What you wear can have an equally drastic effect on your life as what people call you! Yeah! I'm not joking!

As they say, we are all here to play a part. Just imagine... if the Prince were to dress as the Pauper, would he feel comfortable playing the role of the Prince? Would he be able to justify that role completely? No.

In "Pretty Woman", Julia Roberts causes many heads to turn her way, and has to face insult and embarrassment, because of the clothes she is wearing when she goes to buy some new outfit on her own! Later on in the movie, the same Julia Roberts is dressed in a completely different way... and still causes heads to turn her way, albeit for a completely different reason! Now think... if she had dressed as a "lady" in the first part of the movie and as a "hooker" in the later? Haahhh! What a catastrophe!

Prolonged exposure to the wrong choice of clothes can completely change your identity... to the extent that you're no longer able to remember what character you are supposed to be playing! I'm glad I've found the "correct wardrobe" for myself finally! [Pheeeeewwww]

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Assman said...

I quite agree, for me who used to dress only in shorts and nothing else in my hostel, when i visited back, i was pretty hard to identify in my formal clothes and demeanour.

However, I have a hard time giving it all that much throught, i just pick up something and wear it.

Anonymous said...

I dont give pretty much thought to what I wear. However my friend was saying that if I am getting into a full time job I must dress more professionally !!

- Mahesh

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