The "Bigger and Better" Syndrome!

So what exactly is this “bigger and better syndrome”? Let me explain this to you with the help of an old “Sprite Ad”… which I have always felt was created by an “enlightened” person!

The script given below is not of the original Ad, but in a slightly different setting. But once you go through it, you will understand that the same holds true for actually any facet of your life! Read on…

Imagine a software professional in a Sprite Ad...

Your Colleague: Hey pal!! Why do you just sit here wasting time in forwarding mails to people? Why don't you check out some new software packages... learn some new languages? Do some fundoo programming like me....! Do something cool man!!

You: Ok! And then what will happen? ...

Your Colleague: Impression man!!! And appraisal!!! You'll be No 1 in every appraisal man! Hike in salary!! Extra Stocks!!

You: And then what will happen? ...

Your Colleague: You'll become a Project Leader... and then a Project Manager!!! And then Business Manager!! One day you will be a Director of the Company man!!

You: Really??? And then what will happen? ...

Your Colleague: Then you can simply "CHILL OUT" man!! No work pressure!! Just come to the office… be COOL!!... And check your MAILS!!!

You: And what am I doing right now????

Moral of the Story: Don't fall for what's being shown to you! Use your own "gray matter"!

The entire world out there leaves no stone unturned in making us believe that there are “bigger and better things” out there, that we must “keep chasing”, in order to live a more satisfying and fruitful life!

Pick up the newspaper or any magazine… or simply switch on the TV or the radio… heck! Even news channels don’t miss out on any opportunity to let people know that “whatever they have in life RIGHT NOW is not sufficient… and that there are other things out there that you NEED”!

But the truth is that you DON’T NEED anything other than EXACTLY what you have RIGHT NOW, to do whatever you are supposed to do in life RIGHT NOW! Yes, you may WANT a lot many things more… but WANTing is not the same as NEEDing! And most of us aren’t really able to make out this fine line of difference between the two.

I am not a Marketing student, but my work as a Freelance Writer these days has taught me a lot about how to “make people buy stuff they don’t really need”!

Step 1: Create some mistrust about whatever they have got currently… do anything that would leave them on totally shaky ground… feeling “lost and lonely”… and in total “despair”!

Step 2: Introduce your product. This comes along as a subliminal message that “Hey! Don’t feel so bad about yourself”! (You see the trick here? You yourself go and make the person feel bad about himself first, and then come along to wipe his tears!)… “I am here for you”!

Step 3: Nobody likes feeling bad about himself... and lost and shaky! So you instantly become a “Godsend friend” for him. In other words, you can now sell him anything you want to… you are “God Himself” for him!

Why am I telling you guys all this now?

Because… unfortunately… I was also just like all the rest of you… caught in this trap of the “bigger and better syndrome”! I would simply never stick to one thing! One job to another… one course to another… one hobby to another… you name it! Wouldn’t even stick around with one particular thing to see it through to its completion at least! Now obviously, you can’t really succeed in anything in life with THAT kind of approach, can you?

So how does Teramai Seichem fit into all this? Well, haven’t you already figured it out for yourself by now? If it hadn’t been for all that controversy and confusion regarding this system of Reiki, I would never have come to this realization!

A few days ago I had been telling a friend about this on chat… and he told me how his mom had suddenly decided one day that she was “content” with whatever she had learnt till then! Now he could have got that message across to me in any number of ways… but he HAD to choose the word “content”! … And of all the things he said that day… THIS one word had to stick out in my subconscious mind like those flashing lights on the ambulance or a police car… and go in a loud “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”

Well I did need to spend some time in quiet contemplation (… or “hibernation” as I call it)… so that all these pieces could fit together to give me the complete picture… and it so happens that I was right all along… about knowing deep down that Teramai Seichem was meant to help in my growth in some way… even if just as a “stepping stone”!

It turns out that it has helped me (… in more ways than I could ever imagine in fact… but I will come to that later)! It has helped me in getting rid of one of my worst blocks ever! It has helped me re-evaluate whatever I’ve got in life currently… and whether I have used all those resources to their full potential already!

And the best thing is that I never even got around to taking a “formal training” in it! That’s why I say – “The ways of functioning of Nature are beyond anything that our mortal minds, with limited perspective, can ever begin to fathom!” And that is why I said in my previous post on this yesterday that the “bigger and better” post will help clarify things further!

This whole episode regarding Teramai Seichem has not only helped me get past a stubborn block in my life, but it so happens that even in my own quest for truth, Nature used me as a “medium” to help someone else too… another total stranger… so that this person could also get through a phase of “self doubt” and whatever blocks that had come up, demanding to be “seen and, subsequently, dealt with”!

This whole incident forced me to deal with certain other issues as well… and in ways that I am not very happy about… but then like I said – my limited perspective is just not equipped to understand the “WHY”s and “WHAT-FOR”s of the “demands” made on me and the “instructions” given to me! I can simply follow them… whether I like them or not…

Oh and coming back to the “bigger and better” syndrome… yes, there are “bigger and better” things… but they are not “OUT THERE” as you are told repeatedly! … They are all “INSIDE” you! You need to seek “WITHIN” you for real “contentment” and “joy”!

Oh and you don’t need any anti-cellulite product to “get your life back”! You look “JUST PERFECT” even with cellulite all over your body… and with “braces”… and with a “missing front tooth”… and with “pimples all over your face”… or “freckles”… or “scars”… or “blemishes”… or a “broken nose”… or whatever! And your life is “PERFECT”… just the way it is RIGHT NOW…

Yeah that holds for you too Kaddu!

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