Heartbreaks, Disappointments and Tears!

Yeah... life is just full of these nasty little bumps along the road!

So what causes "heartbreaks"? Well, whenever we have set our heart out on something and are really looking forward to seeing it happening... but in the end it doesn't really materialize... we are left with a broken heart, a big disappointment, some tears and a gloomy face! That's the state I'm in right now!

So what was I "looking forward" to this time? Well, you won't really believe this, but I was really looking forward to getting my Teramai Seichem training! And I was going to get it too... towards the end of next month! But the events in the last few days have forced me to rethink about it. And eventually I have come to the conclusion that I cannot take it... not for the time being at least!

And what made me take this heart-renching decision? Hmmmm!

For those of you who don't know what Teramai Seichem is, it is another branch of Reiki, developed by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller in the USA, wherein you start channelling 4 energies - Earth, Sakara (fire), Sophi-el (water) and Angelic light (air and spirit) - as opposed to the only one (Earth) in the traditional or Usui system of Reiki. So obviously, it is a more powerful system of healing! Combined with the power of "four", the Teramai Seichem system has the ability to heal at much deeper levels, and even enhance one's awareness and psychic senses, at a much faster rate than the traditional Reiki! And that is the reason I had been so enthusiastic and excited about learning it for months now!

So what made me change my mind now? Well... my Usui Reiki teacher has just recently got his Mastership in the Teramai Seichem system. And now he tells me that Kathleen apparently says that once initiated into the Seichem system, a person should not receive any further attunements in any other Reiki system. She also says that once a person starts giving attunements in the Seichem system, he/she should not give attunements in any other Reiki systems. She seems to have mentioned apparently that doing this would disturb your chakras somehow!

And this is what has made me change my mind. The fact that if I take an attunement into the Teramai Seichem system now, it would imply that I can no longer take attunements in any other Reiki system.

Now, my Usui Teachership level is still left. Although I have no wish to start teaching Reiki right now, it doesn't necessarily mean that I might not want to teach it at some point later in life!

The justification I have been given about that is that why should I want to teach a "lower" and "older" system anyway? Well, that's right. Maybe I wouldn't want to teach Usui Reiki after all... once I start using the Teramai Seichem energies. But then again, maybe I would want to teach Usui Reiki too! I can't just BLOCK my options like this, right... when I'm not sure currently as to what I might want to do later on!

So the only option left to me was that I take the Usui Teachership first, put it under my belt for future, and then get initiated into the Seichem energies! But like I said, I really don't feel ready yet to start teaching! And moreover, Usui Teachership would cost me like 10 grand! And that's a lot of money to spend on something which I'm not even sure I'll be using!

The exact same thing happened with Karuna Reiki too! I didn't really want to take the Karuna Teachership at that time, but was convinced that I should do it and that I will get to use it! Guess what! It's been almost an year now, and I still haven't used it! And guess what again! A person cannot be initiated into Karuna Reiki unless he has done at least the first 2 levels of the Usui Reiki! In other words, I cannot attune anyone in the Karuna system unless I first attune him into the first 2 levels of Usui Reiki! But I don't have the Usui Teachership! Hahhh! So basically... the Karuna Teachership thrusted upon me (and my sister) at that time were a total waste of money!

And do I want to repeat the same mistake over again with Usui Teachership now? Nope, I don't think so! I make a lot of mistakes in life, but I never make the same mistake twice! I will take the Usui Teachership only when I really feel that I am ready to teach now. And since Teramai Seichem attunement would "apparently" close this option for me, I guess I'll just have to go without that too for the time being!

But you know what! There is more to it than what I have stated above! There has been this gut feeling that keeps telling me "something is wrong somehere" and that "things don't quite add up"! Earlier today, I was chatting with one of my friends who has recently taken the initiation for Teramai Seichem Level 1. This person advised me to make a list of pros and cons regarding the whole situation. This is what I came up with.

