions and desires of others!

As for my official name… well, I’ll have to think a bit more about it. I guess I’ll update everyone by mail if any changes take place. Until then, “Kaddu” it is for the meantime!

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I shall call you kaddu from here on. What does the book say about kads by the way?

- Mahesh Nayak

Neelabh said...

What about my name?


CR said...

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Thank you and congratulations by your blog.

amrapali said...

kaddu it was...n so shall it remain!

Kaddu said...

@ Amrapali: Is it you Pali, from school?

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