What Color Is My Aura?

I am predominantly a Crystal, Blue and Violet… followed very closely by Indigo and Lavender! Let’s take a look at the crystal color first.


Crystal is a rare Life Color. Crystals have clear auras and are known as the "aura chameleons." Like chameleons, their auras will change colors to match those of the people they are connecting with at the time. They then take on the characteristics, behavior patterns, emotions and thoughts of that color.

In simple words, if I am with a person who is feeling happy, I reciprocate happiness. If the person I am with is agitated, I tend to become restless too. If he/she is insecure, insecurity is exactly what is written all over me too! So basically, all those who later accuse me of being “emotionally angry” or “nasty” or “jealous” or “confused” should first reflect upon their own feelings and thoughts at the time they felt this way about me!

This is really like throwing stones at the mirror for showing you the horribly pimpled face you bring in front of it! Well, if you don’t like to see those pimples on your face, blaming the mirror won’t really help at all you know! You’ll simply have to drink more water and clear yourself of the “toxins” YOU have been holding inside your body!

Oh and by the way, I’m not exactly a “mirror” to your thoughts and feelings and moods. I am a “crystal”. There is a major difference between the two. While a mirror will reflect back exactly what is placed in front of it, a crystal, on the other hand, has this inherent property of amplifying energies many times over! It isn’t really able to differentiate between positive and negative energies, but simply “absorbs” the energies, amplifies them, and then throws them back out! And that’s exactly how I am!

Babies and very small children also have crystal auras. They are always taking on the moods of the people around them. Whenever I see my 1-year-old nephew, this fact reiterates itself! My dad always greets him with a big smile on his face… n he comes running to my dad n throws himself in his arms with an equally wide grin on his face… n the entire rest of the world is forgotten at that moment! But if his mom is feeling a bit disturbed some day, he would simply add on to her misery by creating even more disturbance in the house that day!

But if they are in power, Crystals can be a clear conduit or channel for healing energy, although, because of their unusual sensitivity, they can only heal one person at a time. They then need to go to a peaceful place to cleanse their aura. Working with too many people can short-circuit their system.

That’s true. I prefer to work in quiet, calm and peaceful environments… usually on my own. I am extremely sensitive and can be overwhelmed by being around too many people. In fact, whenever I am in a group, I tend to find myself sitting quietly in one corner, watching and listening to the others! I need to spend a lot of time alone in quiet meditation to replenish myself. Spending quiet time, reading or listening to music, is therapeutic for me. If I don’t do this at regular intervals of time, I tend to become withdrawn, quiet and insecure.

While it may seem like a really cool thing to be a “Crystal chameleon”… a natural born healer… showing people what they are at any given point of time… in reality, it is far FAR from “cool”!!!

Oh everything goes along fine when I am with people who are in a positive mental and emotional state! But when I am with someone who is consumed with negative thoughts, insecurities, hurt, anger, depression, I simply tend to take on these moods too, and end up doing and saying stuff which I normally wouldn’t have done or said!

And then… as if the self-imposed Cappie-Saturnine guilt wasn’t enough… those very same people actually have the nerve to come back later to tell me that I’m “such a negative person”! It does “wonders” for my self-confidence, I tell you!

Some recent events in my life, in the last few months, have shown me more clearly than ever before, how this “weakness” is affecting my life! I have said and done a lot of things which are totally “unlike me”! I have been caught unawares in other people’s energies… and have just sort of flowed along with them, without putting up any fight of my own!

Well I have finally found a workaround for this. I realize that while it’s not possible to “avoid” negative people all the time, it sure is possible to practice enough self-awareness so that I can choose not to “fall into the trap”. I can “close” my energy system in the presence of negative vibrations from a person. Or, in other words, I can set “the book of my life” to “Read-Only” mode!

I have been trying this for some time now… and it sure does seem to work. Every time I sense some disturbance in my energy field, in the presence of someone else, I simply close myself first of all. Then I focus on the other person… n try to figure out exactly what that person is up to. If I realize that the person may be consciously or subconsciously trying to “stir things up” in a negative way in my life, I start channeling Reiki immediately and enshroud myself with a blanket of protective white light! I suppose “practice” will make this technique “perfect” with time.

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Neelabh said...

I hope that my aura is anything but pink.

Anonymous said...

Hey, u know what? - I was studying about different kinds of minerals for quite some time and was taking a break and came to your blog. And guess what? Crystals again.... Hey good analysis of yourself by the way.

- Mahesh

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