Reiki is supposed to be "natural Universal Life Force". It is a totally positive energy and can, in no way, harm you or anyone else! It simply cannot be used for any negative intents. So if Teramai Seichem system is also Reiki, then how can it harm a person's chakra system or energy body or whatever it is supposed to harm if a Teramai Seichem channel takes an attunement into any other Reiki system? Now I'm not an engineering student, so I don't really understand the concept of transistors and wirings and what not! But I do understand this...

One of the very basic Laws of Nature is "peaceful co-existence with all".

If Teramai Seichem is really Reiki... means if it really is the "natural Universal Life Force"... then shouldn't it "co-exist peacefully" with all the other systems?

Then why has Kathleen said that it would cause harm if used with other Reiki systems?

Or has she really said it?

Doesn't it indicate a very strong power struggle? By creating fear in people's mind, you force them to follow your system only!

Doesn't it mean that you are intentionally creating blocks in a person's mental and psychological layers, by making such a negative statement?

"Well, maybe nothing will happen if I continue teaching Usui Reiki too, but what if something does happen!" Who wants to take the risk? And besides, the moment you start fearing something will happen, you automatically draw it to yourself! Basic "Law of Attraction"... and I don't even need to see "The Secret" to understand this much!

Well, this sure seems a bit too restrictive to me! It's like taking away a person's free will... his freedom of choice! And don't we all know how much I despise being "chained"? Besides, as I said in one of my previous posts, I have only just begun to start growing my wings again... and I'm not going to allow anyone to cut them off again so soon!

As for the "heartbreak"... oh I'll get over it! Have been through a lot worse before! And... don't we all know... I am a tough girl!

Bottomline: "THIS TOO SHALL PASS!"

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Want to Add Something?

Devi said...

I found this:

As for other attunements, anyone with Tera-Mai can do another system's attunement, as long as they don't call themselves Tera-Mai.

So there you go...you can get attuned to Teramai Seichem and get your USUI teachership...just don't call yourself Teramai!

Kaddu said...

Send a link for the source too DD... this little bit of info doesn't clarify whether it will be "safe for my chakras" to take the Usui teachership attunement after I get intitated into TM Seichem!

And btw, Teramai is different from Teramai-Seichem. The latter is a more advanced version of the former apparently, and includes the former in the attunements.

Devi said...

This was on a board....written by someone who had done both and she had shortened it to "Teramai" when writing that is all. Do a google search regarding both and you will come across MANY people talking about this. Just do what you feel right...I was only trying to help but you are getting caught up in some inner beings with this.

And safe for your Chakras, girl I think you are not listening to yourself...you even said what or how CAN it be harmful? Just do some reading, research, IN TIME obviously and don't panic. All will be revealed. Oh and Karuna wasn't a waste....you are just thinking right now it was....but in time the bigger picture will be seen. Nothing is EVER a waste!

Rahbin said...

I have just a month ago given my first Usui Reiki attunement after receiving all but the TeraMai Seichem Master level attunements. In other words, I did TS I, II and III, but stopped short of becoming capable of passing TS attunements to others. I did them all in one day. I knew it'd be rough. It hasn't been too terrible, but the ground is constantly shifting and as soon as I have integrated a symbol, cleansed an attitude or worked off a particularly stubborn block...here comes another to process.

I agree with you that the admonition against practicing other Reiki is a bit of a turn-off. As I understand it, there is a feud between TS and Karuna. Karuna is winning in terms of popularity. I sought feedback from a healer/shaman I'd done personal work with before taking on TS. She said it wasn't as strong as some others, but that if I were feeling drawn to it, my light body probably needed something in it to expand further. The next step, as it were.

I have no regrets, but I always knew from the day I signed up that it was a stepping stone. That I would accept the attunements, expand my light body, learn what was new and then return to the USUI Reiki from which I'd had great success.

I lost my Usui Reiki guides after the TS attunements and feel that they will return...have not gone so much as allowing me to work with this energy for a while.

Lastly, what I learned from the TS attunements has helped me become a more effective healer.

Bottom line, follow your heart. From my very cursory initial read of your blog, you are destined for growth. The path is just that. Your destination is assured.

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