My Final Decision Regarding Teramai Seichem

This is in continuation with my previous post on Teramai Seichem...

As I was advised to research further on this, I have contacted several different Teramai Seichem Healers and Teachers, located all over the world, in the last few days. Here are the results of my findings...

Some say - "You would retain the Usui energies".

Some say - "You will automatically loose them".

This one person who directly trained under Milner says - "One has to be CLEARED of Usui initiations manually". [I wonder if that's even possible!] He even offered to do them for a cost!

Some say - "You will loose Teramai Seichem energies if you give/receive other attunements".

Some even go to the extent of saying - "You'll damage your chakras!"

Then there is this one person in Mumbai who apparently said - "It's ok to continue teaching both systems."

So... as can be seen from the above very clearly... there is no single consensus as to what exactly happens after you do Teramai Seichem. But one thing is for sure... it definitely isn't comfortable in co-existing peacefully with the other Reiki systems like the "stable and grounding Earth energies" in Usui Reiki or the "compassionate" Karuna energies.

I have been through dozens of different websites on Teramai Seichem... and it seems that the entire system is soaked in all kinds of controversies... with all the other Reiki systems! I mean one site even went as far ahead as to dig up some controversy regarding the "place of origin of Usui Reiki"! Now how does that change the healing abilities of Reiki in any way? :-/

But I found myself wondering... "Is that the way it is meant to be? Are the "higher" vibrations so intolerable of everything else? And if that's the case... do I really want to go into those "higher" energy states?"

Then I got my answer...

Apparently, this has nothing to do with higher or lower states of energy. This is just the "bigger and better" syndrome, that has made America so famous for its "Capitalism"... and, unfortunately for us blind Indians, we too are following suit!

Read my next post for more about the "bigger and better" syndrome! Oh and I want to thank one of my "blogger friends" for giving me this phrase - "bigger and better"! Thanks buddy!

And my final decision is that I am not learning Teramai Seichem finally. I always knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be the “final destination”. It could have been a “stepping stone”, as some other Teramai Seichem healers have done before me… but I’m definitely not willing to lose my Usui energies for this! Some may call it “holding on to the OLD”… yet others may call it “sticking to your ROOTS”… it’s just a difference of perception! :)

No intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or create any further controversy… because as they say… "All paths lead to God" [No Neelabh, I don’t mean you this time!]... and “Each man to his/her own”! So trust your heart... and find your own path… and read my next post on "bigger and better" to gain further clarity!


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Patrick.Zeigler said...


I am sorry to hear you have had such difficulty finding good information on Seichem.

I connected with the Seichem energy in 1980 and began to teach in 1984. Since the introduction of Seichim it has had many transformations and spellings, over 40% of the Reiki variants have some sort of strong connection to Seichim. The original attunement was quite simple and straight forward, but many made a long list additions and changes to the system and energy. Kathleen had a strong experience with Seichim , but by the time she received it it had already had so many additions she asked inwardly for help and was given her Tera Mai system. It was because of all the made attunements that Kathleen has a very strict policy around her system. She basically wants only committed people in her organization, I understand that, but I teach almost the opposite. Basically I do not feel you can force or deny people to use other systems. If the system is good people will use it.

As far as the compatibility goes, Tera Mai is compatible with many forms of Reiki and Seichim however, it would be quite a task to create a list of which are and which are not, so it is my feeling Kathleen just says use no other systems. She does say this is direct information from Buddha, I do feel there is some truth to this , but in all things there are shades of grey.

If you knew Kathleen , she is really a very simple and straightforward woman, she just wants to keep control and standards for her students. This is not for everyone. I would not recommend Tera Mai unless you feel you can commit to the standards Kathleen has set down for all students and teachers. There are many other systems to choose from.

Karuna is an offshoot from Tera Mai, it has it's standards and politics as well.

Just keep in mind it is all just a belief system around the energy. I f you feel the energies are not compatible then they will be. If you feel you will loose your Reiki then you will. It is simply a program.

If you are interested in the roots of Seichim feel free to visit our site
It is through Love that all healing takes place.

All Love


Shreesh said...

WOW ..Patrick Sir Thank you so much for this information. Some more of my own confusion was cleared after this comment of yours. I have alerady ordered one of your books and looking forward to getting it and reading it.

Patrick.Zeigler said...

I am sorry to say that I have not written any books yet ;(

It seems that I have been quite content, all is perfect as it is!

Seriously - the book is in the works or maybe something bigger and better!

Shreesh said...

This is the book i was talking about. Looks like it has a forword by you.
and well...since iam Re doing the silva ..there also we are being taught BETTER n Better is the answer we say upon asking how are you. So i feel its best summerised in words of mahatma gandhai " Be dissatisfied enough to improve but satisfied enough to be happy"

Shreesh said...

And yea!! there is a difference between style and system..Style is more flexible and gives freedom of experimentation whereas systems are more rigid.
so when we talk about differet ways in needs to identify between style and system.And one needs to find what resonates best with him or her...I enjoy styles in healing system and the way they combine ..however Teramai System has more structured approach for attunements and standardization of method world over ..Its majorly for this reason that i took up the teramai Seichem teachership.

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