My life... my Book???

This post is inspired by something I read on someone else's blog. I don't have permission from that person to link to that post... so I'll simply put down my own thoughts related to it.

Once upon a time, people used to tell me that my eyes are like an open book. They contain no secrets, no mysteries, no hidden truths, and no unsolved jigsaw-puzzles! And that basically summed up my life too! For once upon a time, that's how my life was... a wide open book! I used to write in it, and others used to read whatever I wrote!

And then one day, perhaps because it was such an open book, others started writing into it too! They started leaving behind impressions of their life stories in my book! And I was naive and ignorant... and ignorance is not always a bliss... or maybe it is after all... for I definitely WAS blissful till the time I was ignorant!

Anyways, I allowed others to write in MY "book"... the "empty pad" that had been given to ME, to write MY own life story in it! And very soon my "book" was filled with experiences of other people... perceptions of other people... limitations of other people! Words and statements of relative strangers began to leave a mark on my life!

Before I realized it, people had started setting boundaries for me! They had started clipping my wings even before I had a chance to find out how wide they’d spread! Until one day I discovered… I had completely lost all control over my life! Others had started influencing my destiny… shaping the “story of my life”!

And so I wondered… whether it was time I “closed” the book… ended the story that was apparently no longer mine! And I got the opportunity for doing this too! Several opportunities infact!

But something held me back! A tiny ray of hope… that perhaps I could still reclaim that which was rightfully mine! Perhaps it was this “Creator” in me… whose feeble voice I heard that day, amidst the raging storms in my mind… who told me that I had it within myself to reshape my life the way I wanted it to be!

And so I once again took charge of my “book”… and started repairing the damage done by others! I am modifying some of the content they had put in there… re-writing it to change the endings… while the rest of the stuff will just have to go out completely! Because that’s not me at all!

I realize that the boundaries specified by them cannot contain my free spirit within! I have only just started spreading my wings again… & I realize that I can still grow them back to their full length! I can still “soar above the clouds” and “race above the stars”! And I can still “fly to places yet unseen” and “go beyond my wildest dreams”!

I was lucky I was able to hear that tiny voice that day! But all of us aren’t! And while the lucky ones manage to get the reins of their life back in their hands, and try to steer it back onto whatever track they may choose from that point onwards, the not-so-lucky ones remain lost in the sea called "Life" forever... flowing wherever the pages take them... pages written by others!....

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Shreesh said...

A beautiful story,commenting on it long after its published. may be beacuse i was busy seeing my own book of life. I think anyone and everyone can realte to it.Its how is the conditioning what you typically call as TRIBE has give us. And as i read through my book i also found at times when i encroached upon others book.The time following reading this post the first and the subsequent times has gone in comtemplation of the fact & in asking forgiveness and learning to forgive myself and others who violated me and my book.
May god help us all.

Abhiroop Banerjee said...


Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu said...

Wow! OB, you gave a one-word comment! Just one word! This post must have touched you a lot!
Hehehehehe! :D :P

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