"Lizard Lips" is now "Alien Invasion"!

Someone has rightly said "You can please some people all the time and all the people sometime, but you CANNOT please ALL the people ALL the time!" Sighhhhh!

I came back on Orkut in September this year... as "Lizard Lips" (refer to my previous post here)... but some of my contacts were not happy with the "Lizard" in my name and my profile pic. My sister even refused to add me in her friend list until and unless I got rid of that "Lizard" from my profile!

Well... after going through a lot of "peer pressure" from my friends and family... I finally succumbed and removed that dear Lizzy from my profile... against my personal wishes of course! :( I removed her pic from my profile and her mention in my name... and instead became "Alien Invasion". DD even sent me an Alien pic to use in my profile!

I made these changes in my Orkut profile just a few days ago... and guess what! My sister finally DID add me in her friend list... and some of my other contacts were also like "Okay, this is better than that lizard anyway!"... but now, it seems, I have incensed another group of contacts in my friend list!... the ones who had actually grown fond of that cute little "Lizzy", and had started to love her as much as I do!

Earlier... my sister told me NEVER to scrap her until I changed my profile, coz she didn't want that "Lizard" anywhere in her scrapbook! And now another of my Reiki friends has just left a scrap for me, telling me NOT to scrap him till I get that "Lizzy" back, coz he can't stand the look of this Alien in HIS scrapbook! Oh well... people!

But you know what... the funniest thing in this whole incident was that I got an "add request" from a complete stranger! This guy also has an Alien pic on his profile... which looks very similar to mine... and is apparently looking for his "brother lost in nevedor 34th galaxy"! Ha ha ha! :) Checking his profile, I saw that there is even a very active community on Orkut, by the name of "I Am An Alien"! :D

Well... I don't have that Lizard pic with me anymore! So even if I want to change back to it, I cant! :( I had googled for Lizard pics... and had found that particular one after hours of hard work and patience! Looks like I deleted it from my PC by mistake. Tch! Searching for it on Google again is something I'm really not game for at the moment! So.... I guess I'm just stuck with "Alien Invasion" for the time being!


Sequel to this post here: Glad Tidings!

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Devi said...

I gotta admit...Lizzy pic was much better. That Alien pic just creeps me out even though I sent it to you. Even Binda told me he was going to comment you on orkut til he saw that pic and backed off!


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