Strangest Day!

I just came across this old post of mine. I originally published it on 26-Jan-2008, and as I read through it, I realized that even 9 years later, this remains the strangest day of my life!

Sharing it once again here for my new readers.

It was more than a year ago that I first experienced the phenomenon of remote sensing (or maybe that isn't what it's called technically!)... when a person sitting in an online chat with me (and that too a practical stranger, who hadn't even met me till that time!) told me stuff about what I’d been feeling that time, being kilometers away from me! And he did this not once, not twice, but repeatedly! Told me which part of my body had been hurting. Told me about my sister when she was feeling hungry. And so many several other little things!

Needless to say, I had been immensely surprised and curious as to how he did this!

He told me he had learnt this technique when he attended the Silva Mind Power workshop. He told me that after getting your brain state down to the alpha level, it was possible to "feel yourself" in "someone" or even "something" else! Like... "if I were that cow on the road, how would I feel?"

Well, whatever he said made absolute sense from a logical point of view. I mean, basically, what he was doing was that he would simply "jump out of his own body" into that other entity, for a fraction of a moment, take stock of "how things felt in there", and then "come back in his own body"! Simple, right?

So I thought I should give it a try too.

First step required was to get my mind into that miraculous "alpha state". Took me several months to master the technique, but now I can easily relax my mind to achieve that state within a few minutes, even in a room full of chattering ladies (make that "chattering gentlemen" in my case, ‘coz the men in my extended family seem to talk louder than the women, and hence they are the only ones whose voices can be heard at any given point of time!)... or a crowded bus... or with the TV blaring in the adjoining room! But try as I might, I couldn’t master that "remote sensing" thing!

Then I read someone's blog today, and I came across these lines in it, "Like the ventriloquist who throws her voice behind a ball one minute, under a table the next. Consciousness can be thrown into a dot, into a line, into a human form, into a thought form or directly into Heaven. Crossing the veil, moving through dimensions is nothing more than shifting consciousness from one location to another. Be the dot. Be the line. Be your form. Be now. Be here." Well, the idea sort of registered deep down, in my psyche somewhere.

A little while ago, I had taken a break from work and was doing some self healing, lying on my bed. I had turned on one of those Brain Wave music tracks... you know, one of those *in* things these days, that help in altering the brain states. So I was listening to that track and was doing touch Reiki on my own body. I was in that "blissful state between wakefulness and sound sleep". I knew exactly what was happening around me, but my mind was deeply relaxed and was open to any kind of suggestions that time.

(I suppose this is the state which Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners utilize for planting healthier and more life supporting suggestions into their clients’ subconscious minds.)

Anyway, while I remained in that blissful alpha state, suddenly a stray random thought would go floating into my mind, wouldn’t be able to create any disturbance there though, and would eventually disappear on its own. I continued moving my hands around on different parts of my body, as taught in The Reiki Level I touch-healing procedure, though not in the specific order taught to us. Finally, one hand landed on my Solar Plexus Chakra and the other on my liver. And I could sense a sudden increase in the flow of Reiki from the hand over my Solar Plexus.

Then suddenly, the thought about "being that dot, that line" wafted into my mind! The one from that blog I read earlier today. And immediately after that, another thought followed suit... "Be a tree?"

No sooner had this thought entered my mind that I felt a sudden change in myself!

I had been lying straight out on my back till then, but suddenly I was upright! I mean I didn't really stand up... I was still lying on my back, with my hands where I had placed them, but I *felt* I was upright!

And then suddenly I started splitting into branches from the top, which started spreading out until I felt they had become too heavy for me to balance!

I felt I was going to topple over, but then, at that very moment, I started "growing roots" from the bottom. I felt like I was being "sucked" inside the solid earth!

Perfect balance achieved! I felt totally unshakeable, although the branches on the top weren’t quite symmetrical, the way I used to draw them as a kid! (Oh yeah, I noticed this little detail too!)

But then I got so shocked with what I had just experienced that I instantly sat up! Phew! Let’s see if I can repeat the same thing again... not today though... ‘coz I have to get back to work.

Oh and we celebrated the Republic Day here in our building today! First time in 3 years, since we moved into this apartment, that there has been any kind of "community building" exercise here!

UPDATE: March 4, 2017.

It's been more than 9 years since I had this strange Remote-Sensing / Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE), and I've never been able to repeat it till now. Although I still remember, with perfect clarity, how I felt that day. And, if I'm completely honest, it was a little bit scary. Just the teeniest-weeniest bit.

Anyway, I can't even get my mind into that mysterious "alpha state" now. With all the things that have happened since 2008, my mind is now full of stuff all the time... and you can't possibly be
'mindful' and 'mind-full' at the same time!

Meditation isn't as easy for me to do now as it was 9 years ago. Even if it is more necessary.

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Want to Add Something?

Assman said...

So hey, what is this reiki? Very interesting experience you had, waiting to read about it when you try it again.

Anonymous said...

Hi kaddu,
Interesting experience you have had. Well, I donno(I am not aware !)about this Silva Mind Power Technique but when you attain samadhi state in meditation you can feel your conciousness inside and outside your body. That state makes you realize that you are one with nature and its creation. This shows that all paths to the Truth are varied but the goal is the same. Do have a look at this video which explains Nithyananda's experience of samadhi
Do let me know if any more such experiences occur. Interesting !

Anonymous said...

Hi kaddu,
Sorry I forgot to mention my name in my previous comment.

- Mahesh Nayak

Shreesh said...

Well BEING the enstranged PRESON written about here by you i feel compeleld to write someting .ITS GREAT.That used toi happen b4 but silva method gave me a systematic method to be able to have this experience. However it does not always gives us a right interpretation.A SIMILAR analogy can be founded in patanjalis yoga sutras vibhutipad..when Dharana DHayan and Samadhi happens Together SANYAM happens...being in alpha is liek this mamadhi and using it in the mannar described in the blog is a way of acgiving this sanyam which makes Things happen called SIDDHI...however there are other subtle lawas operating here too, which took me almost 9 more months to discover..coz even if i was seeing far off things..i could'nt see waht was going to come in my EXAMS!!!

Suzy said...

Oh wow what an awesome experience. I think this is one of the best posts if not the best I have ever read. This resonated with me so much. Than you for sharing.

Chicky Kadambari said...

Thank you, Suzy! I'm so glad you could relate to this experience!

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